Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America















I am going to write about my Grandfather. I have never met him but the stories I have heard about him seem interesting to me. I chose to write about him because I never met him and my Father has told me many interesting stories about him. I came to know the stories of my Grandfather being in the I.R.A by my Dad. I never met my Grandfather because he died before I was born. My Dad told me how he fought in the I.R.A against England for many years. He fought from 1914 to the 1920s. He would hide out in the woods behind his house and would be a sniper and pick off any soilder he could see. He was always on the run, and at night would sleep in thorn bushes to protect him from animals and to be hidden from the British. He would always stay in the Bog ( this is like quick sand and is very wet like mud) so it would be hard for soilders to get him. And he fought without shoes and back then in Ireland not too many people wore shoes. This story means a lot to me because it is a part of my familys history. Also it seems wierd that my Grandfather fought for the I.R.A and risked his life for his country and shows a lot about him.










Most trees die, sooner or later. In my backyard there is a dead tree lying across the yard. I spent the past two weeks observing this hangout and recording any changes. From this hangout you can the the express way which is interstate 95 and downtown Boston if you look to the far left. It was not only a good view but a good hangout as well.
 When I went to the tree one morning I noticed that more leaves had piled around the tree and squirels were playing joyfully on top of it. The next day I had done a little yard work and had a ton of leaves I needed to get rid of, so I threw them over the other side of the tree.
  After that I had noticed a blue paint stain on the side of the tree. It had been from the nieghbors who have recently  painted their house. The painters cleaned their brushes on the end of the tree. A few days later I noticed a ton of Mayor Menino signs dumped in that area, again it came from the neighbors. The signs were left over from the election and were of no use to anyone.
   I noticed that the branches on the dead tree were snapping as I saw my neighbor jumped and swung from them. And finally there was a granite bench set down in front of the tree and it seems like a wonderful place to read a book in the peace and quiet of nature.












   The  Middle schoolers are the annoying kids from acroos the streeet. Everyday I have to hear them talk and fight at my study. But there was one funny time about one month ago.
  It startedlike this, there was a fat kid against a little kid they both looked at each other and there was a  big height difference. The big kid Mike thought he was real tough because he would always push kids around, but he didnt realize the power Harry had. Harry was a three foot tall kid with the thickest glasses Ive ever seen and curly hair parted in the center. Next they walked up to one another and Mike pushed him and said "you look like Harry Potter and are the shortest person Ive ever seen." Then little Harry got real mad and started to cus him out. Then Harry said "you are the biggest goof Ive ever seen and your face looks messed up and thats why you get laughed at".
  They kept yelling and swearing until Harry had enough and jumped up and punched him in the face. The bigger kid Mike started to cry and blood ran from his nose and was shoced and didnt know what to do. Then Mike said " Im sorry, Im sorry, stop please stop".
 And this shows how funny kids can be sometimes and a little kid taking on this bully just seemed funny.















     Emily thingyinson has written many poems but one emerges above the others. The poem is called "I Heard a Fly Buzz ~ When I Died". This poem expresses a sense of emotion and an opinion of death through thingyinson's eyes. It does it by how it is written and stated, also it talks about real things of death and isn't al imaginary.

   When I first read the poem " I Heard a Fly Buzz ~ When I Died" I thought of it as a good poem. This poem gives a person a view of what death is like and an imaginary one. It stuck out at me because I remembered this poems title because it sounded kind of dumb because it says I heard a fly buzz when I died. It made me think for a minute and wonder why you would say I heard a fly buzz when I died.

   I thought that this was a good poem because it was of death and she wrote about how she saw it. thingyinson writes like this to make her point of death get across to the readers mind and make them think differently. Although it was a very strange poem it still had a meaning of  death and a good title to back it up. I think that more people would read this poem because the title makes it sound unusual.

   I read this poem to my brother just to hear a reaction from someone on what it is about. After I read it to him I asked him what he thought of it and he said he was confused about it and thought that it was a weird poem. His sense or two cents on the poem gave me no help at all so he didn't really do anything. He thought it was weird because she wrote about death without even experiencing it.

   And finally I think that the poem is overall good and can give you a different view on how some people see death in their own eyes. thingyinson does an excellent job writing this poem and getting her job done by giving people her thoughts. My brother viewed this poem as dumb and weird which is stupid because he didnt see what the poem really means and why she wrote it. So owerall it was a good poem and I thought it was all right.