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Nature's paradise is like no other. The reason for this is because it is all mine. No one else goes there and reminisces on past and current events besides me, the is nothing wrong with the place, it is not an eye sore, I just think that people now a days think they have better things to do besides taking a brisk walk or having a picnic on a cloudy day.
Im currently at Nature's Paradise. Its 4:56 p.m. The weather is warmer than I previously anticipated. The season is fall, but there is not a leaf within a fifteen-foot radius of me. It is the sound of a Lincoln Mach V engine I’m guessing in the distance. The sound waves signaling the final call for the boarding of the train in the distance. The shed that I am standing next to is in a very lonely location. It also has not an inch of paint thats not chipped on its whole unit. It is now time for me to leave this parking lot for nature that resembles how people may feel when they have a bad day in school/work when it seems like they can’t get out of their slump.
Once again Im at Nature's Paradise. The bottom of my pants are soaking wet due to the morning dew that is currently blanketing the ground surrounding me. At the moment, it is rather sunny out, but strangely I am still able to see my own breath. Every human at one point of their life thinks about the subject of death, I wonder if nature contemplates the same topic, if someday they will just be torn up and replaced with a shopping mall, who knows. Actually this land is untouchable, it is a historical landmark.
Im hand in hand accompanying Nature’s Paradise during this artic experience. A nestle crunch rapper is half under my foot at the moment. I wonder if under my other foot the grass feels trapped or any pain similar to that of teens under the influence of peer pressure.
 At Nature's paradise. Im sitting on a red picnic table. This table looks like it is has been through a lot. Many years, not many memories thought, because no one uses it ever. This is strange but even though no one uses it, it still squeaks when u sit on it. Obviously this is due to the age of the wood and the weather it has been through. There seven leaves on the top of this table, that are covered in frost, almost as if their trying to hide themselves from the cold, not to be confused with when people do that to their kids. But they don't just hide their kids form the cold, but also from the outside world.
































The Story of The Bad Little Boy is a short story that was written by Samuel Clemmons, the most influential writer during the 1800's that brought about a new breed of writing. This short story is like no other because Twain describes the Boy's every little action and thought down to the very last detail, and also displays it in a comic light. Another interesting factor in the story is that the bad little boy is named Jim. Jim is also one of the main characters in Huck Finn. He also states that all bad kids are named Jim, is there any resemblance to the character in Huck Finn, I'll discuss this furthermore in this essay.
Mark Twain was known as one of the best writers ever to use realism. He amazed people with the dialogue he used, he made his characters talk and sound the same way that real people in each setting atually talk in everyday life. In the Story of The Bad Little Boy he does not use this strong technique. Instead of using realism in this short story he uses comedy. And there is only minimal dialect. This is very unusual when compared to other Twain writings.
The most unique characteristic about this piece of Twain writing is that the main character in this short story is named Jim. In the short story Twain states that the bad guy in the story is always named Jim. Twain obviously knew that the main character in Huck Finn was a runaway black slave named Jim. In Huck Finn he displays Jim to be a responsible man that watches over Huck. On the other hand, in this story he makes Jim out to be a liar and also sneak. Twain obviously intended this character to resemble Jim in some sort of light.
In this short story by Twain, it is the first time that the reader is introduced to the main character as a five year old mischevous boy. In order for Twain to write about such a unique topic, while at the same time to have such a plethora of details entact, he would've had to reminensce on his own childhod experiences. Furthermore, this short story also opened up the doors to showing what a character is actually feeling and going through inside by using one of the main focuses in the story as the boy's conscience. This short story just shows the reader how all Mark Twain was doing was enjoying his earlier years through his writing, little did he know that he was staring a revolution.





































Although you may find it hard to believe, tennis was one of the first sports to originate. ball games, as it used to be called, can be traced all the way back to ancient times and can also be found in carvings in Egyptian temples starting from 1500BC. The Egyptians and the people that followed played ball games as part of their religious ceremonies. These traditions and the whole concept of the ball game spread into Europe around the 8th century. The influence spread and eventually reached into Southern France. It was the meeting of this eastern culture with Christianity that eventually fueled the birth of tennis.  
The Christian Monks became interested and were the first Europeans to play the ball game that was later to become tennis. The first version of the game was called "La Soule." This was where two players would hit a ball to each other using either a stick or even in some cases their hands. The game became very popular in Monasteries all over Europe, so popular that the Church was even considering prohibiting the game.  
The first ever American tennis player to be ranked number one in the world was John McEnroe. McEnroe held the title from 1981-1984. McEnroe finished his career with 77 singles championships and also 77 doubles championships. He also was a 4 time U.S. Open champ and a 3 time Wimbledon champ, not to mention any of his other major victories. It is obvious that McEnroe's accomplishments opened up the doors for many uprising American tennis stars.  
In order to start a game, the server stands behind a white line which is called the baseline and hits the ball into play into the opposite service court. The server is given two chances for each serve. The opponent has to return the ball over the net on the first bounce, while staying within the boundary lines. Believe it or not, the same person serves for an entire game. The first serve is always from the right court to the opponent's right court. The next serve is from the left court to the opponents left court. The players alternate sides after each point. Penalties are given when the server fails to place the ball in the proper service court. Players change sides every time the game score adds up to an odd number so that no one is favored by any factors surrounding the game.