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  As I have'nt been to the house were I started my  
 life, I wonder how it all began. I ask my  
grandmother whats so special about this house, she  
sat me down to tell the story of this great house. It  
all started after their house burneded down, she  
went to stay with her sister. The times were hard  
because my grandmother and grandfather had 11  
kids to provide for.
      My grandmother finally found a  
house in a good neiborghood down the street from  
where their old house burnt down. This house was on  
a dead-in street, was white, had red shutters, and a  
giant steel door. My grandmother told me that when  
she first went to the house yoe could smell the        
inchanting essence of the wood gran floors. My  
grandmother said that she knew when she steped in  
the house that it was going to be something special  
in years to come.   This house is the begining of every ameerican family. My Grandmother had 12 kids to raise in this one house. Most american family's at this time had big family's, this was the tradition of that time.
      My grandmother and grandfather had tuff times just as any american family has. My father growing up in that house as one of the youngest in the family had to fight his older bothers for everything that he got. My family is a true american family. All my uncles and aunts went on to go to college and do well in life.  
          Growing up in this house myself made a stronger kid because I had to do much of the same things that my father had to do growing up as a young man. This is what makes my family American.


































This is a group of essays that are acconts of nature and its world outside the world of our on. Nature is not just forest or woods. Its soules of life working together in unity.  
    As I walk up a small hill to nature the leaves start to fall from the trees and crunch under my feet, the air has a scent of oak in the air. I see that the trees are starting to loose leaves in oder to start a new season. The leaves dancer on the wind, as it falls not knowing thatit will soon be under my feet. All the leaves cruch under my feet as if it were life less and crying for help asit falls into a million pieces. Acorns also fall from the tree and squirrels pick them up and run into tree stumps waiting for winter. WE need to look at when natrue dies, what happens. That dies and is reborn at the same time.
 As I walk the water splashes benath my feet the smell of rain of rain in the air, As the water drizzled from the sky. Splashing in my eyes as I look at the pigeons wonder around the street looking for a pieces of food. As I look more I see little brown birds flocking to trees, In search for cover from the rain that begins to fall hard to the ground. I hear the sound of rain beating off the roof of my leaves. I walk by brushes and see squirrels standing uder the bush to cover from the rain. We need to look beyond everyday life and see nature at its best.
   The third day I wake there is still rain in the air. I lay under the shelter and looked in the sky, and seen the moon in the distance it was white in a sky that was blue and white with the clouds in the sky. I see birds that I could not make in the distant sky in the formation of a V. I look back at the moon itv fades away for awhile but comes back into vision from behind a gray cloud. The moon looks as if it were not their, but faded with the blue sky. We need to look at nature's beauty that is far and not something you can touch.
   As I wake from my slumber, the smells of forest hits my noise the rain has gone since yesterday when the park rangers were here. As I stepped out from the shelter I could here the sound  of water hitting leaves with a musical sound. The birds were different from the birds inside the forest  I was in. The little brown birds fly from tree free of everything. The birds chase each other from branch to branch playing a game with each other. We need to look at nature at its best.  
  As I wake on the fifth day, I feel the cold breeze and the fog behind it. The snowflake fall from the sky and it floats through the sky as if it were dancing on the wind, As if it heard a song from up above. I see nothing but white as if someone put a white sheet over my head. The forest smells clean, as if the forest is waking to a new way of life. The snow blankets everything and there is no animal in sight. As if the snow has told the animals to fall into deep sleep. We all dont like snow because the days get short and it is colder. This is a time of sleep and to come back in spring for a new beginning.






























The Harlem Reinsance, had many great writers but Langston Hughes was the most admired. His rhythmic writing he learned while sitting in clubs listening to music. He wrote the way he would hear the sound of music played. Hughes said that the beats in the songs are the beat of people everywhere that's the way he would write. With this style he changed the way people would write in that time. The Harlem Reinsance was a time of a new beginig for black people. So Langston Hughes was a great inspiration for other writers.
        This poem that Langston Hughes Wrote, A Dream Variation Talked about what a dream for a black man really is. For a man to be able to walk down the street with white people and have no difference. This poem is not totally different from the rest of his poems. That talks about equal rights for black people. He was born into abolitionist family that fought against slavery. His whole life has written works to fight against slavery.  The poem illustrates how Langston Hughes would dance with the sun and then rest in the evening. The message in this poem is that the dream is to be equal and be proud to be black and not just come out at night as the color of our skin.  
Langston Hughes always told people not to be afraid to be black and express you,  as a proud black person But in this story he shows himself as a tree that dances with the sun and in the end he rest to the night and no one gives him grief he just stays their being happy while night  is in session, And resting  just to be black. That night is as gentle as the skin of a black person. We should not have to fight with the sun but dance with the sun all day till night falls.

































The crowd is quiet, and the crowd looks in awe. The man has a long sharp club that is angled at the ball. He looks at a small white hole two feet away. He pulls back and hits the ball the. The crowd shocked for a minute. Keeps quiet as the ball roles to the white  cup. The roles in and the crowd goes crazy in to a roar. This is what you will see if you watch a golf match.
    This sport is not really an american sport. It came from another country, the game came from Scottland in 1744, where it was mostly played in scottland under their rules. As the game went on they started to change the rules for each country. The game has evovoled just like any other game in the world. This sport is a popular sport among americans, not as much as say a baseball or a football, but this is a major sport in america. people come from all around the world. To see this difficult sport.  
  One man that has made the sport popular over the years. It is the young and talented Tiger Woods. Who has dominated the sport for many years now and has brought the sport great excitement through his great play. Their are other greats but know one has made the sport more popular than Tiger woods.
In and interview with him. Tiger said that he wanted to go out and dominate the sport of golf. Tiger has done this and more with thrilling shot and great combacks. He will be golfs mos noted vplayer ever.
  Along with tiger their has been great movies that capture the atmosphree of golf. Movies like "Tin cup" and "The legend of Bagger Vanace" show the serious side of golf. Which other movies like great comedy "Happy Gilmore" are movies that show the great laughter of golf. Most people that play the game no that this is not a game that is one to be laughed about, because of its great difficulty. Still people find laughter in it after all.
 This is a game that is not american to begin with but is popular in america in the end. It was before that only the rich played the sport in america because people could not afford to pay to play. Now it has changed their are people from every class that play the game of golf. As we all live on, we will find out if golf is american.