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Its 4:00 and I am at the deep woods on Weld Street. It’s very muggy out and looks like it’s about to rain. Although it’s about fifty degrees out, it feels like its going to get colder. As I walk through these woods I see two squirrels chasing each other up a tree. I stop to watch them and then they disappear into the leaves of the tree. I walk the pat and see a gigantic rock about fifty feet away. I get up there and climb over the rock and see something weird. I see glass bottles smashed everywhere. It also has empty beer boxes and cigarette cases and broken lighters. I keep walking and sight a little tiny river. It has broken branches and trash in it. I follow it and get to the end of it and notice that it is a sewer. I noticed earlier too because I could smell it. We need to start cleaning up these sorts of surroundings.
It is 12:00 and I enter the deep woods on Weld Street. I just woke up and it is a little hazy out. The temperature is about forty-five degrees and it is chilly. As I walk the path I discover a big hole in the ground. Although it is covered with leaves it looks like a booby trap it was pretty deep. I walk a little more and I jump over a knocked down treat was covered with wet bark and was starting to peel off. I continued on the path and come to a tree house. It looks like it ha been there for a few years because it is all chipped and holes are in it. This kind of thing should not be part of our society.

It is 3:00 and it is raining out. It’s not raining hard but drizzling. I walk the path and sink into some wet mud. I stop and watch the raindrops come down and hit the leaves on the ground. I stop and stare for awhile and then I move on down the path. As I walk the dirt path I discover a tree and attached to it is a cable wire. At the end of the cable wire there is a circle made of electrical tape. This is a rope swing and there is a mattress at the end of it so you don't hurt yourself if you happen to fall. Things like this could hurt someone but we all need to have some fun.

Its 5:00 and I enter the deep woods. Its really cold out, I say about forty degrees, and it is dark outside. I can’t really see where I am going so I take out a flashlight. I turn it on and see the yellowish white light on the ground in front of me. I entered the woods at a different location so I get somewhat lost. I entered where there were no paths. It is dark and cold outside and I don’t know where I am going. I see a skunk run by me and it scared me. I keep walking and come to a path and I follow it up a little way. I remember that I have been here before, it is the same place of the rope swing where I was last time. I see the exit and walk out.

Its 3:00 and I enter the deep woods one last time. It is really cold outside and the snowflakes are falling. The snow is not sticking to the ground but it is to my jacket. The entrance is where I enter from and walk up the path. I come across a rotted tree that must have been blown down from the winter’s hard gust of wind. As I rip the outermost bark on it I see that here are a hundred of tiny little bugs. They were maggots and termites. They were just eating away on the bark of that tree. It was real brittle because when I kicked it, it broke into two. I exit the deep woods for the very last time.




































Golf is a very popular sport in the United States today. Professionls such as Tiger Woods, Fred Funk and Davis Love compete in the biggest and most popular tournament, The U.S. Open. Golf is played with one small ball and many different clubs. It is played with eighteen holes and as the game goes on the holes get harder and more difficult.  
" Golf is an exciting sport once you know the rules and know how to play it ", says my father. He has been playin for over 15 years and heres what he had to say. So what made you become a golfer? Well i thought that if i tried something new it would be exciting and it is. Where do you usually play? I usually play at Franklin Park or go to Florida and play those courses.  
Golf is starting to get popular with young kids in high school. They are having big competitions and  
are competing in state tournaments. Golf tends to be the most popular with people over the age of forty. Older people enjoy golf beause they move to Florida and they hav some of the best courses.  
I personaly do not enjoy golf because i dont know how to play the rules or what to do. If i was to kno the rules an played well i probably would play golf. I tried watching it once and it didnt interest me at all so i changed the channel.  
In conclusion golf is a popular sport wit young and old people. Younger people usuallly compete and the older people just play for the fun of it. Some people dont like it because they dont know the rules but once you know the rules and know how to play im sure it is as easy as any sport that you have mastered.