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Downtown, in the heart of the North End, there is a place that I feel I have a lifelong connection with.  When you first arrive at 166 Endicott St., one of the first things that you notice is the hall that leads up to the heavy wooden front door, is not the bright brick red of the building, but that the hall was painted red to match the brick of the building.  I’ve always found this to be an odd thing, but maybe it was the thing to back when the building was first built a hundred and fifty years ago.  
  This was the first place that my great-grandparents could call their “own.”  When they moved out of their apartment on Thatcher Court, Endicott Street was apparently the place for them.  My great-grandparents bought the building in 1959 and moved into the third of the four-floor building.  The second floor was taken by one of the five daughters that they had, and the bottom and top floors were rented out to other people.   
      One of the things that is a favorite to the entire family are the windows towards the front of the building.  Opening a window and leaning out and taking in the view of the street below is one of the most relaxing experiences that I have ever had.  Not only is a place for me to relax, but it was also my great-grandfathers place where he would always want to be, so it reminds me of him and is a good place to collect your thoughts and think about what ever.    































    No matter what things we do in life that make us happy or sad, there’s always something in the world that is reliable and has always been there in the past. That thing is nature, no matter what times our like in our natural surroundings have always been there to support us when we need them, and no matter where we are or what we have done there will always be a small part of nature nearby to relieve us from this hectic world we live in today. For me, that place is located on the edge of Norfolk Mass. and I call it the lonely tree.  
Many of the people who know me would ask me why I chose a spot so far away from where I live, because who goes a half hour out of their way just to see a tree. Seems like an odd thing to do, but I do it any way. When I’m at my spot, a certain vibe almost flows over you and lets you help to let go of all the crazy things and problems that are  
happening at that time. In a sense everything that’s on your mind becomes erased, and you have nothing to worry about. The first time I went to this lonesome tree, I took my viewpoint from the paved road a decent amount away from the tree. Even though it was a view from the distance, you are still able to feel the senseless feeling the tree provides. As it has been growing colder, the trees summer color begins to fade, and the falling sky begins to trace the silhouette of the tree earlier and earlier in the day. There’s not much activity surrounding the tree at this time of day, with the exception of the occasional bird peering down over field.  
  There is no one else around; the tree just sits there in the middle of the field. Almost everything looks the same across the field and. By the tree being in the field, the tree seems like a flaw, some sort of mistake that wasn’t supposed to be there. In the five or so minutes that I’ve been here, other then that nature’s breath rustling up some leaves there hasn’t been much disturbance of the natural setting, only a few cars go by and disappointingly snap you back into reality.  
  I decided to give it this title because of its odd surrounding.  The tree is in the center of a plot of land about the size of three football fields. Next to the tree, there is a dirt path. Today as I walk down the dirt path going to the tree, I notice that the dirt road is lined by large wooden logs. This makes me wonder, at some point and time could there have been another tree? And if there had been, what purpose was cut it down for.
Today it is probably the coldest visit to the tree yet. Not to mention it is slightly raining. What was the powder dirt road running next to the tree is now a moist pasty mixture, not quit mud. The tree itself looks as though it has become ill. There are no longer any leaves on the tree, it must feel somewhat naked and exposed. Although it still stands alone in the cold, awaiting the season of rebirth.























  The novel “White Fang” was written by author Jack London.  Jack London was know for his naturalistic writings such as “The call of the Wild”, “Sea-Wolf”, and “To Build a Fire.”  Jack London was born on January 12th   in 1876 and died on November 22 in 1916. After receiving great reviews for “The Call of the Wild” in 1904,  London began writing “White Fang” in June of 1906 and finished the story four months later in October of 1906.  What seems unique about “White Fang” and is different then “The Call of the Wild”, is that “What Fang” is written as the civilization and evolution of the dog.   This is different because usually writers write about the human evolution instead other animals.  London is different and chooses to write from a totally different perspective.
 As London displayed in his book, too often when humans are interacting with nature do they have a great affect on the rest of a lifetime of certain things in nature.  Many times in stories we are showed that a person can change under the right circumstances. What Jack London showed in “White Fang” was that the same genre can be used for animals. This is perhaps the first or one of the first books to portrayed this topic as its strong themes.  There are numerous times during the book when London changes the personality of White Fang. “He never chummed with other dogs. Lonely he had lived, so far as his kind was concerned, and lonely he would continue to live. In his puppy hood, under the persecution of Lip-lip and the puppy-pack, and in his fighting days with Beauty Smith, he had acquired a fixed aversion for dogs. The natural course of his life had been diverted, and, recoiling from his kind, he had clung to the human.”(part 5 Ch. 4) This seems a bit on the unusual side and a new style of writing.  He shows the transformation of white fang, going from a neutral stage, then to destructive, and then to being a tame calm beast and overall having to almost being dependent on the humans
  Although London uses the distinct topic of the civilization and evolution of the dog, their could have been many other stories that could have been in contest and could have possibly taken the same path that London had done with his novel.  Other novels such as “The Jungle Book” and “Tarzan”, that also deal with the evolving of a character from a natural setting could end up having totally different turnouts if that had been written in the same way that London had chosen to write “White Fang”.
 The thing that made the book most unique was the way that London gave the dog its own personal thoughts, and didn’t just have it there for the sake of being a figure.  By having the dog have all of its own thoughts, it seemed to give the audience a better perspective on the view though the dog. And it also made the book a bit more interesting and was able to fulfill the novel with much life, because it is a perspective that we’re not use to looking though.  From “White Fang” London has created a new class of writers in their own class.




























Through out the history on the world, playing card date back way into time. The first types of cards are said to be made by the Chinese first used as paper cut up dominoes. They have had many forms depending on the type of culture and also along with their own different style and symbolism.  Something that many people do not know is that some cards actually have reference to actual people that at one time lived.  At one point in time the King cards all represented men of power. The King of Diamonds was to represent Julius Caesar, Spades was King David, Hearts was Charlemagne, and Alexander the Great was the King of Clubs.
  The American version of cards first came out form the Yankees that first settled in the 1800's. These new American gamblers began making their own cards and kept remaking them to perfection, and eventually coming up with the card that were double headed, rounded corners, and varnished sides… the perfect playing card.  
  To go along with this newly perfected card, an array of games were developed among the people of playing cards.  One of the more popular games was the game of Whist.  Whist was the game that Bridge was based on.  Whist which was developed in England during the 1600's, but then later evolved into the American version of Bridge during the 1890's. Also in 1742, a book to the pre-form of Bridge Although there was a frame, the game was finally constructed and completed by Harold S. Vanderbilt in about 1925 and had named the game "Contract Bridge".  
 Today there are many forms of Bridge, there is Contract Bridge, Rubber Bridge, Duplicate Bridge (which can be played in pair or fours), and Chicago Bridge.  All these types of Bridge are obviously very closely related, but each game if every complicated to perfect and people that play for years are still learning new techniques and tactics.  Even today, Bridge is one of the only card games with official rules. To many this comes as a big surprise because out of popularity, Bridge doesn’t seem to be a very popular high stakes game.  Although Bridge isn’t a very high stakes game, it does indeed deserve a nook in the heart of America.  Many Americans over time have had their own lick at the game.  For instance during his Presidency, President Eisenhower participated in a weekly filling of bridge regularly on Saturday nights with top players of the game.  Not only that but the President was well know to attend national bridge tournaments when possible. Eisenhower enjoyed playing bridge just as many Americans do and he was considered an excellent player.
  Although it doesn’t matter who you are, where your from. or how old you are.  People of all different varieties participate in this old American pastime.  This game was truthfully and proudly perfected on good old American soil.  Many people don’t understand that although the game was technically framed in England, the final product was formed in America.  So the thought I leave you with is that, no matter if your participating in a high stakes game of poker, or playing your casual game of “Go Fish”, why not take a step back and venture into the highly addicting, yet surprisingly relaxing game of Bridge.  The true American card game…