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I was talking to my parents, James and Denise, about when they met and how they were introduced to one another. They di not give me the whole story. I know that because what they said did not take long. I did not want to stay around to hear the whole story. They first talked about their best friends, Betty and Al.

Betty was my mother's best friend, while Al was my father's best friend. Betty was going out with Al at the time. My parents said they were introduced by having best friends that were going out. They were all out together, they did not say where or when, and Betty introduced her friend to Al's friend. That's how my parents met. I'm not sure when they started going out, but I know that in 1975 they got married, and in 1981, they had my sister. After that, they had me in 1984, with no more kids after that. They've had a happy marriage ever since, and I hope it stays that way as long as they live.

I'd like them to be around until I can make it on my own, just in case I need somebody to fall back on. A family is a great thing to have, especially when you have two parents. Some kids aren't fortunate enough to have two parents. They have to go through life with only one parent, which is extremely hard. I should be thankful for having two parents that will always be there for me.