Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America
















One day I was eating at the dinner table with my parents. I asked them a question that caused them to think and knd of reminiss. That question was when did you meet? They answered like this. One day when my mother was at a football game, she went to the consession stand to get some food. My father not knowing who my mother was walked up behind her. As my mother got her food my father followed in her footsteps. Only when my mother turned around my father walked into the food and was wearing soda and some ketchup. My mother apologized. And soon started talking to eachother, introducing themselves and ahving a nice conversation. They went out for a year and soon grew to love eachother. Eventually they got married and soon became Susan and Paul Burke. Two years after they got married they had me, nad so far I am the only one and love every minute of it.











In my yard there is a spot that only a few people notice.  I am one of those
people.  See you have to really think about what it could mean if it was not there.. You
have to ask yourself how man times have you walked by a random place and did not
even notice what it was. “I find something  more dear and connate than in the streets or
villages.” - Emerson.  
           My spot is in the corner of my yard.  It has many things that people don’t
really notice.  It is a beautiful spot in my eyes and has many things that need to be
noticed for it to feel loved.  This place is in the corner of my backyard where only my
dog goes to the bathroom and leaves fall on.  In the summer this is a beautiful place with
the grass grown and very distinguished because in the winter my dog uses that spot for a
bathroom so that fertilizes it and makes it one of the best places in the summer.  You may
think it is strange to notice such a place, but when you look at it and observe it this place
shines and becomes beautiful.
           One of the characteristics that I noticed on this spot is all of the leaves that
happen to fall on it.  When I was recording my data and studying this spot there were
always a few leaves here and there on it.  So you can tell right away that this spot is not
cared for and is not recognized because if it was it would be cleaned and taken care of.
When my father and I rake this area it seems so desolate and my father has a look in his
eye like he wants to cover it back up.  But I think to myself everything is beautiful in it’s
own way you just have to realize that not everything is attractive or appealing to the eye.  
           This spot reminds me of someone in school who doesn’t have many
friends and really isn’t noticed he is just passed by in the hallway like he doesn’t even
exist.  Or that person who plays a sport, who really isn’t good but tries his hardest to win
one for the team.  If you go to a spot that everyone passes everyday day stop and think
about that area.  Look at it and think to yourself what it could become if people had paid
more attention to it.  Emerson said, “I became a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see
all; the currents of the universe being circulate through me.”  This is just like that person
who doesn’t have friends or isn’t good at any sports because to everyone you are
transparent and easy to brake.  The spot that you may find one day may already be
broken and maybe you will realize that everything can be helped and put back together.













Road Trip

           It was a Friday night and there was nothing to do.  There were
four of us including me.  Their names were Dan, John, and Steve.  It was
around four o’clock on Friday and no one had any plans so we decided to
take a road trip just for the weekend.  We all went in Steve’s car even though
he didn’t want to.  When five o’clock came around we were finally ready to
go on our trip.  By eight were havin a great time on our way towards Conn.
           “Finally were almost there” John said.  “ How many times do I
have to tell you were not going to- Steve said”, “ hey watch out for that
squir...!” Dan screamed. “Too late” John said, “Oops” as Steve bundles the
squirrel.  Well I tell you one thing that wasn’t going to stop us even though
we saw some guts fly out of the side of the car.  “Thank the lord”, John said
“we are almost at Foxwoods.” And no sooner heaved his dinner out the
window.  “Well luckily it wasn’t all in your car, huh Steve?” as John wipes
his mouth off.  
           “O man this place is nice.” (as Dan swallows a bug)  As they
arrived at the giant hotel that they were staring at the hotel in awe.  They
also couldn’t wait until that night when they were going to pick up some
girls.  “Holy smokes, look at her” John moans.  “which one” Steve said.
“You can’t even tell me which one.  The one in the short and skimpy red
dress.”  “O that one!!” as Steve moans in agony from the sight of her.  “Well
I think I know who’s gonna be sleepin’ good tonight,” as Dan stares right at
Steve and John.  “That’s right fellas only in your dreams,” Dan said.  
           Then just as Dan says that two girls walk right up to Steve and
John.  Dan sits there with his mouth open and drooling because they were so
beautiful, he couldn’t believe it.  “You ladies wanna go somewhere a little
bit more quiet? Steve asks  Now Dan’s jaw has fallen off because the girls
went with them.  Two hours later Steve and John went back to the slots with
the look on their faces....?  “What happened to you guys? Dan asked.  As
both John and Steve replied in a moan, “They left us you know.”  And Dan
knew exactly what they meant and fell to the ground laughing his head off.
After he gained his composure he asked “Are you guys ready to go home
now?”  They both replied “yes” like it was saving their lives.
           “I can’t believe that we had such a good time at that place”,
huh! As Dan laughs. It was like we were in chick heaven.” Dan said.  “Well
let’s bounce out of this place and go home” Steve said.  “Yeah it’s too bad
that John was pukin everywhere all weekend, man was that nasty.” As Dan
was brushing his teeth.
           “Yeah well I’ll see ya tomorrow in school!” everyone said to
eachother.  “Yeah back to the place we love and cherish,” “huh” “just
kidding Steve said to John.  When everyone got home, Steve said “someday
we’ll all look back at this and remember how much fun it was to go out with
friends without your parents knowing and do all the wrong things.”  Then he
woke up from his dream!  This story presents a real life thing that could
happen to you, but kids don’t try it unless your ready to suffer the











This poem brings together many ideas, but mostly all in one.  It explains how Emily thingyinson is traveling through her life on her way to the abyss, a place where only we can imagine going too.  By using the dash in almost every line it makes you wonder what she really is trying to tell you.  Then with the dash present she wants you to make your own ending or continuation of the line.  

     In the first part of the poem she explains, how she didn’t want to die so death came for her.  By using the dash she is making her poem more imaginable.  In the second stanza she begins to unravel her life starting with her younger years and progressing through.  At the end of the first stanza she uses the dash, giving you the opportunity to finish it your own way.

     Next she explains how and why she passed through using transitional words and the dash.  Explaining the climate and how it was during the ride past her life.  To go deeper into this matter she leaves the rest of the stanza up to you, by using the dash she explains that she may not remember what happened because it wasn’t important or she just forgot about it.  “For only Gossomar, my gown/My tippet only Tulle.”  In this she is trying to say she could be passing herself in a coffin or just moving on toward death.  

     By thingyinson leaving the dash means that she wants you to go deeper into this matter.  When she stopped at a house with death: “We passed before a house that seemed/a swelling of the ground.”  This line means that the house meant some importance to her because it is the first time she stopped and it is the first time she goes on to explain the place she stopped at.  
     At the end and to conclude this essay she uses the dash to have and give you an idea of what may happen and in your own words.  By having the information she gave you can probably figure out a logical end to the story.  And by leaving the dash she may have not wanted to finish the poem and maybe decided to get lazy


















Motocross is a modern sport that is not played by many.  I would consider it one of the
most dangerous sports out there, because of the high risks that you take when you do it.  
The activity itself gives a perfect definition of what a sport is.  A sport is something that
is competitive and played against others.  It is also very expensive and is not easy
because one slight mistake could end your life.  Americans are always impressed with the
way something looks.  In Motocross going off an eighty foot jump with a shiny new
dirtbike looks pretty good.  Since the competition is so great everyone does the most
dangerous tricks of all and makes the sport look good.
           I spoke with an amateur, named Adam.  He had a story to tell me.  He
ended up breaking almost every bone in his body from doing a stunt on his bike, which
shows the danger of this gambling game.  When six months past he was ready to go back
out onto the tracks and do what he loved.  With his brand new bike ready to ride he said
“I’m ready to tear it up.”  To him racing is an exhilarating heart stopping thrill every
moment on the bike.  He told me “you need a few screws loose upstairs because the risk
is so high, but it is so fun.”  
           After learning about Adam as an amateur rider I moved to get some input
on a professional’s opinion.  A man named Ricky Carmichael last year won his first
Supercross title last year.  "Whatever I need to do to win, I'm going to do it, that's always
been the difference between me and other racers."  Compared to Adam he seems
determined to win and is more a job to him.  Since Ricky was 10 he started biking and by
12 he was winning races left and right.  Since Ricky was the only child, and his parents
worked hard for him they expected to work hard for them too.  In 1996 he turned pro and
began off slow, but after losing some weight he began to dominate on the track and soon
to win the Supercross title.
           When the analysis of the racers has past you go straight to the beginning
with the critics.  Loren Mooney a well known Motocross critic has many things to say
about the sport.  He compares the sport to a regular car race with Dale Earnheart and is
very fond of John McGrath one of the best Motcross superstars.  He says that “nothing
compares to the thrill of seeing someone go 150 feet in the air and watch them do the
most amazing tricks and somehow seeing them land perfectly.”  To him Motocross is not
just a job it is something that he would never want to do but be able to share the
knowledge of others that do it.
           In conclusion  hte sport is very american and has a lot of american
backround.  Just becasue it is not played by all americans does not mean that it isn’t
american.  Historically there really isnt much of a background because these bikes are
fairly modern and have only been around for about twenty years.  Today this highly
skilled dangerous game of chance has many meanings.  It includes skill with many other
talents and a lot of guts.