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          A sport is a physical activity that has a set of rules and is competitive.  Soccer is a sport that has been played since the beginning of time.  Both Europeans and Native Americans have played it for centuries. Soccer has changed drastically over time.  The earliest forms of soccer were played on open fields and among towns.  Now soccer is played internationally (“The Early Origins”).
            Soccer is a worldwide sport and is played very competitive.  Over time there has been hundreds of leagues set up all over the world in order to regulate the games with specific rules.  The first American league was set up in 1884 and was the American Football League but it didn’t last long.  Now in America the league is the M.L.S, which has growing popularity.   All international games are regulated by FIFA, which also holds the World Cup (Litterer 1).  The World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament. “ The world cup is what’s motivating me.  I’d love to be fit for the European final if we get there, but realistically the World Cup is the light at the end of the tunnel” Said David Beckham, England’s best player after being hurt in a game just recently(qtd. in ESPN 1). Him and all of England are waiting and hopping that he will be able to play in the World Cup.
            Soccer, like many things Americans have adopted has been changed to make it more appealing to the American audience.  So there will be a bigger profit. “There is no doubt about it, players are playing too many games. This has resulted in players being tired at the end of the season and as a result, I feel, we are seeing many, many injuries” said, Tommy Symth, a soccer writer and critic for ESPN (qtd. In ESPN 2). This is just one thing that has changed, the number of games.   The companies sponsoring these games want more money; so more games are being played. It has put the players at risk, like David Beckham( Lipton 1).   The biggest thing that was changed was the name of the sport.  In all countries but the United States soccer is known as football, but since we already had football we changed the name to soccer.  Soccer scene has changed drastically, the earliest forms of soccer were played in open fields miles long(“US History Timeline”).  The games are know played in huge stadiums and are broadcasted all over the United States.  Some of the rules have been changed to make the game more exciting to watch.  For instance, in the M.L.S instead of ending games in ties they created a shoot out, which is different than all the other leagues around the world.
        The popularity of soccer is steadily increasing over time.  Soccer has always been very popular in European countries but its popularity in the United States is just beginning to grow.  More and more people each year are watching and playing soccer all over the United States.  My brother, who has been playing soccer almost all his life said, “ When I was growing up soccer wasn’t that popular.  Kids would play only for a few years, when they were young, and then give it up.  Now kids are sticking with the game, which I love to see (“Naumes”).”  So much that a woman’s professional league has been added.  
          In the early years of professional soccer it was over shadowed by more American sports like football and baseball.  The growing popularity of soccer shows that Americans enjoy change.  Americans like watching exciting games and soccer will always be there for them to watch.  This is truer in America than most other countries because of America’s wide use of technology.  Being able to show games across the country.  
            The sport of soccer is a very popular sport across the world and will continue to grow.  It has come a long way from being a hobby of town’s people to being played by professionals (“Soccer History”). Soccer is a very fun and interesting sport and I feel the way America has modernized it has helped spread soccer across the country.