Writing Portfolio: Five Essays on America



































    I can remember going to my grandparent’s house when I was little and they telling me stories of their summers. They told me about their grandparent’s farms that they owned in Canada, they told stories of an entire mountain that they owned. My grandfather told me that his grandparents were rich and that they owned priceless artifacts, paintings, and huge amounts of land.
     When his grandparents moved to the United States they kept all their priceless artifacts in their home in Nova Scotia. They bought a home in Jamaica Plain, and lived there during the winters. In the summer they returned to Canada to open their farm that was kept running during the winter by neighbors. After a while they had to give up their animals because no one would care for them anymore.
     One year they returned to their home and their house was looted; all their priceless possessions were stolen. After a couple of years they could not afford to pay for all their land so they had to sell all of it. My grandmother inherited a small amount of land and a small home but she could not afford to keep it. They never found out who the people were who stole their possessions





    Paths can be used for many diffrent things.Going out for a nice quiet walk, or perhaps taking a short cut somewhere. In these paths contain many diffrent things such as trees, bushes, flowers, and animals.This path contains more than juust nature, it contains America. At this place I spent twelve days noticing various changes that took place.During this experience "I became a transparent eyeball" I noticed some drastic changes in the appearence of the path.
    In my small spot of American nature is a small wooded area with one path in and out. On the side of the path is a small pond, not too big, deep, or wide.
   Whenevere I am walking through there are people taking walkswith their dogsor with another person. People seem to enjoy walking there but they don't appreciate it like I do,because they through their trash on the ground. And no one ever picks it up. I feel that this  spot is an American one because of it's freedom. Anyone is allowed to visit this place. The animals there are also American because of their origin, they are native to America.
   One change that I noticed throughout my entire observation was that the leaves fell more and more each day. From the first day there were many leaves on the trees, and gradually the leaves fell untill there were no more. The leaves fell and completely covered the path and made it hard to notice.
   To me this change represents the arrival of a new fall season. When leaves die and make the ground bright, and colorful.  













      John is a friend of mine. He may seem like a regular kid,but when he gets excited to do something he turns into a diffrent person. John calls up this kid Sean one day, and asks if he wants to get something to eat, so Sean feeling hungary says "yeah". Then John calls up Brendan, and he agrees to go out to eat.
      John has not seen sean or Brendan in a while, and he is excited to see them.When John picks them up he exclaims "WHATS UP BRUTHAA", nothing says Sean and Brendan.They get into the car and John is so excited he starts yelling but Sean, and Brendan can't make out what he is saying to them, all they hear is "yabbadubbadooh guy" and some moumbling sounds. Brendan then tells John to slow down his words, and to think before he speaks, John then replies "shut up kid".
      They can't decide where to eat so they finaly go to the drive thru at McDonals's. John orders his food and then asks Sean and Brendan what they want. Sean said "a double cheeseburger meal with a coke and barbeque sauce", but John said something like"mmmerrrmaamerchessecoke".Sean and Brendan start to laugh histerically, and then John starts to laughing and they all leave without their food, all because John can't speak well.













Emily Dickinson lived from 1830 – 1886. She was a private person, only a few people outside of her family knew her. She wrote 1,775 poems and only seven poems were published during her lifetime. Emily Dickinson’s, “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” is a poem with no particular rhyme scheme. To Dickinson death is immortal; there is no escape from death. This poem helps the reader understand the meaning that she is trying to get across. That “Death” is convenient, and that you can’t run or hide from death.  

This poem shows how death can be convenient. She states that death can be civil, and that death walks with you, without haste. “ We slowly drove- he knew no haste, and I had put away, my labor and my leisure too, for his civility.” This shows that death is lenient but inevitable. Death is apart of living and everyone experiences death sooner or later.

This poem has no particular rhyme scheme, just like most of her poems she uses imagery to get across her message. She uses imagery when she speaks of the Carriage and the slow journey; she is speaking of death. Death is a slow process that takes the course of a whole lifetime. When she speaks of the schoolchildren and sunsets she was referring to life. And when she speaks of the house it shows eternity.
Death is forever an eternity; there is no escape from it. Death is final; there is no return. “ Since then-‘ tis Centuries- and yet feels shorter than the Day, I first surmised the
Horses Heads were toward eternity.” This quote shows that death has been around since before life existed, and that it will always be around. Death does not act it’s age, death is old but still it gets around like it was young, and that death has all the time it needs.

     Emily Dickinson’s “ Because I Could Not Stop For Death” is one of her many poems about death. She uses imagery as a major tool to show her meaning that she is trying to get across.




















     Bowling is a game of skill; it involves little physical ability or athletic ability. Some tools of the game include a hard wood floor, shaped into a long lane, a smooth round bowling ball with three finger holes, and ten pins lined up in a specific order. To me a sport is a game that has these key elements: athleticism, an earned score, and the outcome of a winner.
     The history of bowling dates back all the way to the ancient Egyptians. “The implements for such a game have been found in an Egyptian tomb that’s more than 7,000 years old, and a sort of bowling has been popular among Polynesian Islanders for at least several centuries.” “In the 3rd century AD, every German peasant carried a Kegel, a club similar to the Irish shillelagh, for protection. It became a customary test of faith in many churches for the parishioner to set up his Kegel as a target, representing the heathen, and then roll a stone in an attempt to knock it down. If he succeeded, he was considered free of sin.” Bowling has been modified differently by many different cultures over the years of its existence. (www.hiskoksports.com/history/bowling)
     The sport of bowling came over to America from the European settlers, and the sport really took off in New York City. “German immigrants helped to popularize the sport in the Midwest, especially in Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis, and Milwaukee. With inter-club and inter-league bowling on the increase, equipment and rules had to be standardized nationally.” During this period this sport really became Americanized, it took on some small but numerous changes. These changes included the way it was scored and the equipment used.  (www.hickoksports.com/history/bowling)

     Professional bowler Parker Bohn III just recently won his second straight player of the year award. He won a high 83% of the votes from his peers. Bohn says “Winning for a second time is more special because it proves the first time was not a fluke,” “there are players of the year every season, but few have done it more than once. That puts me in more of an elite category. I’m honored that the membership at large voted me as their player of the year again.” Professional bowlers are categorized into their own section of greatness by their peers, who vote for the most improved or most successful. (Parker Bohn III, www.bowlingindex.com)  

     Women didn’t begin to bowl until the late nineteenth century, but they did not have their own league or association. “It was in 1917 that the Women’s International Congress was born in St. Louis. Women leaders from around the country participating in a tournament decided to form what was then called the Women’s National Bowling Association.” Women bowled before this for a recreational activity, not thinking about why they couldn’t bowl professionally until the early 1900’s. (www.bowlingmuseum.com/history)

     Tommy Jones an amateur bowler trying to make it a professional career says, “this is one of the biggest accomplishments of my bowling career. It’s an individual title and something that was earned. There are many amateur bowlers trying to make it into the sport while it has become popular. There is a lot of money to be made in professional bowling these days, many people are now trying to win as much as they can while its there. (www.centurysports.net/bowling)