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  As I smell the aroma of the hearty eggs and sausages that my mother used to make when we were in the wonderful buildings of Tennis Road in Mattapan. I miss the days when I used to wake up and trip over my cousin who was sleeping on the floor. Every woman in my family struggled one way or another wherther it was coming into thuis country, finding a job, or finding a place to live they were on there own.  
   Every woman in my family is a single parent so I know what it means to work hard because that's what they have been doing ever since they got here. The apartment that I was born in is very important to me because that is where all my memories are and that is where I grew up with all my cousins that I still hang out with today. My family is very important to me because together we have gone through alot from births to deaths. I can remember my cousins grandmother crying her eyes out because she had just got the news that ehr son who was battling the deadly disease of AIDS had just passed away in Haiti. She was really heartbroken as any other mother would be.
   I remember getting beatings everyday from acting up and in my mind I could still feel the extension cord fly across my skin. If me and my other cousins did not get beaten when we were acting up we wouldn't be as disciplined as we are today. even when I felt like taking that hanger from my aunt and hitting her with it so she could see how it felt, I know she was doing it for a reason and that it hurt her to do it but she would be proud later.
     I could still see myself crying every morning because my mom would leave and I would never know where she would be going but then I eventually learned that she was going to work and saiving up enough money so we could leave the crowded apartment. Then later on at 5:00 she would come back to me and I would feel so good about myself with her arms wrapped around me.
 That little apartment would be dear to me for the rest of my life and rest assured that as logn as I still have family there now I will always treasure that place . My cousin's grandmother is still alive and if she ever died I don't know what I would do because she has gone through so much with us it's not even a joke how much pain she goes through. I still go visit her every week to see how she's doing and spend a little time with her. She's the most sweetest lady I have ever known.
    Now I live in Hyde Park in a house with my brother, my mother, my cousin, my aunt, and my uncle. It's about a ten to fifteen minute drive from my house to there. My two cousins, my aunt, and my cousin's grandmother still lives there and I know the memories that they have will be with them for as long as there alive as well as mine.  













 My first day here for a while, it seems like I have been hiding myself. This place that I
have chosen is unlike any other place. For at least 120 yards it seems like green grass is going on forever and ever. This place I call is the Frozen Tundra because the turf is frozen in the beautiful autumn afternoon. This place is on Reservation Rd. between the Hyde Park Skate Park and River St. . This place right now is as empty as a Yankees fan
club in Boston.  I visit this place often to reflect on thoughts and other things that is happening in my life. It is where I can let my spirit go.    
   I could feel the autumns leaves that are are getting crushed under my school boots. The sky is filled with cumulus clouds and it doesn’t seem that nature could be any better at this moment. Birds are flocking to a piece of food on the ground, fighting for
survival. I sit on the bench thinking about personal things. I think about how my life is going so far and where am I headed. Sitting here helps me think about these things because I am not bothered by noise or any other interruptions.
 Even though it is raining I made the trip down here.  Even though there is mud sticking to my shoes and I know I’m going to get in trouble with my mother for bringing so much water into the house but I had to come and spend time at my area. I sometimes think how the clouds stick to the sky. Will they ever fall on the Earth’s surface like a
warm white blanket covering a child’s body when he or she is ready to go to sleep. There are a lot of things I wonder about and there are a lot of questions I have that can’t be answered but I just ask to be educated.
      Another sunny day in the wonderful streets of Hyde Park. I came here today with a friend but told him to step back a little bit so I can get my thoughts straightened out for at least 10 minutes.  I want to be by myself right now to think about how the day went. Did I reach my goals for the day? Did I do something good for someone else? Did I do something good for myself? I wonder and wonder and wonder. That is all I can do wonder and ask. All older people can do for me is answer.  
 This day is like any other day, terribly cold and the sun is out but I do not feel any warmth. And suddenly the thought came to my mind, what does give me warmth on this Earth. My mother is always busy. My father is a deadbeat. The sun on me is like a lightbulb near a fly, is it going to stop glaring in your eyes or is it just going to stay there
motionless like a star in the sky. The only thing I have left are my friends. Friends is all I have in this world and nothing else. Right now I’m thinking they are the only people I have left. And in reality those are the only people I have left. I just thank God.

































   It seems that the people who live the most terrible lives, when they write it's most passionate and you could feel where the writer is coming from. Whether it is comedy, drama, or a tragic story. The theme I can mostly realte to is the tragic theme. In The Cask of Amontillado, it shows how a good friendship can turn into a backstabbing deceit. Edgar Allen Poe shows how a friendship could end when it comes to money and fame.
     This story is one of Poe's best known tales of horror. It is really about pride and revenge. Fortunato falls prey to Montressor's plans because he is so proud of his connoisseurship of wine, and it is for the sake of his own pride that Montressor takes revenge on fortunado. While Fortunado is seeing where the Amontialldo would be Montressor chains Fortunado to the stone leaving him there to die and starve to death.
      These lines are being delivered by the Narrator, Montressor, to his confessor, an unnamed priest.  The confessor is the "you" of the second line: "You, who so well know the nature of my soul...."  The irony is that Montressor, on his death bed, recalls the old rivalry with Fortunato and is supposed to be confessing and repenting.  Yet, what he does in the course of the "confession" is to reveal that he is not contrite (sorrowful) at all; rather, he remains pleased at himself that he was able to dispose of his enemy so cleverly.  His sense of pride overcomes his contrition.  He certainly does not deserve absolution for his sin, which means that he, Montressor, will be the one who, in the end, suffers the confinement of burial alive ... in Hell (a theme Poe had introduced in his earlier "The Raven" poem).    































A sport is a event in which teams and players participate in. It could be made up of a group of people or it could be a single or double person sport. A sport usually has championships and the best team of the particular sport wins the championship trophy. Hockey is one of the most elite sports in America. It is played alot on other countries as well like Canada and continents like Europe. This game is played at all levels. It could be played as litlle league, it could be played in the high school and college levels and of course it could be played as a pro sport. Most people don't really know how to play the game though. The purpose of this essay is to broaden your mind about hockey and get a new understanding of this sport and why so many people like it so much.  
         Hockey, is a game in which a hooked stick and a little round object we call a puck. This game dates back thousands of years. It is traditionally played on grass, but more often these days - especially at the top levels and in certain countries hockey is played on ice.In hockey, two teams of 11 players compete against each other using their sticks to hit, push, pass and dribble a small, hard, usually black, puck,while wearing up to ten pounds of equipment .With  one aim in mind to score by getting the puck in the other teams goal while it is heavily guarded by a goalie. I spoke to one of the people I know who play the sport his name is Ryan Gorley I asked him what is the best thing about playing the game he said, " the best thing about playing hockey is when you hit someone hard enough knowing that they won't come back your way because of that one hit, my body just feels with adrenaline knowing that someone on the ice is terribly scared of me".
      As I already stated, every team must have a goalie. The other 10 players are called as 'field players', and are all over the ice trying to get the puck and passing it to their other  teammates. The field players can be put into three categories - attackers, defenders and midders. No player other than the goalie has a big definite role, the attackers are generally on attack, the defenders are generally on defense, and the midders attack and do the defending. A big skill needed for playing hockey is the ability to control, pass, push, stop and shoot the puck with your hockey stick. This is called   stick handling. It is both beautiful and impressive to watch a player with good stick handling skills control the puck while sprinting the length of the ice while being chased by attackers and midders, or weave through the sticks and legs of defenders to create an open shot. I asked one of my other friend, Derrick Harrison, about what he thinks about the sport of hockey and he said " The sport of hockey I think is truly America's pastime but it is clearly overrated sometimes I hear people saying they hate the sport, my thought is how can you hate a sport that you know nothing about and you never took the time to watch it or learn about it".
     If a defending team breaks certain rules, the other team may be given a 'penalty corner.' It is given when a team breaks a rule while defending in their 'shooting circle'. It can also be given when a defender is guilty of a particularly bad foul inside the defending quarter of the ice.To take a penalty corner, play is stopped to allow the teams to take their positions in attack and on defense. One attacker stands with the puck on a designated spot on the back-line. The back line is a line that marks the shorter boundary of the ice of play and on which the goal is placed. This player will 'push out' the puck to other attackers, waiting to take a shot at goal. The other attackers usually wait at the top of the shooting circle to receive the puck. But in any case, all attackers have to be outside the shooting circle until the penalty corner begins.  
     I hope this essay gave you a better understanding of the game of hockey and all of its rules and regulations. I know it gave me a likeness for the sport as well as an appreciation for it. The best thing I like about the sport though is the fact that they hit so hard and most people who sometimes make the transition from hokcey to football are always the best hitters. As you know already Catholic Memorial has the best hockey team in the state by far. I would like to think of us as the Ls Angeles Lakers of hockey or the New England Patriots of hockey. We are a dynasty and the dynasty will only grow to get better and better as years go on.