Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America


















As school ended and I left to go home to complete my English homework, but in order to do that I had to talk to one of my parents Bill or Peggie. To my astonishment no one was home when I got home, so I decided to do my other homework first and wait for my parents to get home from work. At around 4:30pm, my dad Bill, walked into the house after getting out of work at the Roslindale Post Office. I then asked him if he could tell me how he met my mother Peggie. Then he started to tell me the story.

“When I first met your mother, Peggie, it was at a party in Roslindale during the summer. The party was being thrown by my friend Dan at his house. What I didn’t know was that Dan invited his friend Peggie to the party to meet me. After about half an hour at the party Peggie walked in and I had a feeling that she was the one I would spend my life with. I then walked up to her and started a conversation with her, first by introducing myself.”

“I then found out what she liked in a guy and what her favorite things were (food, sports, cars, etc.). As the party came to an end I offered her a ride home which she gratefully accepted. Upon dropping her off I gave her a kiss on the cheek, which she seemed to enjoy, and then asked her if I could have her phone number, which she then gave me. She then got out of the car and went into her house.”

“As I drove home all I could think about was Peggie. The next day I called her and asked if she wanted to hang out to, which she replied ‘yes’ and said to meet her at Fallon Field. As the day went on, and we walked around Roslindale, I finally built up enough courage to ask her out and when I did, she happily replied ‘yes’.”

This is the story of how my dad Bill met my mom Peggie. They eventually got married, had three kids, and moved to West Roxbury. I am happy to know that they had such a romantic beginning. They are still married, and still have much of that old romance as part of their marriage. I admire my father’s patience in being determined to get what he wanted. Unlike many men in America today, my father Bill pursued his dream. Unlike many marriages in America today my parents follow the vows they made when being married (to death do u part). Unlike many families in America today, my family is still together and very close. Men, marriages, and families need to remember that in all their troubles they still can count on their love to bring them through.










This is a journey that takes place in West Roxbury every morning as people walk through their front yards.

As the sun rises and the world begins to wake up I prepare myself for a journey.  Staring into the depths of a heavy fog rolling in, creating a thin layer of air full of moisture all around me.  As I breathe I can see my breath roar out in front in clumps of mist.  Visibility all around me is severly limited, all I can see is the path in front of me, a path which I know by heart, and a path I will walk for many years to come.

For the past two weeks the grass on my left and right is littered with Malboro ciggarett buts just lying there piling up screaming at me to pick them up.  The sun sores higher into the blue sky above me earlier each day, the air starts to warm up little by little, and the fog begins to lift dissapearing revealing a completely different world.  The sounds of this world erupt to life with sounds of car engines starting and children talking to each other waiting for the school bus.

This is a journey that people every where make everyday.  Some to go to school, some to go to work, and others who go outside just to get the newspaper.














This is a story my mom told me about her dad's friend Mario.  This story takes place on November 22, 1952.

"Mario was a person who loved football and always got into the game.  One day when his school Boston University was playing Villanova, Mario was kicked out of the game.  He was sent off the field and onto the bench as a result of making a personal foul.

As the game progressed, Mario was stuck on the sidelines watching his team fall behind.  Then the ball was intercepted by Villanova's Bill Brannou, as he began to run it back for a touchdown, Mario snapped.  Mario jumped off the sidelines onto the field, where he tackled Bill who was running for a five touchdown lead against B.U.  After tackling Bill, Mario started to walk off the field when realized it was Mario by the refs.  The refs then kicked Mario out of the game for a second time.

Later on the way back home, the coach decided to sit with Mario on the bus.  He then looked at Mario and asked why he did it, mario looked at him and said "it could have been worse".  The coach then asked "how could it have been worse?", Mario simply replied "hey I could have missed him"."












Emily Dickinson was the youngest poet to live; she was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts and died there as well in 1886.  In all her poems she is writing about death beyond the grave.  When looked at you will notice that all her poems use punctuation’s/dashes.  One of her poems is “Because I Could Not Stop For Death-”.  This poem is about death and how you can’t get away from it.

Dickinson states that Death is always watching you and waiting.  In lines nine and ten Emily uses her past to prove that Death is always watching  “We passed the school, where children strove, At Recess in the Ring-“.  Emily says this, because the children were her friends and herself when kids.  When Emily talks about "Recess" it means to be free which is the opposite of Death.  She also mentions the word "Ring", which stands for the cycle of life and that death is a part of life.
Emily Dickinson also states that when Death comes for us we acknowledge it and accept that our time has come.  Lines one and two backup this statement, stating “Because I could not stop for Death- He kindly stopped for me”.  This just goes to show that when Death comes for us we have no choice but to accept it.  She is also saying that death is the past and the present.

Dickinson likes to make her audience think when reading one of her poems.  This is because if you read “Because I Could Not Stop For Death-" you will immediately notice that after every line she uses punctuation and dashes.  When she does this, she uses a very different writing style for her poems, which make the reader wonder what will happen next.  This inspires the reader to use his imagination to create a mental image of the poems subtext (the meaning behind the words).
Emily Dickinson always wrote poems about death through her life.  This poem after reading it makes me not fear death.  That is because this poem has made me realizes that death is a natural event in our life and if we deny Death, we are in fact ignoring what makes us human and that is our mortality.