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Thoreau said " A fault finder will find fault in paradise". With this I have found such a fault. Two days ago while ridding my bike around my neighborhood that I love dearly love. I came upon something odd. I was ridding into a dead end street (which you can get out of by going straight up over the grassy hill and you will appear on the sidewalk of Cummins Hwy) and as I was going down the hill a huge boulder stop me in my tracks. Now you maybe asking why would I go down there if there is a boulder in the way. Well to my knowledge, I did not know there was a boulder. I have been on this route before and never ever had I seen this boulder. Now that this boulder sits in my way it ruins my bike trail.
           This boulder is in the way of my neighborhood's bike path. I never once saw this until that day. Ever since then, that dead end street has never been used. I noticed this a month ago while I was walking around the neighborhood. I came across some kids who were ridding around and I notice that they used the other street before the dead end one to get on the Cummins Hwy sidewalk. Kids around my way think of that boulder as a monster of some sort. So afraid to go trough the dead end street and face the boulder, they instead go to the street before it. This street is truly a dead end street now. Itís like walking through a graveyard when you go there. So cold and mysterious.            
           I would argue that this boulder is taking away our freedom. When we are on our bikes we should feel free to go anywhere and nothing should stand in our way. This is America land of the free and this boulder is taking away our freedom. I see it as this, "nature" is a place where that has freedom and peace. Like the forest or jungle. Over there peace and freedom roam there with environment. Nothing rules over this environment. Now ridding your bike around your environment is like similar to the forest or jungle. That when you ride around your environment you should be free to roam around. This boulder is taking away our "American Land".
           Now that this boulder sits in our way its really hard for us to appreciate the short cut to get on the Cummins Hwy sidewalk. Even that dead end street is being suffered. No longer can  we take that path. That grassy hill was made for us to ride over it, but now it is just another grassy hill. Since nobody goes there anymore that place is not the same. No more tire tracks or marks. No one can fully appreciate the full extent of that pathway anymore.















Since they have been friends, Joe loves to prove Bill wrong. To Joe, Bill seems like aknow it all. To Bill, Joe seems like a goof-ball. One day Bill asked Joe a quetion.
     "If a tree falls will it make a sound" said Bill. "Of course it will make a sound, how stupid is that question" replied Joe. "But how would you know unless you are not there to hear it"asked Bill "I will know and I will prove it to you" said Joe.            
      Joe walked off and left Bill standing there thinking." I wonder what this crazy guy is going to do, I better follow him". So bill peruse Joe. Bill followed Joe to his house and then to the woods. Bill noticed that Joe was carrying  something in his hand. Finally, Bill saw Joe putting something around a tree. "What is this boy doing". Then few minutes later Joe ran. Bill thought to himself, "Why would he go to the woods and put something that looks like explosives....oh my God!, he's planning to blow up a tree".            
     Bill ran to the tree to defuse the explosives, but was to late. He tried to run for cover from the blast and it
worked, but he did not see the rest of the tree coming at him. Hours had past and Joe returns. He came up to where the tree used to be, but instead he saw Bill unconscious
under the tree. "What are you doing under the tree, didn't you hear it coming" asked Joe and he thought to himself "Maybe Bill is right, he could of not hear it falling because I wasn't there".













Emily Dickinson wrote 1,775 poems during her
lifetime, only seven were published before her death and
after she died the rest were published as books of verses.Out
of the 1,775 poems by Dickinson, "The Brain is wider than the
sky" is the poem that stands out as the best representation
poem of her work. The reason for this statement was due to
the feeling it gave me when I read it the first time. It left me
with a deep thought about how my mind and thoughts are.
The message I think Dickinson is trying to give out this poem
is to stress the important of the "Brain" (mind) to readers.

     In the first line, "The Brain - is wider than the sky"
Dickinson used a metaphor to measure the Brain's limits.
Comparing it to the sky, which stretches for miles around the
world express that the thought of the Brain has no
boundaries. "Will contain with ease" is a line from the first
stanza that explains the no boundaries in which its stating that
the Brain can easily contain so much.
     In the second stanza, the Brain's intenseness of
thought is explain:

                For - hold them - Blue to Blue-
                The one the other will absorb-
                  As sponges - Buckets - do-
In these lines the Brain's thoughts are compared to sponges
or buckets absorbing water.  This metaphor draws to the
conclusion that the Brain can absorb or handle intense
     The important of the Brain is express in the last
stanza by comparing it to God: "The Brain is just the weight of
God. This comparison expressed by Dickinson shows that she
is religious since she mentioned God and that the Brain is
spiritual since she equaled it to God.
















       Sports are games played by a person or a team against an opponent to figure out who is the best. To find the best, a team or player must defeat their opponents by scoring points or in ancient times by death. An example of a sport is wrestling. This sport in which two contestants try to force each others shpulders to the floor in which scoring a fall and winning the match. Points are awarded for various holds and techniques during the match, but if neither wrestler can score a fall within the time limit, the competitor with the most points wins. Because of its tough competitiveness, wrestling became a popular sport.
           Wrestling has been know throughout recorded history. Origins of the sport can be traced back 15,000 years from cave drawings in France. In ancient Greece, wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature. Wrestling competition was the famouse contest of the ancient Olympic Games. Early North American settlers brought a strong wrestling tradition from England to their new home. The first organized national wrestling tournament in the United States was held in New York City in 1888.
           Wrestling is so popular in North America that a form of wrestling called collegiate - style, also known as folkstyle or scholastic was created. This style of wrestling is practiced in high schools, colleges and universities, and many wrestling clubs. In the U.S., the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) supervise college wrestling while the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) eupervises high school wrestling.
           Another form of wrestling is professional, which is mostly made for entertainment. You may have seen these type of wrestling on TV or in movies (World Wrestling Federation aka WWF). In this type, wrestlers compete with each other to determine the best of the besy by wrestling continuously. What makes this mostly entertainment are the drama or story scenarios with each wrestlers. Another difference with this type is that its fake. All the moves and techniques are planned before the match so that none of the wrestlers aren't seriously hurt. Dwayne Douglas Johnson (aka The Rock) is the most recognizable professional wrestling. He said " I enjoy my work and the fame I get, I love being The Rock". His image is plastered on everything from T-shirts and Web sites to halloween masks. He has penned a New York Times best seller, The Rock Says...., and reportedly earns $15 million a year. He is also featured in Universalís The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King (Ebany Magazine)
           Wrestling has influence many Americans to play into this sport, from playing high  school level to U.S. wrestling team. My friend Gregory Million has been influenced to join our high school wrestling team by watching wrestling on TV. He told me that " It is a very hard sport to be playing in, it takes a lot of strengh and your mind for quick thinking" Greg has been playing for two years and is now team captain. He is not all that good, "I 'm just here to have fun " said Greg, but he has the guts to play and when I mean guts he has "guts"
     Dispite all the wrong media around wrestling, fans stay true to the sport. A wrestling critc named Paul MacArthur did just that when he heard a remark about wrestling fans." As a WWF fan and the publisher and editor of the Wrestling Perspective newsletter I am trash in Ms. Lawrence's eyes. I've never met her, but her uninformed remark was targeted towards me. To call a group of people rash requires less thought, even less serious analysis, and absolutely no skill (Wrestling Perspective).