Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America

















One day in English class I was listening what was for homework. Mr. McGonegal said find out where your parents first meet. And write a story about it. So I went home and asked my mother ( Gerda Bernadin ) how she meet my Father ( Frank Divarno ). Ant this is the story I came up with. it was a hot day in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They both went to a mutual friend's party in The summer of 1978. Later on that year They both move to Boston with their parents and continued their relatrionship hich included love letters and candy. In April of 1985 I was born and 16 years later at a School called Catholic Memorial telling you that story I have dicovered.











One of the most part of American land. The reason it is  American land is because it is in the nited States of America. The reason it is importent is because it belongs to me. i feel like my bckyard is alive. Everyday i observed it and everyday smthing wouldchange. It could b the grass would be a little more taller that usual.

 On of the biggest changes that occured was to the ground. For example the grass would have frost on it one day, and be dry the next. Just like it had his own clothing style. In addition i have aog so that helps change the terrian of my backyard. So i looks like it has a mind of its own.

 Like Henry David Thoreau said " The future inhabitants of this regon, where ever th may place their houses, ay be sure that they have beeen anticipated." Whe I came across this line I thought of all the animal and creatures that lived in my backyard. Whethr it Whether it was the squirls or my dog. The birds flying above on he trees or the bugs living beneath the ground enriching the Earth.

 Nature is very importent because it changes the way people change. when the oner is young or has a child tha is young and can work (me) nature will look youthful and clean. Because cutting the grass is like cutting natures hair. Triming the hedges I like shapeing up natures beard. But if the owner is old and can not really take care of himself then it look like nature is frowing old because the grass is thall and the hedges are out of order. Just like in he fall of the house of Usher. Thats why on one of the observation day I was out working in the yard.

 In conclusion my backyard is an importent peice of nature because people ntract and take care of it.















One day there was a guy name tim. He was a bad kid and everyone hated him. He was 24 and still a junior in college. One day he decided to play a joke on everyone. He super glued everything in Ryans dorm room. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. When ryan got hoe he got stuck to his bed sheets and knew who it was. he decided to get even.

So one day h went to tim' room and superglued the shower handle. Monday, Tueday ad Thursday passed and the trick never worked. He figured it out, that tim never took a shower so decided to rethink it. So he put superglue on the toilet .

Later tha day tim decide to use the toilet and go stuck. He manage to unscrew the seat and thought if he got in the shower the water would loosen it up then he got stuck again and ryan got his revenge.