Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















This is the story of how my father and his family came to America in search for a better life. He and his family decided to make a change and go somewhere else. They finally ended up in the United States. One day my father and his family decided that they wanted to live a better life because their parents wanted the best for their children and for themselves.

Life in Jamaica was so hard and they did not want to struggle for the rest of their lives. So eventually they thought about going to the states. They bought plane tickets and boarded a flight from Jamaica to the United States. Then they purchased a house in Mattapan, Ma. Since that time they have all been doing much better than where they were before.

This is the oldest story that my father had told me, which is an outline of his life and how he changed it. My father’s parents also came here because they wanted their children to receive good educations. When they arrived in the U.S. they were happy and searched for educations and jobs. I like this story a lot because it teaches me what I could have gone through, but I did not have to because my family chose to get away from that lifestyle.

When my father first told me this story I was surprised because I did not know how they really decided to get here. This is also a good story because it shows what people go through to have better lives if they don’t have such good ones. Since this time everyone goes back to Jamaica and visits once a year with their families.













Open spaces usually don’t receive much attention.  In Randolph where I live my backyard is neglected a lot. There are trees and bushes surrounding this special place. I spent about two weeks at this place watching and listening. Thoreau once said, “time is a river I go a fishin.” For two the two weeks that I watched and listened, then I eventually caught many beautiful changes that I had never seen before. When you don’t pay attention to a certain place you never know what could happen there.
     Not many humans interact with this space because there is not any reason for people to go back there. I think this space is an American one because there are many animals and creatures roaming around and it is really green. The animals are running free to their homes and trees are blowing in the wind freely. All of the birds are chirping making beautiful sounds in the day.
     There is many trees surrounding this place for privacy. A couple of changes that took place were the leaves falling from the lonely trees and the beautiful grass is growing fast. I also noticed that the trees are starting to grow their color changing leaves back. During the night this place has many different animals such as raccoons and skunks looking for food in this special place. When you listen it is really peaceful and quiet and you can hear the crickets making noise. At night no one ever goes and visits this place because it is not a place that attracts much attention.
     Special places deserve as much attention as other places even if it isn’t that interesting. Sometimes these places may open up new ways of life and change your life.











   One day two kids named John and Bill fought each other. They fought over something really dumb.
        In Chemistry class one day John said to Bill "Shut up your stupid" and Bill got up and said "what!" then they moved the desks aside. The teacher yelled at the two and yelled "Sit Down" in a loud voice.
        When the Chemistry teacher Miss Jackson finally got help and she was relieved. The teacher she had called was Mr. Jose and he yelled "Hey, knock it off" to the two kids , but the kept wrestling. When Mr. Jose finally broke it up he said "both of you are going to report to detention and be suspended". After the end of the day all of Bill's friends wee laughing at him when they saw him because he was yelling at the principal. The two kids learned their lesson and then the whole thing was over.













     Most people who read poetry never realize how important it is until the person who wrote the poem is not here anymore. Walt Whitman is a really good poet who wrote the poem “O captain, My Captain” and he was a great American and poet. I like the poem “O Captain, My Captain because of what he talks about and its significance to the beloved captain. He also talks about his love for this country. Older poets can usually tell good poems. I think this poem means that no matter what happens when you are away you should never leave someone behind. Whitman emphasizes this love for the captain by trying to wake him up and hoping he is not dead.

     Whitman is a good poet because his poems mean a lot, but they are usually not that long. Whitman and thingyinson were two of the best poets in their time. Even though Walt Whitman was older they still seemed to write good poems. One way Whitman brings meaning to his poems is through alliteration. For example the “D” sound in the first stanza. An example of that would be “ Where on the deck, my captain lies, fallen cold and dead.” The poem “O Captain, My Captain” Walt Whitman finding a body on the deck of the boat which appears to be dead. He then finds out that it is the captain of the boat.

     This poem also has a lot of different styles to it, which contain a rhyme scheme. The first two lines of every stanza rhyme with each other and the poem also has a shape to it. A piece of the front of the boat is resembled in every stanza also. There is also the shape of a gun as well as the front of the boat. I feel that Whitman did this because he wanted the audience to get more into the poem and express it with visuals.

     Walt Whitman’s poems should also use more specific examples of what is going on in the poem that would catch the reader’s attention. He should do that because then he could get younger audiences to listen to the poem. The “D” sound is also repeated throughout the poem to emphasize the change in the pitch of his voice so that you could tell the tone of voice he was using as he wrote the poem.

     Walt Whitman also describes America, as an easy place to adjust to which I thought was an important point. Whitman also said that America is full of many opportunities and that the gates are open to everyone. A significant example of the poem “ O Captain, My Captain” is they way he uses the word O in every stanza. I think that he does that because it expresses more clearly the object he is trying to describe. He also uses lots of exclamation points throughout the poem to express that the pitch in his voice changes when he is expressing his love for the captain. Walt Whitman’s poem is a still a popular poem to many people today because of how it is written.





























Sport is an activity that has competition involved with it and usually has teams. People then compete for a prize of some sort or just for victory. Cricket originated in 1653 and fits the description of a sport because people compete for a victory and it is organized. People also have scheduled games of when they play different teams. Cricket is England's national summer sport, now played throughout the world, particularly in Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, and the British Isles. Cricket is played by two teams of eleven on a level, closely cut oval pitch measuring about 525 feet by about 550 feet. Two wickets are placed sixty-six feet apart near the middle of the field. A wicket consists of two wooden crosspieces resting on three wooden stumps twenty-eight inches.
     Cricket is so inspiring that poets of all ages have scribed paeans to its glory. An example of one of the poems was for a match between an one-legged person and a one armed person. It shows that cricket is like a war and the poem read:

                Though bloody deeds by fortress wall
                   Are parodied when bat and ball
               Defend and storm the stubborn wicket.
               Thus thought I, when with vision dim,
                 With feeble step and loss of limb,
       Old warriors in the strife contended. (Clementine pg.1)

      In this poem we see the poet describing his point of view on cricket and how most people will do anything for a victory. He is also telling how the soft contact in cricket can make a difference.
      People bringing it from different countries into America and making it a regular sport has Americanized it. Americans adopted this sport slowly and it became a good thing for America. The popularity of sport says that America is a laid back country and not everything is so serious. America is not really that fond of cricket because nowadays everyone looks to play contact sports and sports with lots of competition. Cricket does not really follow such a description as well as other sports like hockey and football. There is very little serious contact in cricket. I doubt, though, that if we played more cricket in this country, we would be less violent.
My father and other family members played this sport while in Jamaica and enjoyed it. He says, “it is a very relaxing sport which can be played by all ages.” My father loved to play cricket back in Jamaica. They feel that they have not Americanized cricket because they stopped playing when they left Jamaica and have not played since. They didn’t know that people played cricket over here when they came and were not prepared to play when they got here. When he thinks about it he says that “I wish I could go back to Jamaica and play it again.” He is not really sad about not playing cricket anymore but he does miss it. I feel left out, when I don’t here about his days playing cricket and wish I could here some stories.
Professionals that play cricket say that it is a relaxed sport and does not involve any physical contact. Most professionals like that idea of no contact because then they can play until an older age and not have a physical problem. Robert Croft, one of the professionals who plays cricket, says “Every player who isn't picked for an England squad is disappointed, and I'm no different, but I understand the lads who did well in India deserve another crack in New Zealand.” A fan named Jim Webster that watches cricket says “it is a sport of many words and cannot be described because it is such a down to earth sport. It is a down to earth sport in some countries because everyone plays it and where it is usually played.
Cricket was Americanized in few ways and is a good sport which few people love. In different countries it is one of the most popular sports and people go to watch it being played all the time. Most Americans do not like the sport of cricket because the competition involved is not that much of a challenge. The basic point they are trying to make is that it is a boring sport that no one is really interested in. I feel that it is an interesting sport which people should get involved in and teach to their children. Cricket can also become popularized if people come from different countries to get people involved all over the world. If I had the chance I would get into it myself because my family once played it and said that it was a fun activity to do when you are any age.