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Patrick Garrity, a new resident of the united states and formerly known as Patrick Geraghty, looked up with his bride Margret at the building in which there new apartment was in. They were both off the boat Irish citizens , now Americans looking to better themselves in this new world. There families had sent them over from a poverty stricken country to live with distant relatives. Now they rented there own small piece of land to there apartment on south Huntington st. in Boston a largely Irish immigrants town besides New York where they had arrived. Over the next ten years they would have 7 children who would all go on to have children of there own and so on, leading down to my 3rd generation Irish American family all stemming from this small apartment on Huntington st. in Boston.
      Patrick came from a large family of Irish folk in the rural Tulykine of Ireland, the town containing the Corrib Lake which the very popular pub is West Roxbury is named after. Now there area was very poor but they didn’t know that they were and enjoyed life, In school they had to bring pete for the fire and who ever brought the least had to sit the farthest away. Now this is just to explain the fact the him moving to a new world and owning a apartment in a large building is a large difference and to show the humble beginning that he had to come from. He began to rent this building and It became a memory that all of my aunts and uncles and even my grand parents would tell us about as kids.  
      This apartment was the main part of their lives and all of what they did revolved around providing to keep the household running. Now this piece of land was very important to them but the land that I am most fond of along with this is the Apartment they owned in Mission Hill. I heard the most stories about this apartment such as how they used to beg the woman working at the Ginger Ale factory near their house to give them some free soda. I used to hear stories about fights to defend there sisters and all of the crazy things 4 white kids in mission hill used to do. I recently found out that this was not the first home they had but it was their main residence for the next few decades.
      These two houses mean so much to me it is hard to put into words. Being Irish I am one of those kids who is extremely proud of his heritage and how hard their family has worked to get them to this point. It shows my families determination to give their kids a little bit better life than what they had. This I what is what I believe being American is about and why this family shows the determination of so many people making a life in this new world. The American way is to prosper and to provide for your family making life better for them growing up than it was for yourself. These apartments were the first step in the Irish-American story of the Garritys and it means a lot to me to know that so many people worked there whole lives to make life better for me and my brothers and cousins. This is what I think it is to be American and I am extremely grateful for the hard work of my family from its humble beginings.






























 It was an overcast fay which was a looming shadow over the usually beautiful scene of a New England fall day. The ground saturated with water as well as long dead leave gives way in every step I take. As always at this time of years the trees have shed their green coat, and now the tall pines and oaks with their outstretched arms stand bare. These trees so full with life during the summer with a thick green canopy over the summit now just add another detail to the coming of the harsh winter ahead. Like the Summit preparing for winter so do many people. All of the squirrels rush to create stock piles of food. I as well must think about how and what I need to do to prepare my home. But before I can think about this I realize the darkness in my soul as it also comes to dusk in the day shows that summer and happiness has come and gone and winter is here. This reflects the setting of nature and how it is preparing for the deep cold.
      I walked through the small cut path running through the lower half of the summit. This  my usual path runs me through a large heavily dense part of the forest. The older trees over stretching provide a thick roof over the usually peaceful underbrush. This underbrush is fairly new to the woods. These shrubs grow and die in an annual course in the veins of the massive trees they surround, in the pattern that is predictable as the years passing. It shows that some things often change with ease and fade into memories while other deep routed things will remain constant. These trees also will someday fade into memory like many a shrub grown around them but when they do die they leaves life in death by providing food and shelter for animals and plant. These trees like many people have and will leave behind a legacy to future generations.
 Another overcast November day seems to always pass slower and slower taking away and the sun setting early leaving just the cold and dark sky. The condensation from past rain drips from the tips of branches and slowly finds its way through the crushed up asphalt underneath my feet. The bushes and grass have all died and the wind easily trails through the tunnels created by the massive tree trunks. The wind trails up the trees and to the expanded branches and moves off into the cloudy sky. Like the trees I as well feel bare to the wind even though I am wrapped in a multitude of jackets and sweatshirts. I continue to walk gazing at the trees and realize I as well as the trees in winter are bare to the elements and push through the winter to new seasons or in a sense a “set of new leaves.”
      As I headed towards my usual route for strolling through the Summit I decided to change it up and take the back path in the woods. The weather had cleared up leaving a blue sky with a few clouds but the cold was still nipping at my nose. The uncommon back path to me was a some what of an adventure as it wound toward the rear of the forest. What was different was that the woods seemed a lot more peaceful and less walked by avid dog-walkers. What I found amazing was that there were thick beautiful oak trees reaching out over from both sides of the path. This made me feel like I was surrounded by nature and made me feel like I was a part of it again and no wrapped up in my social issues. This gave me peace and wonder why so many other people don’t go out just to admire nature but to also go out and be one with it again as we naturally should be. This I must say was my favorite walk in The Summit and on my new back path.
      I walked through the Summit for what I knew to be the last time in the foreseeable future. The snow drifts come sliding down from the sky and trees and settle around where I stand and on my brow and shoulders.  I admire the fact that it’s the highest point in Boston giving the name of The Summit true meaning to me. I stroll along the outer path and catch glimpses of the shining city to the background of falling snow through the trees. As my daily pattern through the Summit on the many paths I think deeply about the time I’ve spent here to admire the beauty of simple life in nature. It makes me sad that I must return to the dread of school and work and that I will often not have time to simply walk through the Summit. It just reestablishes the fact in my mind that everything in nature comes to an end like the seasons with the winter snow. The only constant fact of this life in nature is that it is always changing and that there will come new seasons.      
























One of the most well spoken and most influential poetic minds of the 20th century is Robert Frost. He was made famous by many of his poems such as "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening" and "The road not taken". To write about one of these poems would not serve justice for the assignment nor Frost by taken one of the more commonly used poems or "the more taken road". The poem "A Passing Glimpse" is a very unique and overlooked poem. It comes straight from the thoughts of Frost as he moves through his daily life. From Its common beginning from the window on a train to its meaningful ending in contemplation this poem is thoroughly unique and unlike many works I have read before. This is due to the man’s sincerity in his work and that he understands that he is not very significant in his time on earth but is sometimes given a glimpse of something that will last longer than he himself will. Going beyond this, its seemed Frost understood the corrosion being done to nature in the 20th century and some of these flowers along the side of the track may never be there again.
 The nature aspect of this poem is a very simple one that Frost uses. It is a first because in most American Literature those who talk about the destruction of nature know that there is still more unknown land and that there is most likely more of what is being destroyed existing. What Frost might be hinting to is that in his age that he might be seeing the last of a kind, the last type of a single flower in existence being killed off by the modernization of today. This may not seem likely but if you look at when he lived it was in the somewhat start of awareness that are environment is being destroyed by technology. This leads to the thought that Robert Frost is possibly one of the first American Poets to express the sympathy of the earth but knowing that there is not much one can do but sit and enjoy this last of a kind flower in a passing glimpse from a train.
  Frost made this poem unique to American Literature because Frost was one of the great poets to make things bigger than himself to shows that things should be taken for what they are sometimes and what happens like possibly seeing something, like a flower on the side of a train track, just need to be seen and accepted that you may never see it again. His use of the flower to express his point in this poem is unique in its self. It shows that he has some what of a good idea about flowers and nature and that he can list flowers such as fireweed, bluebells, lupines it all ties into the way that these overlooked flowers are like his poem, a hidden treasure.
 Frost is often held in such high regard among many poets. But a reader must look past some of the obvious poems and speeches to the overlooked poems that made him who he is. He was very possibly one of the first modern poets to hint and talk about the sadness and disappointment in the destruction of nature. At the same time he also mentions the beauty of these flowers as well as there seclusion and that he may have seen a flower that he may never see again. The ability of this man to take two ideas and combine them into a single poem makes him the poet that he is so highly regarded as. This is true especially in the regard to a passing glimpse where he takes his disappointment and combines it with his awe of the beauty of nature. This style of writing poems and using sincere thought and emotion from the writer’s experience makes Frost poems what they are and make it a daunting task for any poet no matter how intellectual to bring himself to this his level.
































When the word Cricket is mentioned most likely if you’re an American a small bug you hear in the summer will come to mind. Now when you visit the rest of the world or at least a large percentage you find a sport notorious with fierce rivalry, intense national pride as well as the teams representing the people they play for. Now the question is what is so American about a sport that is played by  less than 10% of the American population? That is when you have to look at where it comes from and what it comes from to see the real roots of how American the sport is. If you look at the game itself it incorporates competition, teamwork and sportsmanship which to most people would make it like many American sports. To bring all of these traits together when discussing Cricket you come up with a list of ideals that many Americans strive to have not only in sports but in their real lives. Cricket you could say is as good of a example of an American sport as they come.
      This could be doubted by many people who could blow Cricket off because they believe that it is only played in England and other countries, but it could never be American. All these people have to do is be asked what do you think the most American sport is? More than likely half the time someone would quickly say “Baseball! Hockey , Golf”.Golf may be a little bit of a stretch in a younger audience but the answer to the question of how Cricket is American is simply answered by baseball, hockey and golf are all brother sports or came from Cricket just like football came from rugby. Cricket has still yet to prove itself to American youth who are mostly the players of sports, when asked many people such as Mike Duross a multi-sporting athlete said “Cricket? Who cares about cricket, isn’t that a game only British people play?”  Now this is not enough to prove that Cricket is an American sport but it helps when trying to convince someone that it has what it takes to be on the American grandstand. It was once the main sport of the U.S. granted this was more than two centuries ago it still took place in America so it doesn’t just take place in England.. In the 1920's there were International matches witch took place here in American and in Canada that brought in teams from England, The West Indies and countries all through out the British Empire. Its decline came through the fact that it takes a large and somewhat spacious field to play on, and in America we like to imitate are favorite sports and it is hard to do that on a street corner or at a small park. This was also largely contributed to the fact that more urban cricket players brought about a game known as “townball”which quickly took away from the struggling cricket fan base at the time. This urban game of cricket called “townball” quickly became known as the American Past time or Baseball. This is how the cricket scene diminished in American until the mid 20th century. It had its return with Immigrants after World War II who were interested in playing cricket as their hobby. This is the point in which the cricket scene has stayed at since then. It is not to be said that people are not interested in cricket in American and do not have teams that play its just that there are no professional cricket teams in America that can have full time athletes
      To bring about the point of why this game has American traits all that needs to be compared is that of what it has that other sports have. In Cricket there is a main Captain who is much like a quarterback or a hockey captain. The next main player is a “pitcher” type player like in baseball who is a “bowler” who bowls the pitches to the men at bat. Now these two concepts bring up key players who are stars on the teams. Star power or Super stars is more American now in popular culture than ever. There is a fascination with the people who can go above and beyond the normal. Cricket being a test on endurance and strength as well as momentum test these super stars and makes them as American as any other all star athlete or icon.  
      The game of Cricket is largely that of endurance as well momentum. It consist of usually two innings in which hundreds upon hundreds of “runs” could be scored. In the game the team could be down on the scoreboard by 100's of points but they can still come back and take the win of the game. This is because the mind set of the athletes playing is that of  “to never give up” and that they can still come back and score just as many runs as the other team. This is American because when we are on the world stage or maybe just in a friendly competition it is always the motto to stick it out to the end and to never give up. This is just another example of how not only in the game but the men playing it show the prime qualities of those American athletes as well as men and woman strive to achieve.  
      The next American “trait” of cricket is not in the game but more in the fans and the atmosphere of the game. Here in America, especially in Boston, there is a fierce loyalty to the men on the teams who represent your State, town and family. This is especially true in cricket which fans can be at times over zealous about the game. The trait of loyalty in the game not only goes for the fans but the players who are loyal to each other and to banner under which the play. This is more of an American trait then ever, to be loyal to a team even thought the players may all come from different backgrounds. America which is founded on the idea of equality has people who come from all different countries all over the world and live (play) in one place and swear loyalty under one banner(team). This is a prime example of how the game itself touches down on the roots of what this country stands for.
      Cricket has tried hard in the last century to modernize itself and shake of the snobby reputation it has been given by a majority of the world. It has accomplished many of those goals by not only bringing in players from all over to compete in games for different countries but it has also stuck to many of its original ideals that give it a unquestionable prestige on the sports stage. This prestige has lead  to it’s staying alive and be played by a large contingent all over the world and still some in America. Cricket posses the traits that it needs to become one of the fab four sports in America (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey) because it is related to these sports in many ways but is at the same time very different which gives it a certain appeal. It is not to say no one is interested in Cricket in America but that it is just of question of when and how.  “Even Disney and ICC(Imperial Cricket Commission) have been dancing around the issues in search of opportunities to make money of cricket in America.” was taken from Deb K. Das article about the history of Cricket in America. This quote shows that first if Disney could be interested that it has to have some value and that it is the interest of money right now that keeps Cricket out of American Sports Culture. This is due to wether international players should be brought in to jumpstart an American Cricket culture or wether a full bodied cricket culture should be grown from the American youth itself. It really is not a matter of “if” anymore but of “when” Cricket will return to the American mainstream, the sport has what it takes and embodies the American spirit and when this is discovered by the rest of America its return will come about quickly because it is at heart an “American Sport.”