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This story was told to me by my mother a couple of years ago. It's a short and brief story about how my aunts and uncles came to America in the 80's.

Back in the 80's a family from Haiti was preparing to move to North America in Boston, Massachuettes. 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and their parents pack eachother in a car. After many years of working hard and saving up money to get green cards, they were finally ready to make their way to America.

Going through days and nights of driving and sleeping in the car they finally made it. For years and years they went by scarificing everyday and night. While years went by the family had opened up their own business and all the children in the family successfully became professionals in different careers, such as engineer, business men and women, doctor,etc. Now are family has expanded and is continuing to grow.














             For two weeks I have had the pleasure of abserving a piece of mother nature. Annie Dillard said, ”Every day is a God.” In the sense of people in a way actin liking like God by building land. Looking through my kitchen window starring and wondering what happens to my back yard when I‘m not there. Through these weeks I have seen how much my back yard has been deprived from the human race.

              Since Day one when I started to look for a spot to abserve, I was puzzled because I didn’t know what I wanted to pick. After days of wondering which one of these spots are lonely I picked my back yard. I’ve abserved many things are great as squirrels running across the yard, frost building up on the grass, leaves blowing across the yard, the sun beaming on the grass, etc. My back yard has been looked at as just a back yard not somewhere you couple actually relax and think.

           For a long time the back yard has been deprived. Just by glancing at a piece of mother nature every day you become to think about it and have a better understanding or  respect for that space. I’ve noticed that the grass would sit there and be thrown side to side by the wind. Then rain comes, forming the soil to become mud and sticking to the grass. The cold weather and dripping rain, wetting the grass, as I feel sorrow for the grass. Everyone missing the fact that the soft gentle grass lays there having feeling wondering why no one pays any attention to it. This spot is an American spot because it’s a part of mother nature and it symbolizes that this is our land and were proud to claim it no matter what it looks like.

           By looking at this spot for the past two weeks I have looked at mother Nature different. I really looked at it as a gift from God. Now I am able to look at my grass and focus on it letting my mind wonder all over the place. Today as I looked one more time before writing this my mind wondered off thinking about everything on my mind. Thinking about my family, events that happen in America, personal issues, and many more. Just by sitting there paying attention to the grass it has brought me to a peace with myself and with others. Now I know that I have a place to go where I can get in touch with my inner self. So I advise anyone and everyone to look for a spot that you think has been deprived from the human race and give it a moment of your time so you can experience what I have.










Phil and james were two kids who were popular in there town for playing sports at there local high school. They both played basketball and football and were good in which they lead there schools to championships. But there was always something weird about them.

     When football season came around Phil played Quarterback and James played Tailback. Phil would come out to practice and games with his joke strap out side his
pants, and basketball sneakers on. While James would wear no tail-pad were the cup should be. I over heard Phil and James talking in the locker too after practice.

Phil: Hey James we going to the mall after practice?

James: Naw man I have to write a paper about World War III for my history class.

Phil: What happen in World War III?

James: I’, just going to talk about how the north fought the south.

Phil: aight then.....thats coo.

          While Phil was walking home from practice he seen his friend Hector fixing his car and went to go talk to him.

Phil: Whats the deal Hector?

Hector: chillin....just hookin up my engine.

Phil: Hey is your sister home? she never returned my eye shadow and I need  it for my game tonight.

Hector:  Naw son she’s at the gym hittin those weights. Her new theology teacher from down south is having her lift like four times a week to become a Beast at football.

Phil: You talking about Mr. Jones the football Coach.

Hector: ya

Phil: Aight then I got to go I’ll holla at you later.

            Later on that day Phil went to the weight room at school and saw Mr. Jones. Phil didn’t want t see Mr. Jones because he always wants to talk about him lifting becoming a leader and always saying that he can be a division I player.

Mr. Jones: How you doin Phil?

Phil: I’m doing fine coach how you doin?

Mr.Jones: Same here....you going to lift and become a beast son?

Phil: ya...sure why not.

Mr.Jones: Well then good hoop to it...Go full tai-buggy....Don’t hold anything back.

(While Phil was lifting)

Mr. Jones: Push it son!!!!! Do it For DC High....WE have to be ready for them next year... Do you want to lose to them again hi year on Christmas eve?

Phil: Well coach I have to go my moms here to pick me up.

Mr.Jones: What? Your not done lifting go tell your mom that you have two sets left. Either tell her to wait or I’ll drive you home.

Phil: d**n!!!!fine I’ll tell her to wait...











Emily  Dickinson is a talented poet who was born in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of a prominent lawyer.She was an energetic and enjoyed the task of daily life- cooking, sewing, playing with friends,winter sports,even studying at a boarding school. After attending boarding school she return to her hometown where was said that for the last ten years of her life were spent in her house and garden Of the 1,775 poems Dickinson wrote during her lifetime, only seven were published before her death-and these few appeared anonymously. This Essay is trying to give the true meaning of Emily Dickinson’s “My life closed twice before it’s close."

  In many of Dickinsons poems she has many unique styles of writting her poems, so it was hard for people to put her in a certain catagory. She would go from using  customary four-line stanzas with an ABCB rhyme schemes, and alternations in iamibic metter between tertrameter and trimeter. Dickinson's language in her poems were seen as a great achievement as a poet. Dickinsons words in her poems are so complex that just reading it once would be hard for a first time reader to understand.But when you come to the point were you understad it it explodes in your mind all at once.

         "My life closed twice before its close,
          It yet remains to see,
          If Immortality unveil
          A third event to me."

   Right here this is an example of how she uses her briliant language and really shows the meaning of how it's hard to understand her poerty. After reading these four stanzas it popped out to me that shes talkin about how something happend to her twice that messed up her life before shes dead.

In a great amount of poetry Dickinson uses a lot of (-)’s in her poems. Some people have argued that the (-) has various meanings in her poetry. Such as: she will put a (-) at the end of a poem basically trying to give the reader a hint to fill in the Blanks with his imagination or opinion. Also she uses it to break apart phrases or sentences.

   Dickinson, in some situations, she uses rhythm in her poems such as “My life closed twice before its closed,”

     For example:

           “My life closed twice before it close,
             It yet remains to see,
              If Immortality unveil,
             A third event to me,”    Emily Dickinson

As you can see in line 2 and 3 see and me are rhyming. She also uses repetition with using closed and close in the same phrase.

In Dickinson’s poem is states “Parting is all we know of Heaven, And all we need of hell.’ Meaning  that we know a little about both parts and we live it everyday. Like some things that are good which go with Heaven and things that are bad that happen in the world have to do with Hell. Basically it’s an everyday thing that we live for and live by. It’s life to us.

In many of  Dickinson’s poems we see how she goes beyond the average poet and talks about death like she was dead. Everyone now should know that at this point. What makes her special is the fact that she can express her inner feelings in a way that may scare people but on the other hand give them a different view of life.She thinks that by writting her poems in those ways that the human beings will identify with her thoughts and feelings.  Basically she writes her poetry like shes writing to the world just giving us her every last thought about life. Dickinson was and still is a great poet to us and will always will be an inspiration to many young poets.
















   When Boxing came to America it was more associated with gambling,political corruption, less a sport than means to settling a grudge. In 1835 NewJersey became the first state to legally prohibit prize fights, followed by Massachusetts in 1849 and New York in 1859. By 1880 38 states had made prized fighting illegal. The sport of boxing started to grow by increase of newspaper coverage, by great waves of European immigration, and by the shrewdness of promoters who appealed to ethnic and nationalist rivals. Fights between Tom Her and “Yankee” Sultan in 1849 and between Sultan and John Moresby in 1853 added to boxing newfound popularity. In 1860 the fight between British Champion Tom Secures and the American fighter John C. Henna attracted widespread attention. But following in the decades following civil war (1861-1865), Boxing in the US suffered a decline. Fixed fights, ringside violence, and  in different fights centered Boxing's unsavory reputation.

     There were many great fighters and still are great fighters who are champions now. Such great athletes such as Evader Hollyfeild, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Rocky Mataciano, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and many more. Each fighter had there special quality. For instance Mike Tyson, who was adopted by his trainers family as a young teenager became the youngest champion in boxing
history. Tyson had a unique style of fighting that his opponents couldn’t read. He also had great power in his hits and great speed. But one quality that wasn’t so great was his temper. People say that once you bring out his anger you better run away because he might now be able to stop. “Tyson has had symptoms of depression and other illnesses through his life time.”(Mass General Hospital)As a young Amateur growing up in the Boxing business, he was approached by Boxing agent Don King. King took Tyson into his management and basically how some would say he was screwed. Mike Tyson accused king of stealing money from him, which ended up to be the start of bad luck for Tyson.

     Don King to some people was compared to as the “Devil” himself. The reason why is that he would basically sign a contract which would King he power to do anything he wants. King is a smart promoter and knows what he’s doing. “Mr. King is known as a ruthless promoter who focuses on the “showmanship” of the fight and never signs an agreement that won’t make money for him and everyone involved.”(Don King) Through his life time he has managed allot of fighters and has corrupted many of them too and still does. He turned his small time company to a multi-million dollar company making him one of the top promoters in the world.

     Amateur boxing cam to US in about 1888. The US had held the Golden Gloves Tournament which allow any amateur boxer to compete. One Amateur boxer was John Sultan. He was born in Roxbury, Mass Oct.15, 1858. He attended local public schools and studied for a short time at Boston College. In 1878 he began his career as a boxer winning championship under London Prize Ring Rules which was bare knuckles. Sultan was never defeated in a bare knuckle match. After that he had went on a exhibition tours challenging anyone hundreds of dollars to last even 4 rounds with him. He never lost that bet, not even once. With that it helped popularize boxing in the United States.

     To many people, Muhammad Ali was looked at and said to be the greatest fighter in the world. Ali’s style of fighting was basically whatever he wanted it to be. Ali would just go out and tell the public what he’s going to do in the ring against whatever fighter he’s going against. With his signature line “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,” caught many fans eyes and attention. Even though he was a thingyy fighter he got the job done. It was said that he would talk trash so that he could sike out his opponent mentally. Ali said," My most important job now is to teach people to treat each other people with dignity and respect."(Muhammad Ali Bio) Now after so many fights and blows to the head it caused a disease in the champ which would make him slur in speaking, sleep at any given time, and slow his mental capacity down. "He's still one of the most recognizable men on Earth. And decades after he burst upon the scene as a gold-medal winner at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy, Muhammad Ali remains a magical figure, known and loved throughout the world."(Muhammad Ali Bio)

     Boxing is very much an American sport. It consist of two men or women competing for a special goal. The sport was inherited from European countries. Like other sports boxing was used as a gambling sport. It's been Americanized by using our American flag as a symbols and sometimes use it as fuel of anger against their opponents. What makes it a sport is that there are two people fighting for a purpose. They also train and work out hard, it has a referee, and judges. It has two people who are willing to go as far as they have to win.