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Shelly Gonthier - a,k,a, - REMEMBER ALWAYS

  I choose these pieces to represent my best work this quarter cause they all
show my growth as a writer.  I put "Amazing Grace" in my portfolio because it
was the first poem we did, and I wanted to share it with everyone.  My "Dear
Stepsister" poem was an inportant branch of myslef that I hesitantly risked
sharing with people, as a way to show my growth.  I had my "Stranger" poem added
because it showed true emotion and I thought it was very well written.  "Simple
Memories" was added because I thought this would be a good story for proplr to
read it also showed something I personally did.  "Shadowlands" was written for
the public eye and putting it in my portfolio was the only way to do so.  I also
thought that it was another step in my writing growth.



Dear Step-Sister,
The hurt that you have caused
Cut deeply in the heart,
The times that you were down, we're
Not very far apart
Yet, we were always there.

You thank us with your silence
Even when we need you.
You're always out with guys
Do they have the power to distinguish our dreams?

I know they have already!

Your funny laugh is gone,
You're never here to help.
The talks of our future
Must have escaped you
When you became an adult.

So goodbye future talks
Of our little girl dreams,
No longer will we talk
Of our famous dinners
That brought us joy when done.

The table is not set
We aren't in the kitchen,
The pots are left unused.

Goodbye childhood dinners and
The hugs we shared together.





There are sounds all around us, 
Feet thumping against the tile, 
Room number 217 stands out, 
There is a man lying in bed, 
They say he is my father, 
Yet he doesn't look like my father. 
Tubes that look like a maze never to be solved, 
Fluffy grey hair stick out, 
A soft yet raspy voice speaks to me, 
Eyes the size of ping pong balls, look at me, 
The arms that once gave hugs, now look like twigs, 
And his stomach looks like a beach ball. 
When someone enters he looks confused, 
He barely recognizes anything. 
He can't remember anything or anyone. 


Shelly Gonthier

Shadow Lands was a very poignant movie. Everyhting about it just touched my heart. The lessons th echaracter learned, th emusic that followed, the characters, the whole plot, reached inside the viewers heart and one could feel everything as if they were acting in the movie.

The movie was about a well-known author, C.S. Lewis. It showed people all about his life, his worries, his fears, his lessons, and the things that he desired. This film was driven by the fears of C.S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkins).

Shadow Lands was a good example of enduring friendships. It presented a friendship between C.S. and his soon to be wife, that was stronger than life, death, seperation, and anger. It battled awy all the threats and cradled all helpers.

The visuals in this weren't all tha stupendous; however, they added the authenticity of the movie, Shadow Lands was filmed in England, back in the early 1900's. The unclear footage of the movie, added texture to the brick houses, and the flowing green grass came alive without the computerized pictures.

The music rang full of desperation, hopelessness, and a strangled joy. It was always played at the right time, to pull the emotin strings attached to the viewer's heart. I did not recognize any of the composers because, unfortunately, I am not up to date on composers.

Now for those macho men out there, there was romance in the movie; however, the romance was the beginning of a tough lesson. The tough lesson was what the movie was based on.

Anthony Hopkins , was as always, a powerful presence in the film. He played the main role and added the right

variety of characteristics to spice up the movie. I did not recognize any other famous people either.

Shadow Lands was exceptionally emotinal. It depicted the raw desperation C.S. Lewis felt after his mother passed away. It became clear that at times, in order to stop or help someone grieving, a person must first overcome their fears, and open their hearts to new possibilities. Those sorts of lessons were buried in the intricate plot line.

If someone came up to me and asked me what I thought the genre of this movie was, I would have to say that it was the drama. I would say that because the movie was filled with love, hope, fear, emotion, friendship, and misfortune; however, it was still a fabulous movie. If you want to know the lesson I speak of, WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Simple Memories

As I walked off the stuffy airplane in Tennessee, I saw a crowd of people.  They were people looking for friends and family.  The chairs were empty of excited travelers because they were all waiting to get on the next stuffy airplane.

Then, I saw him.  My brother, Miguel, he was waiting for us.  He stood amongst a crowd of people, wearing a smile from ear to ear.  My heart skipped a beat as the excitement flowed through my veins at finally being able to see my brother again.

As we walked over to baggage claim, we talked.  Things around us seemed to be going so fast.  People running to get their bags, or to catch the next plane, or to catch their family; however, they weren’t moving fast, we were moving slow.  When we finally received our baggage we went out to look for our rent a car.  We walked outside into the dry hot air and immediately spotted our rental car.  We walked over to the car to make sure we had the right care, and started to put our luggage in the trunk.  Shoving all of the bags into the truck, we made plans to meet Miguel at the car rental shop.  So we climbed into the car and an old man, wearing a frown, drove us to the rental shop so my mom could fill out the paperwork.

About five minutes after we got to the car rental place, Miguel showed up.  The minute he came in, he started to pick on us.  We all started getting the fidgets after standing in the crowded hallway for about hanf and hour.  When we finally departed from the car rental place in our bright purple Toyota, we were anxious to be on the way.  It wasn’t a BMW, but it was working.

Miguel wanted us to see the most famous Graceland, so we all agreed to go.  It had a guided tour.  We walked through his creatively decorated rooms.  Leopard print, zebra strips, shimmering glass, and leather was the main designs in his rooms, as I recall.  Then we walked through his golden hallway; at least that’s what I call it.  The walls were covered with awards that he had won.  Elvis Presley’s costumes covered the glassed in walls.  People stopped and drooled over his costumes and his success.  His memorial was the real eye opener.  The flowers floated in the afternoon wind, the grass moved with the heavy sighing of passers by, and feet fell silently upon the ground.  As quickly as we arrived, we left.

My family and I were on the flat highways leading to Jonesboro Arkansas, our original destination.  Soy and bean plants walled the highways in.  We could see from horizon to flat horizon.

We finally arrived at the small but cozy Motel 6.  We laid our stuff of the two full size beds.  Then the four of us went out to eat.  I do believe we ate at Perkins.  I have a small recommendation for you, avoid it at all costs.  I have been there twice and both times it was bad.  They took frozen food and cooked it in the oven, but the food was never thoroughly dethawed and the same dish would have hot spots and cold spots.

One night, as we were driving to my brother’s house, a storm started.  You could see the storm for miles. It lit up the mysterious earth like a flashlight being switched on and off.

With a tight hug we reluctantly saw goodnight.  He drove off in his small blue Hyundai back home to Cash Arkansas.  We all had pleasant dreams and awoke with enthusiastic hearts.

Early the next morning he called us and said he was thinking about taking us to his old schools, we went.  We visited his preschool, his elementary school, his high school, and then his College.

Remember that shooting that occurred in Jonesboro awhile ago?  Well, we went to that school.  The contractors and maintenance men had just finished fixing the damage to the school due to the shooting.

As I walked through the schoolyard I was weighed down with sadness.  I could almost hear the screams of those poor scared children.  The most amazing part was that Miguel knew some of the teachers and students there.  He lost one of his favorite teachers in the unprovoked shooting.  The scariest part was that he had been there earlier that morning helping the teacher with band.  I will never forget the feeling that came over me there.

One day Miguel brought us to this cozy little bowling alley.  He had won many awards there and wanted us to see where he had so much success.  None of us had played in years so we were bad.  Miguel kept changing our names on the computer so it read silly things like “Smelly Shelly.”

Then we did the most amazing thing, the thing I will remember most, We went to the Ozark mountains.  It took us about six hours to there.  We sang together, checked out stores, and talked about music.

When we arrived at the Mountains, I had the shock of a lifetime.  We went inside this building and then quickly joined a tour group.  The whole group entered into a cave.  The cave glimmered, glistened, and shimmered with the moisture.  We had to travel single file in some places.  Brie, Miguel, and I stayed close together, while Mom and Val, Miguel’s father, brought up the rear.

The formations we saw were so beautiful, it took my breath away.  The rock seemed to glow a light pink color and the shapes were all too natural, they were prettier then anything man had ever made.  We saw a rare bat that is endangered, hanging off the roof of the cave.  As we left, I learned that the cave we just saw was called Blanchard Springs.  Just as a tip, don’t fall into the springs.  I speak with personal knowledge.  We then took the long ride back to the hotel.

So if you want recommendations to them parks, go to Florida.  If you want memories that last forever, and a true vacation with lots of simplicity, go to Arkansas.  My personal preference is Arkansas.




19 May 2001
Remote User:


I like your letter poem!

01 Jun 2001
Remote User:


great job girl you stumped us all once again!! -stay sweet :)nikki

06 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Shelly - First of all, I would like to start with an observation: All your work is somehow related to sadness, even the movie you wrote about. You talked about music that "rang full of desperation, hopelessness, and a strangled joy." I am still unclear about the sentence "Shadow Lands was filmed in England, back in the early 1900's." Does this mean that the movie itself was filmed in the 1900's, or was the movie filmed in the present, but set in the 1900's? I like the words you use to describe feeling such as "raw desperation". I think your review of the movie "Shadow Lands" is very informative, but could use some polishing. My rating scale is P=powerful, M=mediocre, (I can't remember what the last one was.) You recieve an LP=little less then powerful.

06 Jun 2001
Remote User:


the previous review was by me, Emily Gilbert

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Hey! Your letter poem in which you wrote a letter to your step-sister, is very good. It expresses your full emotion in the situation.I liked how you wrote without being timid of expression. my rateing scale is Ok, not so bad, good job and wow. this piece earns a good job. Kate

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Shelly- in your piece "stranger" you write about your father. This poem is very sad, and i was confusedas to why it ended so suddenly. Still, it fits together well and flows smothly in most parts. I was wondering why all your pieces are so sad. Maybe you should spread your wings and try writing about other things. This piece earns a good job. nice work! Kate

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Your piece stranger was very graceful to me.It uses words like fluffy,raspy,soft, and hugs.I hope you write more work like this.The part about the room #217 confused me, it stuck out like a sore thumb.I liked the part about the ping pong balls, that was a lovely way to describe someone's eyes.So on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this piece a 8 1/2 good work. your evaluator, nikki :)

13 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Your letter poem was very sad but sometimes writting is like that.I understand this poem well, because I too lost a loved one a while back.I wasn't really confused about anything, just the part about "they can't distinguish our dreams", What were you trying to say? On a scale from 1 to 10 I give this piece a 8, you could say alot more then what you did.But good job your evaluator, nikki :)

14 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Hi. Mr. McGonegal here. This is your portfolio evaluation. Do you remember what I use for an evaluation scale? An "AW" for AWARD WINNING, a "P" for PUBLISHABLE, or a "p" for PASSING. Your first piece: P. Your second piece: P. Your third piece: p . Your fourth piece:P . Overall, your portfolio represented some of the good work you did this quarter. It was a pleasure writing with you this quarter, and I hope you will keep writing and stop by to see what your successors are writing for "found poems," "criminal mind" stories, and travelogues. Best, Mr. M.