Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America















As I sat down the night that you gave us this assignment in my house in Bridgewater, and i asked my father"how did you meet mom." It seemed as thiugh he was traveling back into time, until he was eighteen years old again meeting my mother for the first time. He began to tell a story that describes how my life came about.

"And it all began on a cold September night like tonight"as my father said when he and my future mother Denise Rupp met for the first time. They met at a taxi cab stand because at the time being my dad was a taxi cab driver in Stoughton. My parents talked for a little while, about what is unknown to me. A few days later my mother came back to the stand and asked my father for a ride home. While driving home they talked about my dad being from South of Boston and what he was doing in Stoughton. "When I arrived at her house i asked her for her number," my mother being the nice lady that she is gave it to him.

After that they began to go out and the rest is destiny. This story says that us being an American citizen, we can make the decisions and choices on who we date. Whereas in other countries they have had their marriages planned since the day they were born and in some instances maybe even sooner. It also representes the freedom that we have in our country and always will.

















    Behind my house sits a small pond, that I haven't paid much attention to since i have moved into my house at the beginning of the summer. I neglected the true meaning of this pond. It's more than something that just lies behind my house. To me this pond became my "thinking spot." I began to observe the pond atleast once a day for a period of two weeks. Each day there was something new for me there. A dull day never passed at the pond, something was always happening or i was making new discovories.

    No one visits this pond to enjoy the wonders that it has, the freedom that it endures or sees the changes that it undergoes. The Fall season is so peaceful but yet it is so hectic. The animals are getting ready to try to survive the cold winter season and the leaves begin to fall off of the trees. The day of Thanksgiving I noticed something unusual about the pond. Someone threw a bag of trash out the window into the pond. I thought to myself "how can someone be so disrespectful to nature and throw a Burger King bag into the pond?"

     Many may say that the pond in my backyard is just a pond, but it stands for something much greater than that. The pond stands for freedom. It displays freedom because no animal or insect is being forced to be there. They are there on their free will. They have the decision on what to eat, where to go and where to sleep. Ironically enough just as we do in America. With all of this freedom they also have some restraints as we do. Everybody may be free at the pond but Im sure that they do not live care free. They have worries and concerns just like us Americans. Animals and insects wondering if the pond one day will be destroyed, just like we worry if one day the United States one day will be destroyed.

     After visiting this pond for two weeks it has grown on me and I believe that i will be coming here on a regular ocassion, to sit and think. This pond will bring new adventures to me and bring new meaning to me when the season of winter comes.












     During Emily Dickinson’s lifetime she wrote 1,775 poems, out of all of her poems only seven were published. Dickinson’s possessed a clear sense of purpose and devoted most of her time writing poetry. In the final stages of her life she dressed only in white and was reluctant to let anyone see her. When she died in 1886, her sister discovered poems in Dickinson’s drawers. Four years later her first book was published. Poems such as “ I heard a fly buzz when I died, Because I could not stop for death, My
life closed twice before its close, and The soul selects her own society,” were all published in her books. In the poem “ The Soul Selects her own society” Dickinson captures the running theme of death.

     One way she shows death as a running theme is by using metaphors. “then shuts the door-/ to her present no more” meaning that they will shut the door on the coffin
and close her to the world, her body will no longer present to the world. “ she notes the chariots- pausing/ at her low gate.” When she begins  her accent into heaven being
picked up by the chariots and delivered at heavens gates Seeing what others have never seen before and solving the mystery of what heavens gate really looks like.

     Another theme she displays is her belief in her religion. Dickinson believing that when you die you are placed infront of a King or some sort of God. Where then the decision is made on where you will go. “Unmoved- an Emperor be kneeling/ Upon her mat-.” Kneeling on the mat presented as if your whole life is being judged at that very

         I’ve known her-from ample nation
                 Choose one
        Then- close the valves of her attention-
                 Like stone

Now the poem is as if the Emperor is speaking saying that he has known Dickinson and has seen what she has done in her life the good and also the bad that she has done. She
will now be judged for that. All throughout her life making decisions and once those decisons were made there was no going back on them. Dickinson like many of us made
her mistakes but she also did her good deeds as well.

     Dickinson did not have a chance to see how her writing effected her readers. She was a very personal person and if it was not for her sister we would not of known of many of the poems that she had written. Many people may argue that she may be one of the best American poets.