Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















The old story that is from my family is from when my grandparents met. I went to my grandparents and told them I had to do a story from my family, and then I asked them to tell me the story of how they met. They told me the story of how they met in high school.

They met when they were in high school and they became good friends and they dated all through high school. When they got out of high school, they continued to date and they eventually got married when my grandfather got out of the air force. They are still married today.

I think this is a very good story and it shows people staying together for so long. They met in high school and they are still married today. I think this is a very good story












Some people think that backyards are just places where kids play and there are trees and grass. Other people go to thier backyard as a place to relax and observe nature and thier surroundings. For almost 2 weeks, this is what I did. I went to my backyard and looked at it like I never have before I noticed some things that I didn't know before and I saw other things that I was used to seeing. I listened to the cars passing by beyond the fence and the trees and I saw the leaves fall from the trees as autumn ends and winter approaches. Thoreau wrote, "The morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterupted;but few are the ears that hear it". Some people see backyards as just backyards, but others see them as far more special places.

    My backyard can be seen as an American place because it is not just grass, dirt, and trees but places where I played outside when I was younger and just like most other backyards it has other memories. People can relate backyards to American places because they spend time there with thier families and because it is part of where they live and they make it look as good as possible. My backyard could be named "An Unappreciated Backyard".

    People generally do not interact with this place, but mostly it is empty and alone except except for the occasional time that someone goes there. People only see it as a backyard and they don't go there to appreciate it because they feel it isn't that important. Some people see it as a place to observe nature and your surroundings around you.

    My backyard can be seen as an American place because of the memories it has, just like all other backyards. They can be a special place to a family. My family are just about the only people that go to my backyard, not many other people go interact with it. When I was there for the 2 weeks watching what happened and what changed from day to day, I did not notice many things other than things such as the leaves falling from the trees and some of the plants beginning to die and other small things like that.












     Emily Dickinson started a revolution in poetry by writing short poems. She also started using the dash, which meant a continuation or pause and the slant rhyme. “My life
closed twice before its close” is about things that happen during a persons life before they actually die. Two things happened in her life that made her feel like it was closing before it did. This poem, like some of Dickinson’s other poems, has a theme of death in it. She wonders if a third thing will happen in her life. To her, heaven and hell are both
mysteries. This poem makes you think about things that happen in your life that are bad.

       Dickinson uses the theme of heaven and hell are mysteries to express this. One way that she does this is through the lines: “so huge, so hopeless to conceive. As these that twice befell/Parting is all we know of heaven and all we know of hell”. Here could be an example of one of the things that made her life close. Maybe she lost someone close to her and was forced to part with that person as they were going to heaven.

     Dickinson uses everyday events that people can relate to to get her message across. Everybody has lost someone close to them, and the line, “parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell” is a way to express that thought of losing someone close to you. She uses events that people have been forced to deal wit as ways of writing the poem.

     Life is a mystery and this poem uses several things to express that. People must deal with the bad things that happen in their life . Dickinson doesn’t know what will happen next in her life, she says that two things have happened in her life and she is wondering if and when the third thing will happen to her or not, and what will it be. To this poem, Heaven and Hell are both mysteries.

     This poem uses things that people can relate to and its gets its message across that way. Dickinson writes the ways that people can relate to and she uses everyday events that happen to people to express the meaning of this poem, but she does it in revolutionary ways.























  The sport of baseball has been around for a long time. Baseball is a great team
sport because it takes all the players to win. Not just one person can win a game for a
team in baseball.One person may have a good game but it still takes everybody playing in
that game to help the team win. This sport has been Americanized and they have teams
for all the major cities and some cities have two teams. In some cities, baseball is a very
popular sport and in other places the people don’t seem to care about as much as other
sports. It is most popular in places where the teams are doing good and the places that the
teams do horrible the fans usually don’t give much support to the team.
    Sport is when an individual or a team that is in competition for something. In
baseball all the teams compete all season to win their divisions and to compete for a
chance to play in the world series. They play hard all season and  try their best to get to
the world series. People devote  their lives to this sport and hope to realize their dream
and play baseball for a major league team. Some players devote their whole lives to this
sport and are remembered as a part of history in baseball. One of these people is Cal
Ripken Jr. “I think that's how I'd like to be remembered," Ripken said, "As willing to take
on the challenge day-by-day, no matter how hard it is and then showing up again
tomorrow. "As far as I was concerned, I tried to do it the right way. I hope the fans
remember that."
    Baseball was first based on the English game of “rounders”.It began to become
popular in the early 19th century, and many people reported the growing popularity of a
game called "townball", "base", or "baseball". Then in the early part of the 19th century,
small towns formed teams, and baseball clubs were formed in larger cities. In 1845,
Alexander Cartwright wanted to formalize a list of rules by which teams could play by. In
the United States 25 teams from the northeast sent delegates and a year later they formed
the National Association of Baseball Players. Baseball was eventually adapted by having
different leagues and different divisions in those leagues for the cities in which the teams
play. This sport is played in almost every city. It is played in every major city with certain
places like Chicago and New York having two teams.
    The popularity of baseball says that there are a lot of fans in certain baseball cities.
Many people are fans of baseball. Baseball is commonly called “the great American
pastime”.To most fans there’s something about this sport that is different from all other
sports. “There’s something special about baseball and it’s storied history that can stir you
like no other sport”, says Rob Parker, a critic for Newsday magazine. It is one of the
all-time great sports and baseball has a great legacy in places like Boston, New York,
Chicago and other major cities. People spend their lives writing about this sport and they
dedicate their careers to writing what they think in newspapers and magazines. They love
the sport so much that they write about it and tell others about it. Other people have the
dream as a kid to grow up and play for their favorite baseball team. An amateur baseball
player says,“As a kid, I always said I wanted to be a professional baseball player”.
    Sport means competition among teams or individual people. Baseball was mostly
Americanized and played in America in most of the major cities in the U.S..Baseball is
one of the most popular sports ever and it is even more popular in the major cities where
the teams are successful.