Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America























Story of My Family in America

One day i was at my grandfathers house and i asked him what's one of the oldest stories he could think of about our family in America. He hesitated for a minute to think of a story. Then he started and told me the story of William Henry Dawes. "He was from Boston, and on the night of April 18, 1775, William Dawes rode from Boston, over the brighton bridge, to lexington, warning the countryside of the British advance, at Lexington. He was joined by Paul Revere and Samuel Prescott, on the way to Concord, a British patrol surpised them.

Revere was captured. Dawes eluded the English but had to turn back. Prescott reached Concord with the news." "Later Dawes married a girl, I don't remember her first name, but her last name was Alverez. Your Grandmothers maden name was Alverez and thats how you are related." This story shows how long my family has been in America. It also shows that someone in my family was a part of history. This story is significant to me because if I did't ask my grandfather about the oldest story, I might not know about William Henry Dawes.











        "Nature is a setting that fits equally well a comic or a mourning piece. "This is how Ralph Emerson defines Nature in his Essay titled "Nature." I observed a place in nature for two weeks, not one people often acknowledge or appreciate but it is a part of the nature that we live in. While I watched this place of nature I had to "become a transparent eyeball" and look at what this place really had to offer to anyone who would look at it. I noticed the things about it that most people just look over and don't appreciate.
     Throughout the days I watched over this place I noticed not a lot changes in its scenery. Most days only a few leaves would fall and cover the ground, later they would be swept away by the wind. Some days the leaves would become stuck to the ground because of the rain but later moved after days of dry and windy weather.
     Most people looking at this place wouldn't care much about what it has to offer. Most people might even say that this place has no beauty to offer to them. It does. Until I actually spent time looking at this place I didn't think that it had anything that it could offer to nature. When I, and many people, think of nature we think of the beautiful landscapes with mountains, an ocean, or a tropical island. That isn't all nature is. It is in your town in the city, it's everywhere. Nature can be in any place even those that seem forgotten by society.
     The Beauty that this place had to offer was in the way that it had life surrounding it. There where birds, bugs, dogs and other animals interacting with this place everyday.  Even the place itself had life sprouting off of it. Even when this place went unnoticed it still maintained the beauty and gave it off everyday whether or not anyone would actually notice it at all.
     When we appreciate the nature that surrounds us everyday we understand that we have to work with what nature gives us to catch the beauty that it gives to us. The place that I watched needed to have someone look at and see that this place,a tree along the side of a street, had something to give to them. "Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight does not reside in nature, but in man, or in harmony of both."












There was a student that often did not pass in his homework in on time. The teacher, luckily, was lenient on his students passing in late work. The teacher, Mr. MacG, had assigned many assignments over the term. The student, whose name was Mike, forgot to do various assignments including an important essay.
    Every weekend since the essay was assigned, Mike would tell himself that he would do his essay and the make up work that he needed to do, but every weekend he failed to do this.
Mr. MacG would often remind the class, “Make sure to do your make up work, so that you do not fail for the term. If you do not pass in your essay you will fail for the term.”
Mike began to worry, for it had been many weeks and the work began to pile up.
Then one day Mike said to himself, “Oh my God, it’s the last day of the term tomorrow. I need to do my make up work.”
And like usual Mr. MacG reminded the class the next day, “You need to make up your work of you will fail.”
That night Mike finally sat down and typed his essay and his late work.
It was the last day of the term and Mike passed in his sheet that told Mr. MacG that the essay was typed and ready to be corrected.
“Here’s my essay,” Mike told Mr. MacG.
In response he replied, “better late than never.”
It was now the first day of the new term and Mr. MacG passed to Mike his grade on the essay.
Handing the paper over, Mr. MacG told Mike, “What and excellent essay, I really enjoyed reading and had a good chuckle.”
Mike got a four on the essay, which is the best score possible, and everything ended up just fine for Mike.














     Poems need to acquire many different aspects to make it one that will arouse and be appealing to prospective readers. They should provoke the reader to think of its meaning while reading and after they read. Also a poem should have an impact on the reader to make it one they won’t soon forget. Many poems accomplish these certain aspects that make them great. An example of one that I find does it particularly well is “l(a” by e.e. Cummings. This poem is very unique in how it is written. Cummings uses many new aspects that people don’t often witness when reading poems. “l(a” acquires to include all of these necessary features to make it a commendable poem and one readers will be able to remember be.

     “l)a”  achieves in creating an interest for a reader. It is first appealing to someone because of its peculiar form of writing. Because of this a reader might be interested in reading the poem due to it being different from ordinary ones. It is also short, which might encourage people read it because they know it won’t take long to read. “l(a” also interests the reader because it makes them think about what it is saying once they read through the poem for the first,  second or even third time. And therefore result in reading the poem over and over again to find out the meaning.

               A proficient poem is one that makes the reader think about it. A poem shouldn’t just tell a story and then end. It should make the reader contemplate and analyze it. The poem “l(a” does this because it at first doesn’t make any sense at all. But after a while of reading and contrasting the poem you discover what the poem reveals. When you comprehend what it says you start to think of why he wrote this. This has the reader interested and involved in the poem.

               In writing this poem Cummings gives you an emotion that people encounter. With this he adds a word that makes you think, and once you read this you ask yourself, “Why did he put that word in there?” The word on the outside is “loneliness” and stuck in it is “ a leaf falls.” Now when a reader realizes what this strange arrangement of words means they have to think of why Cummings wrote this. By writing this he lets the reader think of what it means and lets them get their own perspective on what the poem means.


               Cummings accomplishes to achieve all of the aspects necessary to make a great poem. He encourages the reader to think beyond what it written on paper. “l(a” interests readers into taking consideration in reading and analyzing the poem. l(a” acquires to include all of these to make it a commendable poem and one readers won’t soon be able to forget.





















The exact origin of Cricket was never recorded, and therefor we do not know how it was started. There are different speculations about its origin. The name “Cricket” helps tells us where it was invented. Some say it came from the Anglo-Saxon  “cricce,” which means a crooked staff (cybercricket.com). It was said that the game was played among shepherds hitting an object, like a stone or pinecone, with their crooks, and at the same time, defending the wicked gate into the sheepfold.
    The first reference to cricket is in a document dated December 1478 and refers to “criquet” near St. Olmer, in what is today northeastern France. The first recorded cricket match took place nearly 200 years later at Coxheath in Kent, England in 1646. This match also was the first record of betting on cricket, which has become very popular in various countries where the sport is played.
    Cricket is the US was established in the 1700s, not very long after it was in England. It was originally played by officers of the British Army, then later became a major recreation of American gentlemen. Several Founding Fathers of the US were known to be avid cricketers. John Adams, which was one, stated in Congress that “if leaders of cricket clubs could be called presidents, there was no reason why the leader of the new nation could not be called the same”(Cricket.org). Cricket didn’t happen to become well known after it had been in the past and isn’t played much in the U.S.
    Cricket has become very important to numerous people over the years. Many variations of people play the sport whether they are professionals or amateurs. Martin Sorrell, for example, had been introduced to playing cricket the traditional way when his uncle and taught him to play at the age of four or five years old. Sorrell says he enjoys playing because it is “anachronistic”. Sorrell is the CEO of WPP, the holding company that owns high-profile advertising and PR, believes that “the advertising industry and the game of cricket are both old-fashioned.” He likes cricket because it is a team game but individual performances are important. Sorrell plays as a batsman in the game in spite that his favorite player is a bowler. He does however have some batting heroes too, Len Hutton and Geoffrey Boycott. Sorrell stated “I don’t think that I have got any of their cricketing qualities except maybe a certain dour batting style.” Then adds “I am not a good bat, but I can block.” For Sorrell the game has become a part of growing up and his everyday life. He states “the cricket pitch is a place to have fun” (bpl.com).
    Everyone has different opinions on the sport. Actually not many Americans know anything about cricket, but there are a lot of people who have spent much of their time playing, watching, and reporting on cricket. Hoggard, who plays cricket professionally on the New Zealand team says, "If cricket was a perfect game it would be boring, wouldn't it" (Thomson unearths an English fast bowling). This explains why other countries love to be involved with this game. “Cricket is a game I adore, the more so because woven into its fabric is the essence of national character (New Statesman),” says Darcus Howe, a journalist. This could be considered the feelings of various players and spectators alike. Cricket has had a great impact on many lives. It has become as much a part of it as anything else. This is why the people who play cricket love it so much.