Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















"The Game"

Born on the mean streets of Mission Hill, on December 10, 1925. In a double decker two family house James Mcsherry grew up. He had a tough time growing up because my great-grandmother and great-grandfather did not make enough money for them to live luxurious lifestyles.

But they always made sure they had a roof over there heads. James went on to pursue his life as a Boston Police Officer. He was on the job only two days when this unbelievable story happend. My grandfather and his partner Tom Dunn used to play golf once a week before there 7:00 shift started. One day they went to there usual course the Franklin Park Municiple Golf Course to play nine holes.

Well it started off like usual with both balls going into the rough,(of course not the fairway) and my grandfather went to hit his ball and a man came out from the bushes and said to my grandfather "give me your wallet" and my grandfather said "hold on its in my golf bag" so he reached into his golf bag and pulled out a gun. He said to the robber "put the knife down and put your hands behind your head". So the robber did as he was told. And then my grandfather tied him to a tree and finished playing his five holes and then called for backup.












Anne Dillard wrote "a fish flashes, then dissolves in the water, before my eyes like so much salt." Backyards usually have that kind of drama, or excitement, however mine for the past two weeks has been a meare image of the past. Now I'm searching for that excitement again.
    Through my many observations on my backyard I have had the pleasure to notice large changes in the times I was observing, as well as the small things/changes. These little things in my backyard like the mulch around my tree, it doesn't seem like much but that mulch is an important part of helping that trees soil stay fresh. It was these types of changes that I recognized and observed. Also big changes like rain flooding parts of my backyard.
    My backyard is an American place because of the experiences it has endoured with my family and myself. Celebrating many fourth of July parties, and celebrating our nationality as well. This backyard has had the pleasure to soak into it the pieces of our lives that we have taken into our memories as well. Whether it was playing a baseball game or playing a football game it was on that backyard.
   There was one day during my observations that stuck me very emotionally. It was about day 4 of my observations. There was a dark overcast with flashes of lightning. This was unusual for lightning because it was winter. I was thinking to my self there must be something happening. So I stayed out there for little while longer na dthen it started raining so hard I had to go inside and I continued my observations from inseide my house.
    This experience has given me an oppurunity to take a trip back down memory lane and really remember what those times were like. This has given me a chance to look into the side of me that has a good side. My backyard has gone unnapreciated because we all have grown up. No more baseball games, no more football games just memories. Ways we can look back at my backyard and remember.














Every year my family meets with one another and we have a Christmas swap, its not easy because the limit is five dollars a gift. So we get to the house and we eat our Christmas dinner. Throughout the whole day my cousins are asking each other "what did you get." "is it good." and there is always a pause and no response. So we start opening the gifts and my aunbt Paula was first. She picks her gift and opens it. With no like or dislike she doesnt say a word. She gets to swap so she swaps with my cousin who got a can of cranberry sauce and five scratch tickets on it. so my aunt tells my cousin to scratch some so she starts scratching and says "oh we won, we won" and my aunt comes oiver and says let me see that and she reads itr and says "we won" and then says "i'm taking all of you on a cruise the ones that are here" then my cousins comes over and reads the back and says "we've won" then my aunt comes over and says "we won" then my uncle comes over and says it was all a joke.











    In Emily Dickinson's "The Brain is Wider Than the Sky" there are many pieces of grammar and certain parts where she uses her unique ability to write her poems. This poem however, is her explaining to the reader the similarities and differences between the brain and the sky. She uses metaphors to explain her writing. She helps the reader to understand her poems. She has ways to explain them.

      Dickinson's poems are about death. If you have read any of her other poems she usually talks about what life will be like when she dies. This one is one of the only exceptions because she talks about the brain and the sky. She has ways to describe how she compares the brian with the ocean. She says "the brian is the weight of the earth." Dickinson talks about how you can compare the things.

      Dickinson uses her ways to write quick, simple, and short. When you read her poems you will notice them throughout all of her poems. This is her ability to just write down whatever happens or whatever she thinks about to write what she is thinking of. She is a simple and easy poet to understand. It is not that tough to understand.

      Dickinson also uses a piece of grammar that not a lot of poets use. She uses the dash when she is writing her poetry. When she writes with the dash it is her ability to get quick easy and short ideas out for her poems. It is also easy when she is writing to seperate her ideas and go on and explain a different place of time or idea.

      This is how I compared her poem The Brain is "Wider Than the Sky" with her grammar and punctuations in her poems. This her way of writing her poems. She uses her ways of writing.



























     The International Rugby Board, with its headquarters in Dublin, Irealand, is the world governing and law making body of the game of rugby union. The board was founded in 1886. Rugby is played in more than 100 countries and the IRB membership currently encompases 92 national unions and one regional association. The historical membership has expanded enmomousley  in recent times and encompases all regions, races, and the people of the world with the latest member Malta has accepted by Ireland.
     My neighbor currently plays rugby for high school and is pretty good at it. He says "the game requires good hand-eye coordination as well as catching." The game is played with a ball bigger than a football and you run down the field passing the ball laterally to your teamates goal. You have to be a good athlete to play rugby. The game is good.
   James Heefe is an amateure player and plays for the Switzerland Dragons, an amateure league for people in there years. He is a good player and says " the game helps you meet great people. They are trying to go pro but they will need to have more games.
   Oskar Frankly is a proffesional rugby player for Greece. He plays the game like all other proffesionals. He has played the game for 10 years now. The game is good. Oskar says"the game is a good game and the competion is good.
  Rugby is played in American and is enjoyed by many Americans. game is liked. they have a joy.