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Josh Hudson--aka GLADIATOR--


These pieces were chosen to be put in my portfolio this quarter, because I feel that these pieces were some of my best /better work. Mostly, they all showed my ability to be a creative writer.

I chose my found poem because it shows that I can make sense out of things that jus don't make sense.

The letter poem was chosen because I liked the idea of an invisible friend, and I thought that everyone else would too.

TRhe list poem is here, because it is really a discriptive piece.

My first line story is on the page, becaue, I thought it was my best story. I really liked the way that the story finished.

I chose my sonnet/villainelle because I think that it is my best poem.


Theft Tomorrow

What is interesting?
What is different?
A recent theft
Thieves took 3,998 NO 4,000 copies
Of a ROCK?
With a single truck
Smugglers take a different rock serious
It is no game
It is interesting
But Why?
A rock is nothing
All thieves and smugglers are took seriously
But not 'til tomorrow



Dear Invisible Friend,
I always argue
with everyone about
If you're really there.
I always say yes,
I never have to
wonder, are you?
The only problem
Is you can see me,
But I can't see you.
But I can always
Tell when you're around
I always know
You'll be there for me
If I need to talk.
If I need a friend,
Or even if I
Don't need anything.
For that I just
Want to THANK YOU!

-Your Visible Friend,
I'll see you soon,
Josh Hudson



It's all around you,
But it's not.
It's a feeling,
It's a thought.
A hole that can't be filled,
A watch that has stopped as though time itself has frozen.
There is nothing inside holding the structure in place.
If someone saw a ghost, the expression on their face.
It's what you smell when nothing is around to give off a scent.
A time of no satisfaction.
A time of no repent.
Getting everything you want and need,
And still it's not being enough.
It's listening to the wind and having your own thoughts
blow thru your mind.
It's having an open mind,
but closed to the taste at hand.
Any way you look at it,
It's still nothing
and everything.
And you still don't know what to do.






Rising at the break of day 

Donned in fine armor and ready to fight 
Always prepared to serve and do what's right 

Walking a line of good not going astray 

At battles call prepared to die and fight 
Ready to give every bit of strength and might 

Not worried that he may not see the dawn of another day 

Up without a pause will charge the fearless knight 
Into the heat of battle without fright 

Saying nothing that he needs not to say 

Upholding the law and everything right 
Armed with sword and a shield shaped like a kite 

Believing in what he does day by day 

Ensuring that there is no evil in sight 
The faithful servant settles in for night. 

Sleeping on his bed of hay 

Waking the next morning with the first light 
Once again donning armor so bright 

Ready for another battle another day. 


By the middle of January I had a beard and the winter had settled into bright cold days, and hard cold nights.  Cold,  HA...  cold doesn't even begin to describe these artic temperatures.  I suppose if you lived in Alaska, then you'd know what I was talking about.  It's damn cold, especially being oooutside almost 24/7.   But, no matter how cold it gets, I have to keep going.  Luckily the cold hasn't affected my dogs.   I need them healthy if I ever expect to win.

I am racing in the Idadarod, only the most intense, exciting, and cold race ever.  I had trained myself for a long time.   I like to consider myself a 5'8", 173  lbs, blaack hair, blue eyed, lean, mean, dog sleding machine.  I have also been training the 6 dogs for a long time too.  At leats 5 hours a day for the past year and a half.  Not to mention the fact that these dogs were breed to race.   Lucky me, I used to be a vet, till one day a man came to me and told me he was selling his racing dogs, and I offered to buy them.  And I've been into dogsleding ever since.

The race began sometime in the beginning of January.  We have been going strong and steady for the whole time, so far.  There are two sledderss ahead of me, and one right along eith me. I don't  know how many we left behind, or droppeed out.  The days were all basically the same, wake up very early, eat, feed dogs, and go.  Get going as fast as possible, so you can gain as much ground as possible.  Then when night comes, find a shelter or build a camp and get lots of blankets.      It's about January now, I'm  over halfway done with the race.  Time's taking it's toll on the racers and all their dogs.  Like I've said, I now have a beard.  I am now in second place.  The man who was in second was crossing a pond, and when the ice cracked, he fell thru.  I saw the meical personal pulling him out along with examining him, and I think I heard something about hypothermia setting in.  That really sucks.  I had to go aroud that pond, and take up more time.    Why did the ice break?  It looked strong.  Oh well, all other thoughts aside, I had a race to win.

By the end of January we were getting down to the last couple of mile.  I could see the team ahead of me.  That really raised my spirits, knowing he hasn't won yet.   So I pressed even harder.  We were gaining, and gaining.  When suddenly, my lead dog Ginger topples over.  "Oh shit!!"  I think as I stop the dofs and run out to examine her.  After a quick examination, she was still breathing, just exausted.  So I unharnessed her, put her in the sled and continued with 5 dogs.

After a while, I had once again gained on the lead racer.  At first I don't think he evn saw me, because he  hadn't picked up the pace.  We were so close I could almost taste him.  More than that I could taste the  victory.  The finish line was right there  in plain view now.  We were both pushing our sled dogs to their limit.  Closing the gap, getting closer, and closer, 20 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet, right  behind him.  I was almost right beside him when my heart sunk below my stomach.   He passed the finish line before me.  He had won.  Or so I thought.  When he crossed the line, no one cheered, We wondered what we did wrong.  When a man stepped toward the winner and said," Mr. Johnson, you're under arrest for sabatoshing the race and putting lives in danger."

WOW< he did break the ice, and now he had to pay.  And wait a sec... that means... WOW,..

                                                 I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


08 Apr 2001
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OK, this is a test.

30 Apr 2001
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you are cute

30 Apr 2001
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I wish I had an invisible friend like you -stay sweet


01 Jun 2001
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hey nice job josh, I think hollow is my fav. b-cause it makes you think.-nikkki:)

11 Jun 2001
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11 Jun 2001
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Your first piece on this page, the PE1, or the "found poem" is quite interesting. You definetly succeeded in making it turn into a poem, was it a newspaper article? I felt just a bit confused with the way it flowed, in some parts it was like a river with a nice sandy bottom, easy to understand. But in others it was like a waterfall ending at a dam. In another draft, maybe you could change the order of lines around, or just make the lines longer. The next poem that you wrote was the letter poem. It makes it both as a poem and a letter(thats a good thing. The only thing that confused me was something that you may have done on purpose. Somewhere in the middle of the poem you say you can't see your invisible friend, but at the end you say "See you soon." In another draft of this poem you may want to think of changing the way you made each line with five beats. I think that it might work better in the readers mind if it isn't as chopped up. My rating scale is a: whole note=bad, half note=better, quater note=better still, eigth note=even better, and sixteenth note=best. I give you somewhere between the eighth not and the sixteenth note. About a triplet. Tim Mogavero

14 Jun 2001
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Hi. Mr. McGonegal here. This is your portfolio evaluation. Do you remember what I use for an evaluation scale? An "AW" for AWARD WINNING, a "P" for PUBLISHABLE, or a "p" for PASSING. Your first piece: P. Your second piece: p. Your third piece: P. Your fourth piece:P . Your fifth piece: p.Overall, your portfolio represented some of the good work you did this quarter. It was a pleasure writing with you this quarter, and I hope you will keep writing and stop by to see what your successors are writing for "found poems," "criminal mind" stories, and travelogues. Best, Mr. M.