Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America



I Told You So


















My patrotic lawn is a nice spot that fulfills the need when you just want to hang out.  It is a small space of every where you would look at it and think it was a creek.  But the reason I chose this spot was because of the war in afghanistan.  There are three lone American flags on the lawn and they stand for independence.

But there are a few things I encountered while observing the lawn, People throwing trash on the lawn, People stealing my American flags, And last but not least people running on the grass.  I thought to myself why are these people disrespecting my lawn and I finally came to the conclusion they were mad that they did not have a Patriotic spot that I had.  

 I meet a friend while observing the lawn.  He was there he was a little squirrel and I named him Ralphly.  I used to feed him food when he came around.  But now that the winter is fast approaching ralphly has not come along he has either past or he is gone for the winter.  I had a lot of fun feeding ralphly and observing the lawn at the same time.  We used to sit near the American flags and I would feed him.

The tree on my lawn is bare and lonely.  He has shed all his leaves and his leaves will not return until the warm weather has come again.  But while observing the tree it seamed alone placed in a region by itself.  He was the only tree in the area of the front lawn.  It looked cold and alone.  But now that the winter is approaching I have hastened inside and I hope I never have to observe the lawn in the cold.  










               I Told You So
Adam and Tommy convened to play a fierce game of madden 2002 on Playstation 2. They had not yet started the game and Tommy lit a cigarette and Adam yelled at him not to smoke.  So Tommy put it out and they played a quick put fierce game.  Tommy after he had a victorius win he exclaimed Im the winner.  Adam didn't care but he was still upset Tommy had smoked in the house.  

Tommy lit another cigarette and Adam said I don't want to hear you yelling at me when my mother yells at you,  So Tommy kept smoking and Adam had realized that his mother shouldf be home any minute.  Tommy said nevermind she won't be home soon.  Tommy kept smoking and they all of a sudden heard the stairs creeking.  Adam was not scared he thought it was his brother skittle, But it was his mother.  She yelled at them for several minutes and once she left they were relieved.And all that Adam said Was I told you so.













     Old Ironside is the poem that I chose because it makes me think of war and also it brings out the best in Americans. Old Ironside is a small vessel, Small but got the job done.  Whether the task was sinking opponents vessels or transporting men it got the job done. It was a Military vessel that engaged in several battles were losses of men were felt on both sides.  when I hear this poem it makes me want to stand up and take pride in my country and also Old Ironside.  

     Some men are fierce warriors, Others are afraid yet they still fight on.   Beneath it rung the battle shout, And burst the cannons roar.  Picture this you are on OldIronside and a fericious battle is being fought.  You can either run or fight.  If you are an American soldier you are going to stay and fight.  You are hearing men shouting cannons being blasted you fight on until one thing is achieved victory.  The quote makes me think of what a battle would of been like.  You are hearing cannons being blasted you are hearing the men screaming and to tell you the truth if it was me I would of ran.  

     When soldiers die in battle many people say that they died the best way possible fighting for your country.  They went doing their American duty.   Her deck once red with heroes blood,  This makes me think of all the men and women soldiers that we have lost since the beginning of America as a Country.  These men that Holmes talks about are the ones that lost their live on Old Ironside and to me they are heroes all of them.  I believe anyone that does military time is a hero to me.  

     Oliver Wendell Holmes is saying that Old Ironside is the eagle of the sea.  In his mind it is the best and most Patriotic ship that he could write about.  Holmes is also saying that Old Ironside has been through a lot and yet he still stands.  I believe Old Ironside repersents freedom and if you think about it you can say that Old Ironside is like America. America has fought many wars and has been through a lot just like old Ironside.  After all the battles that Old Ironside has encountered and all the battles that America has been in you can say that both still remain and when I see Old Ironside I think of freedom an bravery.  That is what America is based on Freedom and bravery.      

















A sport is anything that is competitive and is played against one another. Wiffleball is played worldwide and it is mostly played during the summer.  You can play Wiffleball anywhere as long as it is big enough for you and your opponent to throw and hit the ball.  I like to play Wiffleball by my rules.  My rules are 1 strike and 2 outs. Depending on where you go there are different rules. The way my little brother Skippy plays is 2 strikes and 2 outs.  When I go over the local park kids play 3 strikes 3 outs.  

I recently saw an article where a pro caught my eye on what he said.  " Curves and screwballs are the staple pitches, but wifflers also face rising heat at speeds Palinczar estimates to be near 70 mph.  The key to winning is definitely pitching.  Doctoring the ball is not only advantageous, its encouraged.  A new ball doesn't have any movement.  We allow pitchers to scrape the ball up before they go out there.{1}that is the intake on a pro and to tell you the truth when I play we let the pitchers also scrape the ball before we start.  

     I also saw an article on which someone wrote about Wiffleball. His name was Ray Francel and he had a lot to write about.  This is what he had to say, " But don't forget the athletic prowess of fielders.  Brave players who risk injury due to fences, barbecue grills, and air conditioning units just to save a hit, extra bases or even a homerun.{2}  What this
man is saying is that Wiffleball is the new up and coming sport and all people play and even if something is on the field play goes on around the obstacles.  Once during a tournament at my friends house my buddy matt broke his arm chasing down a flyball he fell over a weelbarrow and landed on the cement.

     An amateur is one that plays for the love of it and doesn't play to win but to have fun.  One quote from an amateur stood out to me.  " We are not a true league, we are guys who drink beer." {3} The group of people he is talking about is the Bedford league and the man that coined that phrase was Ray Francel Author and Amateur.  This quote is a prime example of how they men come together to play Wiffleball and drink beer.  In my town the older kids that are over 21 play wifflball all day long and drink beers but I prefer to play wifflebal without the beers.  

You must be wondering how much it costs to play Wiffleball.  It costs about 3 dollars.  A dollar fifty for the bat and a dollar fifty for the ball.  From past experience it is the best game to play on the beach when it is hot and the water is right there.  I have been playing Wiffleball since I was a little tike and it has brought me a lot of fun in the past and hopefully a lot of fun in the future.  It is an up and coming sport and hopefully it will be played until the end of time.