Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















About twenty six years ago my mother and father, Jackie and Fred Rausa met for the first time. On an early Monday Morning during the summer, my father was mowing his lawn on Wellsmere Road in Roslindale. It was a coincidence that my mother was visiting her Aunt Kathy's house which was right across the street at the time. Everytime my mother would go over and visit her Aunt, which was very often, she would see my father doing some kind of yardwork in his yard and she wanted to go over to talk to him, but she was afraid that he would just walk away.

Finally my mother had the guts to finally walk over to him and say something. But before she did that, she seen him walking over to her. She got all excited. My father came over and asked for her name. She told him "Jackie". Both of them exchanged phone numbers. They started calling each other every day and eventually started to go out. The first place my father ever took my mother was to a bowling alley. She ended up beating him by only a couple of points. My father noticed that she liked sports and asked her if she would go to his football games and watch.

She gladly accepted and she went down to West Roxbury High every Saturday to watch his games. It is to bad that his team only won one game during the season. They went out for six more years, and right on the date that they first met, Fred proposed to Jackie at Burger King in Roslindale over a cheeseburger they had for dinner. Of course Jackie accepted and a year later, they got married in a beautiful church in Norwood. They have been together since that day and i don't think they will ever separate.













Nature is a setting that fits equally well a comic or a mourning piece." Those are the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Frontyards such as mine are a forgettable place in people's minds. A frontyard can be whatever you can make it. As Emerson said, it can be a "comic or a mourning piece." You can represent those example's by decorating it. Such as decorating for Christmas or Halloween. Or decorating it with an American flag to show your patriotism. But most people forget about their frontyard. People think of backyards as something special with trees, flowers, and other forms of nature. But what about the frontyard? What is wrong with it?
As Emerson said, the "Setting should be equal", as should the frontyard and the backyard.

     On the way out of my house going to my car, I pass a place of wonder, a place of mystery, and color. It is a place where the average human being wouldn't care for or cherish. This is a place where someone steps on everyday, litter's on it and other disrespectful things. This place isn't appreciated. Frontyards should be appreciated for a number of reasons. It represents your own house and the way it looks. It is a place where memories can be cherished. It could be the place where you took your first baby steps, the first time you threw a snowball, or the first time you built your first tree fort. A frontyard to a house is like a gate into heaven. The gate into
heaven must be cherished and respected, as with the frontyard and the house.

     People look at a frontyard and think to themselves, "what is so important about it?" A lot
of people take for granted that not all people are fortunate to even have a frontyard or even their own house. Frontyards can also be a place for animals. There is more interaction with
animals in the yard, then there is with humans. For example, "Abby" the next door neighbor's dog, leaves her "property" around the yard, or the squirrel's that eat the acorn's that fall onto the grass. A lot of memories come back to me as I look over the years. The spot behind the bush that
I used to hide under when playing games with friends, seems so small now. The branch on the tree that sits in the corner of the yard, seems so much lower. Time's have changed, but the memories stick with you forever.

            Even though that bush is so small, and that branch seems so much lower, doesn't take away that it is a very important thing to me and it will always stay in my heart.
The setting of my frontyard, or any frontyard represents the beauty of nature and what it stands for. Before I moved to the house almost nine years ago, the frontyard was never there. It was a pile of gravel spread across the front of the house. But now over the years, my family and I have worked to make it what it is today, a beautiful setting in nature. As I said in the beginning, every time I come out of my house, no matter where I go, I will always take that little glance into
the frontyard. That split second glance will stay in my head forever and I will always know how it stands out now like it never used to, and how it is now just like a gate into heaven. I will do that until the day I diminish from my house.













    Friday Night's are times when teenager's get in trouble or come close to getting in trouble. Well this Friday was a night when Sean and Jeff almost got into trouble. Usually both of these boy's had something to do like go and hang out, go to the movies, or go to a party. But this Friday there was really nothing to do. The two boys sat down and talked about what they could do and Sean came up with a weird idea. "let's go and trash Ken's house" Sean said.

 "Fine let's go, i really hate that kid" said Jeff.
  So the two boys went to the store and bought some eggs and some shaving cream. Then they walked across town to arrive at Ken's house. While Jeff was splattering eggs all over Ken's house, Sean whipped out the shaving cream and demolished his car. "Let's Go!" "Someone just yelled something in the back yard!" said Sean. The two boys bolted down the street until they came upon a restaraunt. They stopped in their for a bite to eat, and then went home for the night.

  On Monday when they went to lunch Sean and Jeff waited as Ken sat down at their table. "Anything weird happen over the weekend Ken?" "Not really" said Ken. My parents told me on Friday night they heard people yelling across the street from my house. The next morning, I saw them on ladders cleaning their house and one of their kids cleaning the car." Sean and Jeff looked at each other in uncertainty and said at the same time,"Oh man, wrong house!"











Walt Whitman has written a number of great poems. One of them is "I Hear America Singing". This poem has a variety of great aspects to it. It describes a number od different jobs or occupations of individual Americans. The poem picks out certain people doing their jobs and goes into great depth on what they say and how they do their jobs. Whitman does a great job of catching the reader's eye and makes the reader want to read it over and over again.

       This great poem is short but it is filled with great things about America and it's people. "The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat, the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck." This quote is short but it seems to go into the boatman's mind and into the deckhand's mind and depict what they are going to say. The boat to a boatman is like a son to a father. This poem describe's the occupation's perfectly." The mechanic singing as he should be blithe and strong." To be a mechanic, you have to have some physical strength to participate in that occupation.

       One thing this poem does not do is "rhyme". Instead it repeats sentences but uses different jobs. None of the eighteen lines in the poem rhyme at all. There are very little beats to the poem at all. The poem seems to drift off into  other parts and never seems to come back to the original point. It jumps from one job to the other, and it is very vague. The poem never really concentrates on one particular job. Since the poem is not very long , most reader's would probably expect some kind of a rhyme somewhere in the poem because in most cases in a short poem like this one, there is at least some rhyme.

         Walt Whitman must like to write about people singing because every person he talks about seems to be singing and having a good time. I don't think he realizes that some people don't like their jobs and people would not be singing while they work.. He seems to concentrate more on the good sides of occupations rather then the bad side of them and what people really think of their jobs.

         This is a great poem that Walt Whitman came up with and it is a great American poem that every American would appreciate and respect. It is a great lesson for kids to  read because all of the jobs that whitman mentioned in the poem are quality jobs and alot of kids would be interested in them. In most reader's opinions, this poem would get a great recommendation for all people no matter what age they are.
















   A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and having a set form and body of rules. A game. Water Polo is a sport that alot of people don't know about and there is little documentation as to the origins of it. None of us knew that the Indian word "pulu" meant ball. Just as the ball game played on horseback became known as "polo", although there is no connection between the two sports.
         There are different levels of Water Polo and one of them is the amateur level. My cousin's friend Rick Shollen said, "I wasn't really good at any regular sports, so i wanted to try something different." He is right, Water Polo is a very different sport then the other normal sports such as Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.
          Water Polo evolved into modern Water Polo as a form of Rugby football played in rivers and lakes with the object to "carry" the ball to the opponents side. The first official game of Water Polo was played in the crystal palace plunge in London. A goal was scored by placing the ball with two hands on the top of the tank end.
           The United States became the second country to play Water Polo. When John Robinson, an English swimming instructor organized a team at the Boston Athletic Association Rules were different for just about all countries until 1911. A decsive advance was made in the game when the (FINA) made the English Scottish rules obligatory for all member nations.