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Land refers to a piece of earth in most cases.  However, there is still a deeper meaning to land.  Land in the case of our family refers to the home our family was built on.  The piece of land that has a deep meaning in the heart of my family is my home in West Roxbury.  The land on which our home was built on was the first piece of property that my father owned.  The land of our home is a symbol of many things.  It is first a symbol of the American dream my parents and many others worked for.  It is as well a symbol of new beginnings.  My family became a family in this home.  As each child was born, our family grew larger and closer.  The land is also a symbol of our togetherness and the love of our family.  Although land seems like a simple thing like dirt and earth, land carries meaning and feelings like those of 67 New Haven Street.
My father, a Lebanese immigrant, always tells my sisters and I about his life as an immigrant.  Sam Wehbe, my father, came to the United States at 17 years old with only a couple of hundred dollars.  He had been accepted to Northeastern University as a business major.  He needed a job so that he could afford to pay rent and also pay his tuition.  My father had an American Dream in which he wanted to be a successful businessman as well as to own something that would show his hard work.  After years of sleepless nights and hard work my father was able to buy a house.  For the reason that this house, the first piece of property my father owned, became a home for us, it is special to him and the family.  My father worked hard to attain this land that became our home.  Although many offers have come for the sale of this land, my father says that he will never sell it.  The land has become a symbol of our family.  It is a symbol of love, togetherness, and the memories of our family.  
This house is very important to my family and I. The reason why is because of all the memories we have shared together here. I will never forget the day my mother brought my little sister Rana home for the first time. I will also never forget playing hockey and football with my friends and cousins and the birthday parties that my mom threw for me outside in the backyard. Christmas lights, Easter egg hunts, and Halloween costumes are just some of a few memories that come back to me when I think about my house.






































I leave my house, as I enter my backyard. I can see the dump from here. The sky is full of clouds. I enter the dump and the first thing I notice is the massive amount of leaves on the ground. The trees are dark brown and the branches are almost empty of leaves proving that autumn has arrived. I can hear some birds chirping but I cannot see them. A large branch has seemed to fall, probably due to last week’s strong winds. One further inspection, I noticed the birds to be Sparrows. There was a strong breeze, but all together the weather was mild. It is a true pleasure to have a relationship with nature. If you don’t you are missing out on a great experience.
 I enter the Dump under a canopy of clouds. The area is barren during this time of year. Several trees are leave less. While as some still retain the dark green leaves. I notice a mound of ants. It seems they are familiar with the winter preparations. Ants live simple lives. They don’t have to worry about the daily pressures of life. There one concern is the survival of the colony. We could learn a lesson from ants.
 As I walk passed my backyard to enter the Dump I hear my mother and sister talking. Then as I finally reach the Dump it looks dirtier than ever. There were leaves feet high leaving the trees leaves less. As I walk further I was startled by the two cars that began to suddenly beep at each other as they almost crashed. As I went further I saw a place that was completely trashed. It looked like it was a bunch of kid here the other day. There was graffiti on the massive rocks and beer cans all over the place. I only wish I could find the kids who did this so that I could tell them not to litter and not to destroy nature.
 Today the weather was beautiful. It was warmer then usual and also very sunny. As I looked up I could see about fifty birds standing on the leave less branched on the trees chirping. As I walked further I began to see leaves piled up in the corner and huge branches on the ground. I believe it was a result of the heavy winds the day before. As I leave the Dump to go to work I say enjoy nature while you can.
  On my final trip to the Dump for a while, I take a fresh breath of air. The air is cool. It cuts through my body like a knife through butter. The air can be interesting. How old is it I wonder to myself. Where has this air been? Who has breathed this air? All questions I ask myself. As I prepare to leave the Dump I see about a dozen squarls run up the tree. I think the dump has made me care for nature a lot more.

































Romanticism was a literary and artistic movement of the nineteenth-century that arose in reaction against eighteenth -century Neoclassicism.  This movement placed a premium on fancy, immigration, emotion, nature, individuality, and exotica.  A good quality narrative that uses examples of Romanticism such as nature and evil is "Rappaciuis Daughter" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  This story makes use of conflict and dialogue in novel and unique ways.
In the short story "Rappaccini's Daughter," Hawthorne uses dialogue with an original approach.  Dr. Rappaccini is a mad scientist who experimented with different antidotes on his daughter, which caused her to become a freak of nature.  "Give me thy breath, my sister, for I am faint with common air." After taking this antidote from her father she becomes dependent on the plants as they are upon her.
As time had passed since Beatrice had been infected with this disease, her friend Giovanni, having spent much time with her, not only became immune to her deadly disease, but also he to was now able to kill insects with his breath.  Later Giovanni's friend Baglioni gives him a powerful antidote against the poison to give to Beatrice.  Shortly after she took it she became very ill and died.  Her nature was not merely tainted by poison, it was imbued with it; and, as Hawthorne notes, "as poison had been life, so the powerful antidote was death."
The Short Story "Rappaccini's Daughter" is a great read.  Nathaniel Hawthorne does an outstanding job using dialogue and conflict.  This is one of the finest narratives written during the time period of Romanticism and it is unsurpassed by others.  In this story, it is obvious that Hawthorne, as a Romanticist, stresses a point that warns the reader that nature is not a humanís friend.



























Hockey is a fairly simply game to follow. A team is allowed only six players on the ice at a time. These players consist of a goalie, right and left defensemen, right and left wingers, and a  center.  Defensemen stay back towards the blue line so none of the opposing team can get behind them.  The wingmen stay towards their respective sides of the net.  The goalie, mostly stays in his crease to protect the goal however if he wants he may leave his crease.  Because of the speed of the game it is the only sport in which substitutions are allowed to be made while the game is in progress.
The history of Hockey is unclear. There were many hockey like games in ancient history which makes it hard to tell when exactly did it begin. It has some similarities with other sports such as Lacrosse and Hurling.  Some say Hockey is brutal but it is part of American culture to watch violence.  Some watch Hockey just for the violence.
Like any sport Hockey can be emotional at times.  Kurt Russell, star of Disney's "Miracle", says "it's on an emotional level for me".  At times this emotion can be violent. It was once said "Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept  ~Doug Larson".  Hockey is a brutal sport because of how emotional it gets.  .  Aggression and hockey have gone together as long as sports have been around, be it the players themselves, to the parents, coaches, friends, they just seem to be an inseparable part of each other.
Hockey has become an important part of America.  In America, there are four major sports; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.  Out of the four, hockey is the most under appreciated.  You can only watch the Stanley Cup Finals on ESPN if you have cable. Other sports' finals can be seen on regular television.  Even though Hockey my have lost some of its popularity it will hold a special place in the hearts of many.
Hockey's set up is similar to America also.  In the Poem The Masked Ones, it compares a goalie to a knight protecting his kingdom.  This is similar to America in that we have been attacked and we have had to protect our country from invading forces.