Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America
















On one snowy tuesday, during a very cold winter day, I had no school. My entire family stayed in this day. My parents didn't want to risk goin into workand getting stuck there. My brother and sister were home from school also. My mother has always been big on story telling, and she felt very dedicated to tell the family the story of how her and my father came to be. She went on with her story.

When my mother ws about twenty years old, she was engaged to my father's best friend. My father's best friend, and my mother's fiance was named Wally Cummings. Wally drove a truck, and got into a fatal accident, and was killed. My father and mother necer liked each other before, and seeing each other at the wake was not a very easy thing for either of them.

They talked, and my father said he would call her. Eventually, my father called my mother, and they became more friendly. Later on, a while after, my father invited my mother to a co-ed baby shower, and she went with him, knowing he had only invited her out of pitty. My mother said it was almost like love at first dance. They had a great time, and the next day my mother, father, and a bunch of friends went sailing. They had another great time. When my mother was about twenty four, they got married, and eventually had three children. My mother loves to tell this story, and it teaches me basically one thing; Be ready for anything, because you never know what will happen. Unfortunetly, my mother tells this story much too often, and I think it has become repetative.

The story is great, but heard too many times had made me sick of it. I believe that a good story is usually told once, and everyone keeps the meaning withing themselves. There is no point to spoil it by telling it all the time.










Beyond the lovely site of houses in the neighborhood, hidden from the human eyes, lies a place, where there is peace.  This area is ever changing, and almost like a world of its own.  The area consists of a flowing pipe shooting out of a stone wall.  The pipe runs under a hill, into the neighborhood, so all the water, when it rains, won't flood the area.  Emmerson said, "Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."  This spot changed in color all the time, does this mean the spirit of nature is sad?
     The color of the area changes all the time.  The mood of the day, or the weather, or one would think.  It could be the spirit of the nature.  The everchanging area is in constant motion with God.  Trash will develope, and flowq on down into the swamp.  Leaves will fall, and water will be frozen over eventually, but it is in a battle with winter and God.  This area is horribly losing to both of these.
      The area represents a lot of America.  There are a lot of ways in which it is like America.  The first reason would be because the area is un-noticed, and not important to the everyday life of people.  This area is not noticed by the people, just like most smaller things aren't noticed by the nation as a whole.  The nation doesn't realize all the little things that are occuring within itself.  The second reason that this area is Americanized is because it everything seems to become dull in the winter.  People usually slow down during the winter, just as America usually does.  The people slowly become quiet, and come and go un-noticed.  The people just continue on with their lives, almost as if they didn't have a conscience.  This area is like that, it is just another stage in its life.  The area slows down and becomes dull, and dark, and always goes on without being noticed.  This is a sign that the area is not really awake, but in a deep slumber, which happens to most people in winter; sleep in winter.
     This area is everchanging and represents the American ways of life.  The absolute peace in this area shows how America is at peace with its smaller, less noticed problems, only because the fail to see them.  People walk by little problems not even noticing, which has become only too common in this day.












    You hear it on the street, or even in your homes.  There is no way of escaping it, it's everywhere.  Some think it's funny, and some think it is annoying, but everyone knows that it's hard to understand.  It is common to us, but the Boston accent is a laugh everywhere.
     A friend, Kevin, said in a thick Boston accent, "You've got spaakles in your hair," to a good friend Christina, while they were at breakfast with their friend Joe.  Christina looked back with an odd look on her face, and said, "what in the world is a spaakle?"  Then, an odd look came over kevin, the only thing in his mind was; is this girl retarded, or retaaded?  Joe shook his head and said, "Bostonians."
     Bostonians usually never realize their accents until they are around someone from another area.  If you meet a person and they aren't from around Boston, they know right away, that you are.  Teasing a Bostonian, and asking him or her to say, "park" or, "car," is not as funny as it seems.  IT is only funny to others.  People go crazy, and laugh hysterically when Bostonians say, "I parked the car in Harvard Yard."











Emily Dickinson writes some great poems in her day.  She has a very unique way of
writing, and it makes it very easy to remember, or identify as her work when seen.  Emily
Dickinson has written many poems, that are usually un-named, so therefore, the first line, is
pulled from the poem to name it.  One of these great poems is called “The Brain- is wider than
the Sky-.”  Almost everyone  of Emily Dickinson’s poems are easy to remember, but there are a
few reasons that this one is very easy to remember.  Some of the reasons people can remember a
poem written by Emily Dickinson is because; they use the quatrain, the dash, and they describe
the main topic in multiple ways.  Emily Dickinson creates a great method, to make the reader
remember the poem.

     The first way this is done, is through the quatrain.
           The Brain- is wider than the Sky-
           For- put them side by side-
           The one the other will contain
           with ease- and You- beside-

Note the short stanza, with eight syllables in lines one and three, and six syllables in lines two
and four.  The reader can look at this, and remember a number of things because of its use of the
quatrain.  The stanza is short in length, so there aren’t many words to remember.  It uses a pattern
of syllables, so therefore it is not easy to mix up lines.  This poem should not be very hard for the
reader to remember.

     The second way this poem is easy to remember is because it uses the dash.  The dash is
something only used by Emily Dickinson.  “For- hold them- Blue to Blue-, “ is just one example
of the dash “in action.”  It makes the reader stop.  How? By drawing them away from the next
word, and keeping the previous one in their train of thought for just a second longer, to think.
The dash leaves a great image in your head of Emily Dickinson, because it is unique, and is
extremely well used in a thoughtful poem.

     The final reason that the poem is easy to remember, is how it explains the main top; The
Brain, in more than one perspective.

           The Brain- is wider than the Sky-
           The Brain is deeper than the Sea-
           The Brain is just the weight of God.

If you notice, each stanza starts with, “The Brain is,” whether there is a dash in between or not, it
is describing to the reader different aspects of the main topic.  The poem describes the different
aspects of the brain, in three different ways.  Describing the brain in multiple ways, always
makes the reader know, that the topic is very important.  Emily Dickinson shows that the brain is
very important and powerful.

     Emily Dickinson shows great qualities of a great poet, and so do her poems.  The
quatrain, the dash, and the multiple aspects of the main topic, are great ways to leave the reader
with an image of Emily Dickinson in their heads.  The poems use a great technique to make the
reader remember the poem.  Once you read this poem, your brain will never forget it, because it
has much too great form to be forgotten.  It is in my mind, that Emily uses this technique for the
simple reason, that she wanted to be remembered.





















   Kick Boxing is a sport that in the recent years, has grown to be very popular.  Before,
when Kick Boxing was all about competition, it was not as popular.  Now, men and women can
strap on those gloves, have some fun, and get into shape doing it.  When speaking of a sport, we
must define what a sport actually is, and then go on even further and tell how your sport of
choice fits this criteria.  Many other people have opinions about this sport, so therefore, we must
venture on and see how they feel.
     When speaking of a sport, the definition is very foggy.  A sport has many criteria.  Some
of the least important things in defining a sport, is how they work your body.  Most sports put a
physical strain on your body, but not all.  A sport also must be competitive.  Every sport is
competitive, from rugby to water polo.  Kick Boxing fits into this criteria very well.  This sport
can get you into extremely good shape, and also be one of the most competitive sports in this
     A professional is one source that can be considered in trying to find out the true aspects of
the sport.  Joseph Signorile is a professional kick boxer, and has a few things to say about the
sport.  Joseph says, “Boxing and Kick Boxing are excellent tools for promoting cardiovascular
and muscular-skeletal fitness–as well as speed, agility, and coordination–but instructors must
learn the proper use of this exercise.  To coin a phrase, a power saw is a great way to cut a board,
but it can also take off your finger.”  Joseph also believes that exercise in general is disruptive to
skeletal muscle and, therefore, must be limited in intensity.  (Signorile 43) Notice how Joseph is
not as interested on giving his opinion on how he likes the sport, as he is concerned with the
amateur Kick Boxers.
     A second opinion about the sport is held by the journalist, because they have watched the
sport enough to realize the rules, and competitive edge that the sport has.  Sheila Globus is a
journalist for the Current Health 2.  Sheila say, “Kick Boxing can make you more fit, more
focused, and more flexible.  It’s also the hottest new trend in fitness since bicycle shorts.”
(Globus 30)  Sheila is more interested in the popularity aspect of the sport, and who can blame
her when this is her job?  It is a known fact that whether you’re a beginner or seasoned fitness
freak, Kick Boxing whips your into shape fast.
     The final source will be taking from the amateur.  The recreational Kick Boxer is
someone that everyone wants to hear from, because they are like all the people reading their
opinions.  A few amateur Kick Boxing girls sat in on a class, and their results and opinions were
as stands.  “I don’t understand how one fat cell can survive in that class,” says first-timer Jennifer
Patterson, 26.  “I felt like I was going to pass out.” In Boston, 18-year-old Beck Wittenberg is
equally effusive.  “It’s addictive because you see results,” she says. (Health Aspects - Bensko)
The basic interest of the amateur is the results that you see in your body.  Many men and women
are trying to trim down the waist line, and what better way to do it than Kick Boxing?
     This could be considered an American sport simply because of its numbers.  It has a great
American population of participants.  American people love this sport, and have fun doing it.
This is being adopted into the American culture, just like many other sports, and many other
features of this culture.  This sport is part of the American culture and will most likely stay
within it forever.