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  Week of 5/14: Monday night, we talked a bit about the first paper issue, watched Andy Rooney's commentary on it from 60 Minutes, and talked at length about what argument is.  After the break, we read into Chaffee's discussion of fallacies in chapter twelve (if you need a good one, see Mike).  I then pitched our second paper and the proverbial batters are watching the pitch tonight.  Here it is: Choose a word or phrase that has become politically charged over the last decade or so and find an example of someone misusing this word or defining it in a wrong way (according to you).  Argue for the proper definition of  the word by explaining how they use it wrong and explaining how it should be  used.  Include an example from a newspaper/magazine/website of someone  properly using this word to make an argument.  Examples we talked about: "conservation" and "quality education" in Bush and Lowey's Saturday addresses  to the nation.  "Racist" in Al-Assad's Syrian address, "begging the  question" in William Safire's article in Sunday's newyorktimes, "life,"  "medical marijuana," etc.  Other paper requirements for paper #2 are listed on the syllabus.

My 101 thought (afterthought I had on 101 as I drove home): The idea with using shared texts and common topics for these papers is that when we meet in our writing groups, time will not be wasted in figuring out and understanding the issues each writer is writing about.  Also, and unrelated to that first 101 thought: consider, as you draft, whom or what newspaper would be a good audience for it.  






Want to start thinking about your research paper (paper #5)?

       George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language."



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