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When I asked my mother where I could find the oldest text written by someone in our family she didn’t even have to think. She immediately took me to her jewelry box where she carefully looked through it. She gently pulled out a little envelope. She opened it up and laid out a beautiful set of tiny rosary beads and 2” x 3” card. And she began to read it to me. The envelope was addressed to “The three little Koughs”, which to me sounded like the three little pigs, maybe my great grandmother had a good sense of humor, I don’t know. Maybe that was the way they wrought back in the 60’s, I don’t know. The card reads dear little Koughs, Pope Paul blessed the two medals for Allan III and mark, also the little rosary for Cherie. When I was in Rome may 14. Bless you all, Grammy.  Then my mother told me how she absolutely hated to be called Cherie, but since children weren’t supposed to correct there elders my great-grandmother continued to call her Cherie  
May 14 1964 my mother’s grandmother’s friend went to Rome to meet the pope. Since my great-grandmother loved traveling around the world with this woman but was unable to go to Rome she asked her friend to have Pope Paul bless 2 medallions and a set of mini rosary beads. When her friend returned from Rome my great-grandmother sent these items to her three grandchildren. My uncles Mark and Allan got medallions and my mother got rosaries. Along with these items came a little card addressed the "the three little Koughs" its nine lines long telling who gets what and that she loved them very much and she would see them soon  
The major differences between the righting on the card and the righting of today are they were very proper in the way they spoke and wrote. For an example instead of saying Allan she says Allan III. Another difference is “bless you all” that is not a very common way to end a letter today. Finally  “the three little Koughs” is a different way to address your 3 grandchildren. But it must have sounded normal to them even thought it sounds weird to us.
I interviewed my sister, she never saw the note before.
1. What does this look like to you?
     A letter.
2. Who do you think wrote this?
    Pa’s mother because she traveled the world.
3. How old do you think this is?
    39 years old because the date is on the letter.
4. How old do you think this person was when it was written?
    55 years old.  
5. What do you know about the person who wrote this?
    She liked traveling around the world.
6. Is there any thing you don’t understand about this letter?
7. Where do you think this letter was kept during the past 10 years?
    I think it was in my mother’s hope chest.
8. On a scale of 1 through 10 how important do you think this letter is to your mother?
9. On a scale of 1 through 10 how important is this letter to you and why?
      9 because it is important to my mother and it  
      is a righting from my grandmother.
10. Do you think your mother still has the rosary beads and why?
     Yes, if she kept the letter all these years then  
     the gift from her grand mother must be even  
     more important.

















  This speech provokes many emotions including disbelief, nervousness, and fear. The announcer is telling the world is that a UFO’s has been spotted and that aliens really do exist. This makes you wonder what would I do I this really happened. This is where fear really comes into play because you would be completely helpless. You wouldn’t be able to do anything but hide. It gives you a surreal sense of hopeless.  
    Another emotion that begins to surface is nervousness. You think to yourself could this ever happen? The reason I chose this speech was because it was the spot in the movie where your worst fear is confirmed. It ties everything together. This speech provokes all these emotions through story. The effect this speech had on the viewer was humbling; it makes you realize that you might not be the most powerful or intelligent thing in the universe.  
    The speech doesn’t convey disbelief, nervousness, and fear through any special technique, for the reason that a reporter must report strait facts with as little emotion as possible, but just the words itself are terrifying. They are just as powerful as if they were said any other way, but M Night Shyamalan knew that a hysterical reporter would have taken away from the meaning of the words and the words most likely wouldn’t have the same effect.  
    In conclusion these words are ahead of their time because it tells of higher beings that possess higher knowledge than we do and there is little we can do to stop them.


































Geoffrey Chaucer is a middle age poet, who is the author of the Canterbury tales, which contains over 25 tales, which Chaucer collected on his way to Canterbury to visit Thomas Becket’s burial ground with his group of followers. One of these stories is “The Cooks Tale”.
 The cooks tale is a story that tells of a young man nicknamed Perkin Reveller, who is completely irresponsible, he would drink party and gamble, and he wouldn’t work. This is a 59 lined poem which uses 9 beat lines and an A A, B B rhyme scheme.
 It is well known that Geoffrey Chaucer displays his opinion of travelers if his poem and I get the feeling that Chaucer has a strong dislike for the cook. I think that the character in this poem is Geoffrey Chaucer’s interpretation of the cook.
 Chaucer uses personification in line 32 when he says “gay guitar” giving the guitar the human quality of happiness.



















  The Who’s Song, Who Are You, was a smash hit in the 1970’s and it remains popular today. In the 70’s The Who was an influential band and their music was played all over the would. It reached people through records, 8-tracks, and radio selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Due to all their exposure through television and radio The Who became a household name. Their music was inescapable and they constantly releasing new hits making them even more popular.
     The Who have an interesting story relative to their rise to fame. The band started out origanily as The Detours, but when they found out that a rival band had the same name the decided they would be call The Who. As an up and coming band they were largely influential; guitarist, Peter Townshend, invented the “windmill” which is a style of playing guitar. A few years later they got their first chance to play at Woodstock in August 1969, hundreds of fans gathered to see them play.
     The main reason you should include The Who in your book is because of the influence they held, and still, hold on music lovers both past and present. The Who is still a famous group, who after 30 years are still largely popular to younger audiences having had a cameo in the hit TV show The Simpson’s. Also there song Who Are You is featured every Thursday night at 9 o’clock as the theme song of CSI.
short story
     P.G. (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse was born in 1881. Since the beginning of his childhood P.G was fascinated by literature. He was also a humorous person, in combining his two talents he was able to create such wonderful and entertaining works as “The Truth About George”, and Plum Pie”. This was the reason why his writings became so popular, and in mixing humor into his work he made the stories enjoyable to read. This different approach to writing is what makes P.G Wodehouses’ works more popular with younger children.  
     The main reason I am suggesting “All About the Pastime of Divorce.” is because it is a hilarious short story, which is humorous and factual all at the same time. In this quote P.G. compares finding a new spouse after receiving a divorce to a game of poker. “Divorce, is best described as the privilege accorded to the losing player (in the game of matrimony) to buy another stack of chips and start in all over again.” The entire story is loaded with these comparisons. This short story should be placed into your textbook because it gives young adults something enjoyable to read, not to mention introducing them to a great piece of literature.
     P.G. Wodehouse is an amazing author who has talent writing under any topic. He would be a great addition to any textbook including a contemporary literature section. Through crazy comparisons and wacky word play he brings you along into his world. According to The Times he is a 'A Comic genius recognized in his lifetime as a classic and an old master of farce.'  And as you can see critics have nothing negative to say, all he receives it well deserved praise. P.G. Wodehouse is a name, which will live on forever due to his wonderful literary works.
     Seamus Heaney was born on April 13, 1939 in Ireland, to a farming family. As a young boy he would take every opportunity he could to learn. So when he was accepted into Queen's College he took the chance. Not soon after he became a teacher at St. Joseph's College. And in 1967 Seamus received the E.C. Gregory Award for Death of a Naturalist. During the next 15 years he had a handful of lecturing jobs, published many works including North, Field Work, and Station Island, and received numerous literary awards. Then in 1981 Heaney moved to Massachusetts, where he took a job as a visiting professor at Harvard University.  While in the United States his mother died. Saddened by his loss he wrote a poem, which commemorated her, this poem was The Haw Lantern, published in 1987. Which is the poem I chose for the poetry section of this textbook.
     The Haw Lantern, uses vivid description as shown in line 6 “your breath plumes in the frost.” A lot of the sentences in this poem contain deep meaning even though its mood is gloomy. Its message is hidden, but that is what makes a poem of this nature so great to read, because after the fifth or sixth time you have read it you just begin to comprehend its message. That is the reason why Seamus Heaneys The Haw Lantern should be part of your text book. He is a great poet of our time and has set the bar for contemporary poets to come.