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I chose these pieces to represent my best work this quarter becaus I feel
that these pieces are my best work.  I realize that the four writing samples in
my portfolio are all poems.  This is partially because the fiction and
non-fiction stories I wrote I did not particularly like, and partly because I
was too lazy to e-mail them to you.  Whoever reads my portfolio will get a
lopsided view of my ability.  In the past I have felt that I have written some
very good non-fiction and fiction.  It just didn't happen this quarter.
However, I don't think the person who read my four poems will get a one-sided
view of my personality becuase each one of them is unique and says something
different about me.

This poem is my favorite .  I've never written anything quite so "sassy" before.
The requirment was50-100 found words, but this poem was approximately 130 words.
I think I could cut it, but it would be difficult.  The way I "constructed" it
was so that the end of one sentence flows into the beginning of the next.  For
example: "Icky boys never" could be on its own, but in the poem it reads:

                  Mind-blowing sex is hotter than
                   passion lowdown: icky boys never
                   grow up proud.

You told us to never use the word "flow" when describing our work, but for this
poem, there really is no other word.  In case you can't tell, I am extremely
proud of this piece.

This is one of my more random poems.  Why did I write to "Mouse"?  I don't even
know.  I like this piece because, to me, it tis soft and quiet and delicate.
The day before I wrote this I had seen the production by the Royal Shakespeare
Acting Company of Hamlet.  I sat right up front, first row.  I could never hear
every intake of breath and see evry facial expression of the actors.  It was
amazing.  So, anywho, that's why I wrote this poem.

"A Place to Sit" is about a friend who died.  We played in the woods an awful lot,
so I wrote this in memory of him.  I know it's not the best.  It's hard for me
to express those kind of feeligns, and I think I got a little too melodramatic.
But, the end product is decent and I hope that the reader feels some emotion.
The External Circle was a mid night poem. "This is not iambic-pentameter" said
my English teacher when I presented it to her as a sonnet.  I was glad I got the
chance to rework it in this class.  I think the end product is slightly corny,
but I like how the rythym sounds.






Advice of a Glamour Girl

You make it happen.
To each her own silk
glides on with easy 
breezy beauty.
Believe in the power of green grapes.
Anything goes to a night on the town.
Mind-blowing sex is hotter than
passion lowdown: icky boys never
grow up proud.
Double platinum dynamo ditz.
Can you feel hot men
unzipped life.
Va-va-valuminous anti-gravity sex
lessons in love: never, ever pay
full price for confessions.
Nature's catwalk rebel with
pleasure: the joy of toys.
Maybe she's born with radiance?
Be a hidden classic every
tomboy has and amazing kind of beauty.
Milk it.
Makeout of control, last thing on your mind
lusciously lips.
Let's spice things up ladies
first, always smooth moves.
Boldly pounce on your
dreams of temptation.
Simple instructions: believe in 
chocolate sundaes with cherries and
whipped cream bikinis.

(excerpts from "Cosmopolitan")





A Good Hamlet

Dear Mouse
    A dimly lit theater, so old,
    with dust motes drifting through
    filtered light.
    At an angle to see behind the masking,
    the Lekhos and Fresnels black,
    faces blank until the opening curtain.
    A soft whispering in the wings, muted
    expectancy of the formal watchers.
    Perfume of ancient
    ladies in evening wear, men in penguin suits,
    a child looking on in wonderment.
    Cathedral windows, an arched gilt
    ceiling hung with crystals wafting dust
    light, flicker, flicker.







Through the woods;
no leafy green life;
no eternal voices speak,

the loneliness of me.

From poke-eyed scum, a fly is replaced.
No smug froggy smile gapes.
Discomfort carries me past
a twig, a rock, a pool,

not to you.

bypassing all shortcuts; hidden
secret jungle paths, desert barren.

after you left.
I follow memories; a wisp of something
A shape, my poor, misguided eye

Your seeming essence.
A smell, a taste, a sound.

I make my way through tangled underbrush
to that silent forest clearing.
Dappled afternoon sun, a comfortable
place to sit.
I stand.

Until you are here....I stand.







A beating heart upon the frozen ground 
To chill the core of the molten mortal souls. 
A dream I know I dreamed, but have not found. 
A thing of fire and lust, like burning coals. 

The light fades so fast on the blackest day. 
The ever endless sojourning year 
Comes to a sudden, swift and halting stay. 
A cold and crystalline shimmering tear, 

Dropped like a shiver of hard onyx stone, 
To crack glittering ice and shattered bone. 

As soft and creamy as a silken pearl, 
First tendrils of life, leafy arms unfurl. 

The eternal circle of err continues. 
From the deeply sedimentary soul within,
Find a thing of heaven like burning coals. 






Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker: Featuring Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty

Lac Des Cygnes (Swan Lake) is one of the most beautiful ballets ever written. A timeless story that is as moving emotionally as it is pleasing to hear. Like Romeo and Juliet, the magnificence of Swan Lake has only appreciated through the ages. The music still stirs the same passionate emotions in the listeners as well as in the performers of the ballet. Many are familiar with the composer's other works such as Casse-Noisette (The Nutcracker) and La Belle Au Bois Dormant (The Sleeping Beauty). For Swan Lake, Peter Tchaikovsky composed a fluid piece of music that is turbulent and melancholy and joyfull all at once. His skillful employment in utilizing all parts and aspects of the orchestra leaves nothing to be desired. Tchaikovsky has been around for quite some time, about one hundred and fifty years. His music has endured two world wars, the space race, pop culture and many other changes. Tchaikovsky writes in the western style of music. The feeling of somberness found in the music is the only true indication (other than his name) of his Russian roots. Sudden ups and downs, changes in emotion. A harmonious blend of melody throughout Swan Lake, the instruments seem to dance with feeling. Rivers of passion and sensation course among the music, delicately intertwining with  each other to create an awareness of powerful and moving sentiment. In the world of pop culture, classical music is often unappreciated, especially by the younger generation. Tchaikovsky's works are timeless and the beauty, whether or not orchestral composition is your cup of tea, can be appreciated by anyone. The compact disc chooses the most popular and moving pieces from the three ballets (lac Des Cygnes, La Belle Au Bois Dormant, and Casse-Noisette), but by far, Swan Lake takes the cake.


16 Apr 2001
Remote User:


good work emily.

14 May 2001
Remote User:


wow. i love your poems. good descriptive words

05 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Emmy Star, of all the people I've had to eval. you have the best writing. In your fist piece the words you choose were desciptive and strong they seemed to stand out more than anybody else's. The only thing you could do is put them into sentences that were a little more structured. My rating scale is: Help, Adjustment, It's good for now, Need no fixing.This peice easily earns a Need no fixing.

Your evaluator: John F.

12 Jun 2001
Remote User:


emily, In your first poece you wrote a found poem. You succeeded in using a minimum of 25 words and sticking them together to make a creative piece. I like the ending, and youre right, it does "flow", until the end, that wasn't what i expected it to be, about the whip cream bikini and chocolate sundays. But I do like the ending, it made me laugh. You succeeded in making sense out of words. Good job, I really like it. Your second piece was your sonnett. You successfully made a rhyme sceme, that worked well. I think in a redraft you should look at "fire" in your first stanza last line. It's over 10 syllables, unless youre saying that fireis one syllable. Also in the second to last sentence I think you went three syllables over. But overall your poem is fabulous. My grading scale is F= Fabulous, A= Amazing and G= good. Your portfolio earns a fabulous. Your poems are extremely descriptive, and all have their own special meaning to you. I can tell that a lot goes into your writing. Good Job, have a good summer. Your evaluator, aly

12 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Emily, your first poem is amazing. I loved the words you chose and how it all fit together. It flowed smothly and poeticly. its beautiful! My rating scale is Ok, not so bad, good job and Wow. this piece earns a Wow. great job! your evaluator, kate

12 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Emmy Star, your piece " a good hamlet" was very well writen. i loved how you discribed that place so well that you could almost smell it. I was a little confused about who you were writing to... was it to the mouse? Even so your writing is always fun to read since it has so much care out into it. My rating scale is ok, not so bad, good job and wow. this piece also earns a wow. your evaluator, kate

14 Jun 2001
Remote User:


Hi. Mr. McGonegal here. This is your portfolio evaluation. Do you remember what I use for an evaluation scale? An "AW" for AWARD WINNING, a "P" for PUBLISHABLE, or a "p" for PASSING. Your first piece: AW. Your second piece: AW. Your third piece: AW. Your fourth piece: P. Overall, your portfolio represented some of the good work you did this quarter. You have an extraordinary gift; I was often intimidated this quarter by the presence of what I consider a better poet than myself. It was a pleasure writing with you this quarter, and I hope you will keep writing and stop by to see what your successors are writing for "found poems," "criminal mind" stories, and travelogues. Best, Mr. M.