composed 4/09/01

Summer days.
Summer is a long time away.
Summer is warm.
Summer is great.
Summer is much nicer than winter.
Summer...sun warmed tart raspberries.
Summer is a good time.
Summertime freedom,
Summer breeze,
Summer rain,
Summer house,
Summer work,
Summer warm,
Summer means parties.
Summer is fun, for me it means sports cars.
Summer is when I get away.
Summer is going to Germany.
Summer is warmth,
Summer is nice,
Summer is a cool, calm envelope of time
in which one could seal themselves in for all time.
Summer is warm.
Summer season not far away.
Summer time.


composed 4/11/01

Melting Snow

Sunshine on white snow.
Melting frozen dreams in
time, puddles of lost dreams.

Chris's group

Freedom through escape.
Escape through sacrifices.
Is Freedom worth it? 

The Anonymous Group

As the sun goes down,
Day begins to diminish
and night rules again. 

Jon's group

Finding peace and calm
Outside to relax today
Trees bring no sorrow.

James's group

Warm Days, sunny days
summer fun is for parties
camping, drinking...sleep

Crystal's group


composed 4/17/01

There was an old dog who was sad
He moped around 'cause he was mad
He lost his bone
And had no phone
But found one from a very young lad.

Jon's group

There was an old lady named Fred
He most favorite food was bread
One day she went to the store
She walked into a large door
And then she was found dead, yaying next to the bread.

Crystal's group

There once was a frog in a moet
The frog was near a small boat
A bird swooped to the ground
Then gobbled it down
Then flew with a frog in its throat.

Chris's group

There was a young woman from shrewd
Whose husband was exceedingly prude
So she flared up her skirt
Unbuttoned other men's shirts
'Till they all said they'd rather eat food.

Emily's group

A misguided servant of satan
Had taken to murder and hatin'
When asked to repent
He said, "Not just yet,
Look at the money I'm makin'."

Levi's group


composed 4/18/01

Two saw the apple
Ten picked the apple
Thirty-two ate the apple
Who am I?

Chris's group

I love pie
Disguised so you can't see
Feared by the masses, supposedly so fun
Stupid, happy, clumsy, Profession
The shoes make the man.

Sean's group

I am a big thing
Yellow with black spots
I eat little dead animals and
Live in the country of Africa
Living life is short or cam be long
Wondering if tomorrow I will die
My feet are getting tired as I run from enemies
And when night comes I feel soft and hunt.

Crystal's Group

I travel through space with no ends
I go around in circles but I never repeat myself
When there's too much of me I bring boredom
When there's too little of me I bring fear
You measure me and work around me
I never end, I always am.

Kate's group

I harbor life within my domain
I rock you to sleep and wake you up
I can be so subtle and yet so rough.
My particles cling, gather, and float in the midnight sky.
A life line savior, and a merciless monster.
I glimmer like a diamond in the midnight sky

Nathan's group



composed 5/1/01

Jack was
from a
medium sized
apartment.... One day he
out the window.
As he
soon learned
on the way down
never to do it again.... because he

Nicole's group

Jumping through the sky
Finding somewhere to hide
Missing the whole story
And finding the moment of glory.
Moving slowly towards rain
Jolting and running from pain.
Jumping through the sky
And finding somewhere to hide.
Stopping only to count
Other things happening about.
Now there are twelve.
Don't think of anything else.

Tim's group

Creamy mashed potatoes,
Apple pie and ice cream,
Mom's green bean casserole,
Artificial cranberry sauce,
Radishes in the salad,
On Thanksgiving all make me sick.

Erin's group

Love is a feeling that we all get once in a while.
Open about it to family and friends.
Various feelings that combine into one.
About that special someone.

Dominic's group


No light to be portrayed.
In solitary confidence it lays
Going anywhere and everywhere
Hoping to find an end
Trying to see a light.

Chris's group



composed 5/3/01


Once upon a time, in a forest like any other, a stork was flying above the tree
tops. He happened to look down, where upon he saw a bear. This bear was his
aquaintance, Teddy. Teddy appeared to be stuffing himself with food. The
stork, who was fond of eating, said "Why are you eating so much? Can I eat
along with you?"

"Sure," replied Teddy,"I'm eating so much so that I can sleep the whole winter."
The stork liked the idea of eating and sleeping for a long time. So he started
to gorge himself on everything in sight. It got to the point where he was the
fattest bird in the world. He tried to stand up to relieve himself, but he was
so heavy that his knees snapped. All he could do was "Kaww...." for help, but
no one came. All he could do was sit there and be pathetic. Eventually, he
starved to death.

MORAL: Eating and sleeping all winter is for bears, not birds.

Emily's group



Perry the pig was bathing in mud on a beautiful autumn day. Perry was
disgruntled. He was getting sick of getting picked on and pushed out of the way
by all of his big brothers and sisters. He decided that he's not going to be
the runt anymore. Perry started eating everything. Anything and everything. 
He started growing and growing. Day in and day out. Larger and larger. 

A month had passed and he grew to be the largest pig on the block. Farmer Frank noticed the luciously plump pig out of all the other smaller ones and chose Perry to be the next butcherado.

Moral: Damned if ya do, Damned if ya don't!

Sean's group



Once upon a time there was a big hippie that was hungry. He wanted something to
eat. So he left home and began his journey for some chow. This hippie blue
bird was fat, hairy, smelly, and blue. His nickname was Scum, because he liked
to eat beautiful butterflies. 

As he was flying, he noticed a bold, beautiful,
colorful butterfly on a yellow sunflower. The hippie blue bird thought,
"Hmmm... he may taste good." But the butterfly was with his children. But the
bird still wanted to eat him all up. The hippie blue bird flew down fast, began
to swoop down, when all of a sudden, a young boy caught him in his net and
brought him home. Now he is stuck in a cage being taunted.

MORAL: Don't eat an animal that has children near by.

Jazminn's group



There once was a unicorn who pranced around with his nose in the air. No one
talked to him because he always bragged that he was the most beautiful unicorn. 
He said that his horn shined in the sun and the others didn't. 

One day he dared
to say that he was the most beautiful thing in the entire world. Just as the
words parted from his mouth he slipped on mud and smashed his head into a tree. 
When he woke up he realized that his horn had been broken off. The other
unicorn cast him out of their group.

MORAL: Don't be arrogant!

Shelly's group



There once was a lemming that did not want to die. He would do anything to
avoid running off a cliff. His family started to go, but he ran the other way,
int the woods. On his way, a fox started to chase him. He tried to go up a
tree, but that didn't work. The fox ate him.

MORAL: Don't try to escape fate.

Kate's group

Tales of Near History

composed 5/9/01

"I wish I had a smoke this mornin'." said on e pilot.
"I know, all of those weasels back there are giving me a headache!" said the
"Hey, quiet down, back there!"
"It sounds like a friggin' party back there." The sound of AC\DC was playing in
the background and people were screaming and yelling.
"Oh my God! That water is freezing!" shouted a woman. "My T-shirt is soaked!"
"And you are the winner of the annual wet T-shirt contest! Shots of Tequila for
"Could you change the station?" shouted the copilot. "I hate that song." He
said as the plane swayed fromside to side. As he leaves the pilot's room.

Emilys' group

"Momma's day is coming up Mc Veigh."
"What should I have for my last supper?"
"What's your mom like?"
"Do you think that's biblical?"
"Well, Jesus got some food before he bought it."
"I suppose it could be."
"Hey Bubba, when's the last time you got some?"
"Oh, they gave me a congugal visit on my birthday."
"I think I'm gonna have steak. Yup, steak for supper."

Shelley's group


The Pope and G.W.- formally known as george Washington- were sitting in New
York discussing. GW asked, "What's up?" The Pope replied, "Chillin',
chillin'." While sippin on a double chocolate latea' in Starbuck's, th ePope
asked, "What do you think we should do about the execution of Timothy McVeigh? 
Do you think it's right?"
GW replied, "I feel that the young man should rott in jail!"
"Why kill someone if they kill another?"
The Pope replied," Because he killed more than just one person."
"Yeah, but he should rott in jail, thats' worse!" yelled GW.
The pope stood up and sprayed his holy water over GW and said, "God bless, I'm
outty, Peace."

Jazminn's group

I really needed to take a sh*t, but I had more important things to do... like
shoot the president, so it had to wait. But it was one of those days, hot
sweaty, annoyingly happy.
So there I was, on top of a building, scope sighted on a number of people,
hopefully where Kennedy was to appear. This feeling was getting really bad. I
was wondering if I could run and go quickly, but I had enough trouble getting my
gun up there anyway.
It had been about 10 minutes. I was sweating. This was harder than I
thought. I was about to reconsider, but that's when I saw him. I aimed, fired,
and hit him.
'Good shot' I thought to myself. I could hear the screaming from the streets. 
President Kennedy is dead! And surprisingly, I didn't have to go anymore.

Jon's group


composed 5/16/01


The cafeteria at school is over crowded. You can not sit down at the tables if you wait in line up to twenty minutes. Which means you have no time to eat. One good thing about the cafe in our school is that we have a variety of food to chose from. The food looks edible, but tastes weird. The hamburgers are hard, and the chicken nuggets taste like fish. But Meghan and Dominic think the food tastes great. They enjoy the fishy chicken nuggets, and the hard rice pilaf, old fruit, and hamburgers. The one thing that we all agree on is that the prices are ridiculous. Some people may not be able to afford the prices, but you can still charge. The best food is the large cookies that are half baked. They melt in your mouth, not in your hand. You also get a different choice of milks, ranging from, chocolate-to- 2%.

Rick is the bomb, and the ladies are sweet. So overall, if the cafeteria had to be graded, it'd receive a B+ to a C-!

Dominic's group


The cafeteria is loud with chattering kids, each looking for a seat. Every table is crowded with hungry kids and unneeded debris. Luckily we have the teachers that keep it up and running.

No matter what you want to drink, you're almost bound to get it. Ice cream, fruit, cookies, sandwiches, and snacks come in every kind. Everything looks yummy, as long as you're not picky. Most of it comes in boxes and is reheated for the students.

Erin's group

Atmosphere- loud, crowed, informal, noisy, small, cuapitogether...(?)

Food- Sometimes nice, and sometimes not appetizing. Good variety of food, sometimes tasteless.

Con Val food is quite disgusting. Prices have gone up, while quality has gone down, down, down. The mashed potatoes taste like rubber, and the chicken bounces off the floor. But nevertheless, there is a wide variety to choose from. Sometimes the food is okay, but other times,'s not.

So as a wise suggestion, I'd suggest sticking with the fruit snacks, the chips, and the ice cream. This is because these were not made in Con Val.

Ignatius's group

The cafe has turned into a zoo! It's loud, crowded, and very messy. The prices have gone up since last year, and the lines are longer than ever. On the other hand, the staff is always friendly, the food is usually good, and you have a moderate choice.

Levi's group

Every day, we gather like pigs to a trough. The lines are always backed up, for the same overpriced crap, and you wonder why. The food is bland, cold, and uncooked. They give ordinary food a name that sound exquisite to derive you to buying. The place is dirty with food and trash, and that same annoying aroma that fills the malls. The only thing that's worth getting is the canned drinks that are straight from the factory. And the big window that fills the room with light . But overall, the place sucks that serves the same overpriced crap that you get day, after day, after day.

John's group


Film Reviews

Nathan's group

Independence Day followed the plot of every other extra terrestrial type movie.  The special effects in the movie were rather limited, but the few in the end were better than average.  Many of the lives and actions in this movie were cliché and very predictable.  The comic relief by Will Smith was probably one of the only redeeming qualities.

Meghan's group

UP IN SMOKE was one of the worlds funniest, and most enjoyable movie.  Cheech Marrine and Thomas Chong are the best actors around.  The TV's aaand vehicles are made out of green leaf called reefer.  The part when cheech and Chong were in the car smoking a blunt and Cheech gives Chong acid instead of aspirin.  Chong starts to flps out and Cheech begins to laugh hysterically.   The acting in this movie seems so real, and they don't seem to be reading from a script.  If you enjoy the movie POLLY, then you'll love UP IN SMOKE.

Josh's group

"I'll be back ."  A line that has been said about 1000 to many times.  We have to appreciate Mr. Swarttzenage's performance as a post apocalyptic cyborg who was teleported from the future,    to fight an enemy who seems to not be able to be destroyed.  We were disappointed in the way that the film avoids the paradoxical issues surrounding temporal travel, but it's nice to see a film that includes the issue at all.

Emilys' group

There have been better Gladiator movies, than the award winning film of this pasr year.  The inaccuracy  of the plot  just tweeked the movie to the point where everything seemed unreall and unfair to Rome's history.  Mant events and objects were misrepresented.  For example, the tigers would not have been chained, but rather set free.  The horses would not have saddles because at that time, saddles would not have even been invented.   Fighting was crueler and more vicious in the ancient times, before the birth of  Christ.   If Hollywood is going to make a big budget film, they might as well have gotten their facts straight.  History should not be tooled with,,, because it is already in the past, and it already happened.

Kate's group

An unpredictable, borderlining weird movie.   While being odd, it sends a good message of anti-greed, and never giving up.




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11 Apr 2001
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Nice poem about summer, there! I like it. Best regards, JLM

16 Apr 2001
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Crystal's poem was the best. It kicked butt!