Poetry Contest Winners

(Voted by popular election)


      A season full of pain and work
      comes down to this one game.
      They work as hard as they know how,
      home fans are glad they came.
                                                            ~Steven L.


                The grass lays silent,
                Inviting me to sit down.
                It works without fail.

                                                           ~Rich M.





          I sit inside my house by the window,
         Watching the cold winter rage on with snow.
         When what did my wandering eye come to,
         But a small boy like me and just like you.
         He was no more than eight, yes just a child,
         Trudging, out in the snow at half past two.
         Why is this poor boy out, out in the wild?
         Why not with his mother at home so mild?
         And just as I began to question why,
         He fell down to his knees, began to cry.
         Into the snow he burrowed like a mole,
         Right then and there the good Lord took his soul.
             Like that he's gone, no family, no friends,
             I pray I'm loved, I'm warm when my life ends.


                                                              ~Will M.




Terza Rima

            I hear the news and don't know what to think.
           All who know just sit and watch in fear.
           My eyes are open and I cannot blink.

           The world is just as shocked as when I came.
           The future is so scary and so clear.
           We know our lives will never be the same.


                                                              ~Steven L.



Poetry  2001
Revised: 12/14/05.