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I found this story by searching through my father’s belongings. One day I asked my father what did he think the oldest writing in this family was? He gave me permission to look through his files that had all the documents of this family. I finally found a document from 1944 written during World War II.  
   I read this document and found many interesting things in it.  It had information about Bastone and all the famous battles ab out the war, i found this piece of writing very interesting as well as old.
   The story goes like this: One foggy night when the wind was howling and the trees were blowing, and their was nothing but the sound of silence, my grandmothers boyfriend, Bill Coeign decided to write a letter to his girlfriend because he missed her.The letter just talked about how much he missed my grandmother and it also had a part where he was talking about how much pain and mental anguish he had suffered. The story itself was very sad and mentaly challengeing to read, even though he did not put a lot of detail in the story's he told they were still very sad. The letter talked about many things that went on in the war, it was actually like i could feel his pain.
  The story was actually very hard to find because i had to look through many documents. I would say that it took me about three days to find that certain piece of writing.
   When i interviewed my brother i found out many interesting points on what he said. When i asked him how old he thought this text would be, he said to me that it looked only about ten years old. I asked him what did you think it was before i asked him to read it? He said he had no idea at first but when i told him to look closer he said it looked like an old document of some sort. After he read it i asked him what he knew about this person, he answered "I know it was my fathers mothers boyfriend. When i asked him the question what does this look like to you he automattically said that it was an old document which probably went through some rough times.  
      When i read this letter, i realized that their was no differance between my lingo and his. This suprised me because it was so long ago, i was puzzled  on why he spoke the same way i did, the only differance was that he wrote in a cursive which was extremely straight and neat, i guess that writing was probably because of the nuns that use to teach a while ago.
































My speech was first heard in the movie matrix reloaded. It is told by Neo in the middle of the movie. The speech was written and directed by Larry Wachawski. This speech in the movie was pretty much the only thing that made sence to me.  
 I believe that the speech was a message to the audience. The whole speech was Neo if he could complete his mission which was of course to save the universe. He kept asking if he could do this, he felt he had to much pressure on him, and that if he did not succeeed and he failed his mission he would jepordize the human population and the universe its self.  
The speech written by Larry Wachawski, was used to leave the audience hanging and to reach out to them which made the movie a lot more interesting. Larry Wachawski used a good trick called repetition. You could see how and why he used this trick in the speech by simply reading all the parts about him failing, their all connected. For example in the fourth line Neo says he does not understand why he was the chosen one and why he was given this mission. Then in the seventh line Neo says to the prophet that he doubts himself, this method keeps the audience hanging and waiting for the next thing to happen. This speech was only meant to add to the ending i believe, because even though it was about two pages long the main content was Neo doubting himself and fearing what would happen if he failed
















The Renaissance period was a time when all writers flourished. In this time there were many great writers. William Shakespeare was no exception. Shakespeare wrote many great plays, one of his more famous is Hamlet. In the play Hamlet, there is a lot of love and romance. Shakespeare shows the romance through the character of Hamlet.  
In the play, Hamlet falls in love with a woman named Ophelia. Throughout the play, the only way Hamlet and Ophelia can see each other is in secrecy.  “That if you be honest and fair, your honesty should admit no discourse to your beauty,” this is a quote in act three between Hamlet and Ophelia, Hamlet is expressing his infinite love for her. If you notice at the beginning of the play Ophelia shows resistance towards Hamlet, but it is his heartwarming words that lure him to her. Towards the middle of act three, Hamlet and Ophelia become bonded, because their love is so strong for each other.
Towards the end of the play Ophelia is murdered, and Hamlet is changed for the whole play. Hamlet expresses anger, grief, and great sadness. “Has this fellow no feeling of his business, that he sings at grave-making?”
A quote in act 5 of Hamlet that shows great emotion is in a graveyard where Hamlet says “How long will a man lie i' the earth ere he rot?” This quote expresses anger, true love, and great sadness. The quote represents Hamlet grieving over Ophelia’s death. When Hamlet says “How long will a man lie i’ the earth ere he rot” it is telling the audience that Hamlet loved Ophelia so much that he really could not live without her, it tells the audience that he does not want to live anymore. When someone does not want to exist in this earth anymore because of a loved one it must have been a truly special bond between the two.
Shakespeare expresses many emotions through characters like Hamlet, Ophelia, the Ghost, Horatio, Marcellus, and Queen Gertrude. There are many emotions that Shakespeare expresses, a few emotions that really stand out in the play Hamlet are, anger, sadness, disappointment, fear, confusion, and happiness. Most of these emotions are shown through the character of Hamlet.  
At the end of the play Hamlet eventually has a mental breakdown. It is proven through this essay that Hamlet could not actually live with out his lover, Ophelia, and eventually his emotions got to him.
































This proposal is about your new British literature text book. It contains many great pieces of British Literature; Wintering, by Kate Moses, “Glorious Spring,”  by Patricia Legion, Aldrich, by Thomas Bailey, “Paint It Black,” by Rolling Stones, and The  Play Of Noah, by Professor James Lint of Yale University.  
  “The Great Age,” is a mature title for this text book because this period in British history, is producing some of the greatest British writers. Some of these writers are Kate Moses, Thomas Bailey, Patricia Legion, and Professor James Lint of Yale University. I think that the title of this text should be called “The Great Age.” The reason for the choosing of this title is because of all the great British writers coming from this period.  
  The Novel in the text book is called Wintering, by Kate Moses. This novel represents British literature at its best. Critics quote this “Finest novel of the month.” This novel is a great one to put in a textbook because of its educational back round on England, and its culture.  This is a story that would definitely spark a few interests when read, especially in a textbook.  This text includes educational material as well as back round on British culture.
      The next piece that will be in the text is a poem called “Glorious Spring,” by Patricia Legion. This is poem that was well-known throughout the country, just a few years ago. It expresses British Literature at its highest. It expresses beauty and love as well as survival, which can be a great source for a textbook. “I feel that this poem is one of the greatest pieces I have read in my time.”  
  The piece that will probably make the text is a short story called Aldrich. This short story includes many educational features, like vocabulary, and history on Ireland during this period, and because Ireland is a part of England, its educational Intel is sufficient and at the same time important for this textbook.  
  The third piece of this text is a great and famous song called “Paint It Black” by Rolling Stones. This is an important song, because it is an influence on England. This song is the best one you could possibly put in this textbook for two reasons: It’s a modern rock song that is listened too by many people around the world, and finally it’s a huge influence on England and its culture. “This song is the bomb that made rock an roll.”
  The fourth and final text that should be put in this textbook is called The Play of Moses. This is a modern/ancient play. Originally written by Geoffrey Chaucer, and recently changed by the Professor James Lint of Yale University. This is a play on England, its sufferings, triumphs, and hardship. Professor James Lint is originally from London England, and his goal in this play was to modernize, “The Play of Noah.” This play is a dramatic, loving, and mutual, and explains the hardship England was going through during the medieval age. Believe it or not, this play has absolutely nothing to do with Noah’s Arch, but it has to do with a very rich corrupted noble named Noah.
  These stories, poems, and plays are the best out their is , and I hope that you feel the same after what I have told you. Thank you for your attention, and I hope to hear from you.