Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America































On September 24, 2001 I was talking to my father in the kitchen for quite some time. I brought up the question of where did our family came from? He said that he only knew about his family so at that point he told me. I was just to get told about how my family came about it was weird not knowing until I was sixteen so I was very interested in what he was just about to tell me. He said, my grandparents came to America from Germany.

When they were leaving Germany they had to get represented from someone over in America that was my uncle and aunt that I never saw or knew of, because they died before I was born. Once they represented they were allowed to come to America. On the way over they had two sons already my Uncle Detier and my Uncle Ralph, which are still alive today, and I see both of them around the holidays. My father said that his mother was pregnant with him on the boat ride over and he was born in 1954 so this is when they must of come to America.

As soon as they got to America they had to learn English it was tough but they got through it. Awhile after my Grandfather started a construction company called Koenig Construction. That lasted many years then failed in the early 90’s but all good things come to an end sometime. While it was in business my uncles and my father worked for the company. A short while after my Grand mother died I know this because I was old enough to remember it. My Grandfather is still alive today at the age of 76 living in West Roxbury in a two family house with my Uncle Detier.

When I heard this I was amazed at all the accomplishments that my grandparents had done through their lives. They had to cross a vast ocean, learn English, find jobs, and also take care of three kids. With all that they had to go through they did a superb job for that I look up to them for all their knowledge and their hard work that had to be done to start a family in a country that they knew nothing about.











   Thoreau said “I am a monarch of all I survey my there is none dispute.” In the few that I surveyed my tree across the street was just doing it’s normal fall routine, but until I showed up there every day it seemed to me that nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. Of course leaves fell and I saw that I don’t know if any other person did, since it was not a very pretty tree. I got to enjoy this tree over the two weeks see the leaves fall and eventually die, in the hope that the tree would come back in the spring, but if I was the tree I would not want to come back in the spring since no one ever even walked by it nor did any child play in the leaves.
     The tree I surveyed was a crab apple tree, which was there since birth from the information that I got from my mother. For it never changed since I never looked at it until I was old enough to then I wouldn’t play in the leaves since I had my own to play in. Now that I am to old to do both, the only time that I ever look at the tree is when I am walking home or playing catch with one of my brothers. It is disappointing since in the fall it is putting on an art show, in the winter it looks nice with the snow covered branches, in the spring with all the green pollen and tiny apples and in the summer with the nice green leaves and crab apples. I wished I had a little more time like I did when I surveyed.
     When I surveyed it was the fall, the leaves covered the street and the two mailboxes next to it. Many animals used the leaves for nesting since I saw squirrels scurrying back and forth the leaves and the apples for food. My neighbors usually take walks but I don’t one person walked by when I was there, if I recall I didn’t see many cars either. I don’t know if was because of the tree or it was just a coincidence but it was weird that I saw nothing but animals, and no people.
     Americans all over enjoy a beautiful tree but to me I don’t think the enjoyed this tree. But everything in America is American from the tiniest organism to the tallest and smartest creatures, which even include a tree. So even if was neglected it is still American, it’s was probably and still home to many creatures. I believe that with out trees we would not be here we depend on them for fresh oxygen and they depend on us for carbon dioxide. Trees are homes and sources for paper, oxygen, fire and a place just to have fun in.      











During the school year fun comes at a rarity in the classroom but Friday students's make their own fun wherever you go. At Catholic Memorial students do nothing, they do as little as possible to get by for the day. They even hardly listen to the teacher. They do this since it is the end of the week and normally there is not any test or quizzes on Friday
     On this one Friday these two kids went to school like normal, not caring one single bit. They started out like normal in homeroom Jeff half a sleep and Jim trying to catch up with last night's homework. Since Jim and Jeff haven't had a day off since there school is to cheap they made one excuse of a Friday to be one. As it was Friday they needed to talk about the weekend plans, like always Jim needed to know what the plans were so he started out and talked to all his buddies. Jim didn't even talking to Jeff since He doesn't wake up to third period any way.
     So Jim went to Jeff and said, "what you want to do tonight" Jeff replied "don't know yet maybe see a movie, you" Jim said " that's cool"
But through out the day they did nothing to get ready for tonight but as they were heading into English after math for last period they said the usual " Yeah Right" in unison. The teacher replied, "thanks for joining us" since the bell rang already and he started out with vocabulary. He said turn two page 121 and as Jim and Jeff said, "Who Cares" as usual to every at C.M. As they finished Vocabulary the 2:20 bell rang and they were out in a flash before the teacher could say, "time is up" and Jim and Jeff started there weekend with a little "Who Cares it's the weekend" and a "Yeah Right" to school.  












    In Walt Whitman’s “O’ Captain My Captain” he expresses his love for President Lincoln’s morals and his judgments as one of the greatest president of our time. Another great president as of now would be president Bush. With his fast reactions to the September 11th attacks on our country and with his determination of his first ideas to go after what he sought which was to end terrorism in our country. Throughout the poem Walt uses his poetical expertise to make references to Lincoln and the way Lincoln made great decisions as president, just as president Bush today and for both of their patriotism and love of this country.  

     President Lincoln and Bush both sought prizes one being to abolish slavery and the other to abolish terrorism. “The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won.” This line from Whitman’s poem “O’ Captain My Captain” is meant for Lincoln but can be used for President Bush as well since he too is looking to finish what was started on September 11th for good and never let it happen again as Lincoln with slavery.  The first half of this line represents all the efforts that they put in to stop the evil in the world, “The ship has weather’d every rack,” means that all that can be done is being done to accomplish these prizes of a safe non – harmful society.

     The line “Rise up- for you the flag is flung- for you the bugle trills.” Most represents the people’s reaction to all the soldiers over in Afghanistan. The words “Rise up” are almost a silent cry to the soldiers from Americans telling them to keep going and win the prize of freedom. “For you the flag is flung” represents all of the patriotism Americans have had and which is coming out even more now. “For you the bugle trills” is what’s going to happen as the soldiers return home as Americans all over show their immense happiness that terrorism is almost over and that all of the soldiers efforts will be remembered always.

   “From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won.” Maybe a month from now maybe a year from now the war on terrorism might be over and the fearful trip will be done and all of the soldiers will come home safe and that all of the families will reunite. When this happens we will all feel like Lincoln when he abolished slavery and won the prize for the United States of America. President Bush will need to be congratulated and all of the soldiers as well for their job well done. Patriotism as soared in the past seven months even though people are treating other people with more respect now than ever it was still the most frightening day in Americans lives and soon terrorism will be abolished just as slavery did when Lincoln persevered and won American freedom.

    Human rights have always been tossed around once and awhile, once with slavery and the most recent terrorism as showed on September 11th.  Although Americans have the will to fight back they even have a stronger will when we all work together. Unity among other Americans have jelled the United States back to were we belong on top and believing that we will be on top as long as we have each other to depend upon. Unlike before September 11th we used to call people names or even pretend people were not even there now everyone has something to say and it most likely a compliment o behalf of the other person.    
























My sport is racing, such as automotive racing like Nascar.  Much of the sport is done mentally and not as much physical contact is involved besides the driver and the car. Sport to me is an activity when you are challenging your whole body at once, and not just body mind as well. The drivers in Nascar are highly trained professionals its not like you or I driving down the highway they can reach speed up to 280mph, and they are also going around a track that is designed to be difficult.

Much of Nascar is made up of professionals and the reason they are professionals is that they have been driving since a very young age. They love the sport they will do anything to keep participating in the sport that is the most important reason why any athlete is called a professional they love to play the sport. Jeff Gordon is a Nascar driver for about five years and he is one of the best he started out young driving at tracks in his home area. Many of the drivers in Nascar started out young like Jeff and they will continue until absolutely necessary to stop since they love the game.

All sports have amateurs and critics, rookies as you call the amateurs do not know as much as the professionals and the critics think they do. But amateurs in this sport have to be good enough not to get in the way of the other drivers. This is not like any other sport where the rookies can rely on their teammates they need to be able to rely on themselves and their judgments. Critics are no good they believe too much and learn to little of the sport before the accurately speak out about a sport.

Nascar racing is mostly watched down South, and not so much in the North. This one reason why it not truly an American sport because not all Americans watch or really care about racing all though when the big races come about they sure take interest in it. This sport tells us that America is not into non - contact or more exciting sports such as hockey or football. But Americans take interest when the stakes are high and when something new is happening.

Nascar may not seem as a competitive sport but it is interesting to see a car driving at 180mph around a turn. The drivers must be able to drive extremely well and be as if they were driving down a normal road but their not they have a better chance of die then any other sport since the only thing saving them if the car suddenly loses control is a seat belt and helmet when their driving up to 280 mph