How do I get started?





Here are the steps that I followed. 
















Find someone who can help you on a daily or weekly basis.  Make friends with him or her.



























Draw up a plan--in your head, on paper, in conversation.  Ask yourself how committed you can be to designing a web page and how much of your curriculum you want "out there." 





























Learn a little "html."  There are web guides, books, and courses to introduce you to it. 






































Start tinkering.  Find free web space online or just begin tinkering in "notepad" or "Frontpage" or any other web-building program.




























Publish your page online--through the free services or through the CM server (see Burleigh/Harris) and get feedback from your students/friends/colleagues.




































(optional) Buy space online.  Hostway, Your-Site.  (Example.)




















































"It's too late for me to get into all this 'internet stuff.'  


It is not too late.































"My students say they don't have access to the internet."


 Students say lots of things.  One thing that has helped for me each day is to remind those that need reminding that their work online is part of their "grade."


































"I just don't have the time."


That may be so.  The "overhead" is rather high on building a web page for your class and it requires about an hour of extra work a week.  Also, starting the project with your class and not following through or finishing it can be frustrating and/or ineffective.  But as incoming data are continually demonstrating, students will benefit by seeing you do it and by working with you on it.  And that extra hour a week for you results in a more dynamic and engaging curriculum.