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In my seven year old mind the fish I had just caught is as big as a dog.  Our house in New Hampshire was a perfect place to stay during skiing trips our family took in the winter.  It was near a lake which me, dad, and my brothers spent hours fishing.  We have since sold the house around the time of my tenth birthday, but it is a piece of land our family will always cherish.
This was the first piece of land our family owned.  Bought by my grandfather and passed on to my dad.  Right in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, our house in Campton seemed 1000 miles from civilization.  Though there were about 20 houses in the neighborhood, forest was at three sides of our house and a huge lake was within five minutes walking distance.
The house was fun to spend a weekend at no matter what season it was.  In winter we would sit around a roaring fire after skiing all day.  In spring everything was turning green and the neighborhood was alive with excitement.  In summer could spend a lazy afternoon fishing at the lake for hours on end.  In fall the you could take in the majestic site of foliage on the White Mountains.
America is a majestic country.  It has mountains, canyons, forests, deserts, beaches, and other great natural wonders that would take a lifetime to see all of.  Owning land away from city and taking in its natural beauty is a good way to clear your head.  Having a place to call you own is something every American dreams of and works for.