Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















One day when I wanted to know more about my parents and how they become to know each other i asked them some questions on this subject.

It all started when my dad first came to America when he was around 20 yrs old. He was new and know english but haed to understand with his acient. My mom who grew up in Arlington mass never has been to europe at all. So some how my mom and dad meet in a bar in downtown Boston and became very friendly and started dating. My mom learned alot from him and my dad learned alot from my mom.

This is how i became to this earth and started a new life. If my mom and dad didnt get alog so good I would not be here on earth and u would not have me as a student.













           Is your backyard appriciated? behind my house there is a place that is not lookedat as part ofmy yard. Most people will look at my yard and not even see or reconize this place. Its located off to the left of my yard a little woodend area with lots of leaves and sticks. I believe this is unappriciated because of this reason. As i have been watching this place for two weeks i have not seen much happen but a few more leaves fall on an already leafy area.

            Looking out my bedroom window i see my backyard. I do not see all of my backyard there is a place lonely not looked at as part of my backyard. Everyday for two weeks i have not seen one bird, squrral make a home in this place. Was this place put here for no reason or to not be appriciated? Two weeks pass their i keep looking and each day I see more and more leafs fall on this place.How my people are appriciatd for their backyard? Well it seems to me that no one is appriciating this backyard like they should.

          As Bob Dylan said "the times they are changin" and soon the timewill change and this place will be looked at as an appriciated American plce. Because this is and American place its on American terrain and should be appriciated like when Indians used this trrain for survival  and shelter.












Dickinson lived from 1830-1886. Her poems usually were short she used dashes which was very unusual. Her poems also were mostly quatrains and had either exact rhyme or slant rhyme. One of her poems that was very good was “I heard a fly buzz when I died”. This poem on how she describes death makes me feel like I was there.


     Dickinson does this by using death as a dominant theme. For example:

     The stillness in the room/ was like the
     Stillness in the air. The eyes around-
     Her had wrung dry/- and breaths were
     Gathering them firm.

She uses strong words like eyes, breaths, and stillness and relates them to death very well. Dickinson puts the reader into the funeral parlor to show the reader the effects of one persons death.

     When she talks about the fly its very suttle. She talks about the fly only once or twice. She sticks that word in and you wouldn’t even notice. “With blue – uncertain stumbling buzz-between the light-and me-.” This is a good example on how she can just put it in so sudden. She makes death seem like a slow process, how she drags her words on.

     This poem is very unusual. When most people think of death they think of a bright white funnel or heaven. Who would think of a fly buzzing? I think this is very unusual to explain death by using a fly as a prop.
      I felt death in this poem to the first person. How she describes death and makes you feel it is unreal.





















 Ice Hockey was not invented it evolved.  It originated around 1800, in Windsor, where the boys of Canada’s first college, Kings College established in 1788, adopted the exciting field game of Hurley.  Hurley was played on grass, not ice but these boys played this game on ice during the winter on their favorite ponds.  Soon after this soldiers at fort Edward in Windsor took up the new game they carried it to Halifax, Canada, where people there picked up on it and played it often.  Nova Scotia transformed the name to ice hockey.  
     Professional players believe that hockey is a game for tough kids who like fast pace and strong competition.  They pay respect to the kids who evolved the sport.  Without them they would not be able to play what they love as a career.  According to Ray Bourque “I started liking this game when I first picked up the hockey stick”.
     Amateur players are people who play this sport for recreation and fun. I interviewed my brother, Eric, who has played hockey most of his life.  I asked him what he thought about hockey, he said “I love to play hockey but the side effect of this, is hard work going to practice all the time”.  He says “but in the long run it all pays off because I am playing a competitive sport that I love”. In other words after the hard work this game can be very fun and exiting.
     Newspaper writers who write this sport for a living talk about there love for the sport and how they enjoyed playing it as little kids.  These writers have studied hockey and sports in general for many years.  They know everything about this sport from history, statistics and the players. One writer said " Im going to be writing about hockey my whole life untill I die." This shows how much dedication this writers have in doing this.
     Today this sport has been adopted all around the world.  The Europeans have a little advantage because they have been playing this sport longer than the Americans.  When I was younger I too, played hockey and found it very exciting, competitive and fun. I would not recommend this sport for individuals who do not like competition, teamwork, having fun.  Hockey is a vigorous sport that requires lots of hard work and dedication.