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I chose these poeces to represent my best work for the quarter, because I worked hard on these, and they came out well.

The first piece I chose because it was fun to write and not only did the other people like it, but I liked it too.

The second piece I chose it because it shows how much I hate writing poems in the form of a sonnet.

I chose my third piece because I worked really hard on thus one to make it the way that it is. It has a good ending and I think it is well written.





Found Poem

Spring illusions

Caught in the act
Are you there?
Where did you go?
The wild side
Free for life
Good night






Poems are something I really hate writing. 
Some people like them smooth and graceful, 
My poems sound more like two cats fighting. 
This poem is anything but tasteful. 

The writing of poems is a real chore. 
Sonnets, villainelles, terza rimas, YUCK! 
The thought of creating one is a bore. 
Hearing poem, makes, me cover and DUCK! 

The rhyme, schemes, and beats are so confusing, 
But the sound of them can be quite amusing. 



It was a gorgeous day. It was about eighty four degrees and there was a soft
breeze. Miranda and Chris were checking out all the cute guys that came to the
ice cream parlor. This was their favorite thing to do on summer days when there
was nothing better to do.

Only this time they both spotted the guy with the most breath taking smile. He
had eyes that make you feel like melting the second he looks in your direction.
Not to mention he had the body of a model.

"How do I look? Do you think he'll notice me?"

"Sure, just act natural... and smooth out that wrinkle." Replied Chris as she
pointed out a small wrinkle in her shirt.

Miranda was the kind of girl that didn't hang out with the popular kids, and
judging by the looks, you never would have known. She was very pretty in a
simple way. She had wavy, brown hair to her shoulders. She had a pretty smile,
and wore glasses over her calm light brown eyes. She smoothed out her dress and
casually sipped her strawberry frappe.

Sure enough, that sexy guy Chris and Miranda were eyeing started walking over in
their direction. Miranda felt her cheeks redden despite her efforts to keep
calm and cool. Chris' heart fluttered.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" asked the sexy guy.

"No, no, have a seat." replied Chris.

"Hi." said Miranda bashfully. The guy looked at Miranda and gav her a grin
that made her heart sink.

"Hi." he replied. "So do you come around here often?" he asked while gazing
at Chris.

Chris had short red hair and lots of freckles. He was about average size. He
had a hard time finding a date.

"Yeah, all the time." answered Miranda.

"What about you?" asked the new guy. This as aimed at Chris.

"Yes, I love this parlor, it's got great ice cream. And you?" answered Chris.

The conversation went on like this for a while and Miranda hardly got in a
word. You see, Chris and this new guy came to the ice cream parlor to check out
guys and found each other, leaving Miranda to find her own.






Spring Illusions

spring illusions
green, flowers, trees
peeping, chirping frogs

Caught in the act
of spring
peace, love, life
Are you there?
Yes, hidden.
Where did you go?
The Wild side.

Itís free for life
good night.



19 May 2001
Remote User:


I like your sonnet about writing poems! --Anonymouis

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Angel- your first poem ( the found one) is very short and sweet. it flows together and i really like the sounds you used. My scale is ok, not so bad, good job and wow. this earns a wow. nice work! Kate

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Angel- I really liked your summer love story! But i was kind of confused as to why it cut off so suddenly, it seemed like there was more to write. Still i think you did a great job and this piece also earns a wow. nice work! Kate

14 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Hi. Mr. McGonegal here. This is your portfolio evaluation. Do you remember what I use for an evaluation scale? An "AW" for AWARD WINNING, a "P" for PUBLISHABLE, or a "p" for PASSING. Your first piece: p. Your second piece: P. Your third piece: P. Overall, your portfolio represented some of the good work you did this quarter. It was a pleasure writing with you this quarter, and I hope you will keep writing and stop by to see what your successors are writing for "found poems," "criminal mind" stories, and travelogues. Best, Mr. M.