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         It was a cool fall day in the beggining of school in the year 1991 when my brother was in the fourth grade when his teacher who name is unknown assigned a paper for the class to do. The paper was to tell about your best day.When my brother heard this he ammediately thought of his recent trip to california to visit my uncle.
             In this essay my brother describes his trip during this trip he said that he went to sixflags. At Six flages he went on waterslides,roller coasters, etc.
when i talked to my brother about the trip he also said that when he was there he was in an earthquake although he slept through the whole thing.
                  This pieace of writing isnt much different from the way I talk now in as a sophmore 2003. The words in the paper are still used today although they are of a younger age group.  
                  although this pieace of writing took me looking through many boxes and files of papers of my brothers school work I finally found the earliest pieace of writing  in my family. I believe that if I looked back in my family tree I could find someone who wrote book, poem, story, etc and i think that it would be an interesting things to do and find.  
                  When I asked my uncle if I could interview him about the essay he agreed as I handed him the essay. I only asked him a serious of five questions they were 1)without looking at the name who do u think wrote this he said "i donno you" 2)how old do you think this person is well i told him it was my brother he said "about ten" 3)my third question was is there anything different about the language or any word you dont understand "nope" he said 4)I then asked my uncle do you think this is important to my brother he said "I dont know it might be because it is about his past" 5) The final question i asked him was what impotance do you think this means to my mother he said "I believe that it is very important to your mother because he is her son and he means a lot to her."

















  There are many speeches that have motivated me or made me fell some kind of emotion but I believe that one of my favorite quotes was in the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare. This speech was made by the character Robin a prankster or better known as a punk who helped the fairies and was most loyal to Oberon.I believe that this speech was more of an introduction to the tricks that Robin will do.
      When I first read this speech I laughed but I really think that this speech was really wriiten as a way of forshadowing and to show how loyal Robin was to Oberon. When Shakespeare wrote this speech I think he intended to make people to laugh but what he was really doing was forshadowing the future as he often does in his plays.I believe that most peoples reactions would be not to think of this as a way of forsadowing but as comic relief instead.
  I believe that this is a form of forshadowing because later in the play Robin was asked to place a necter on a mans eyes to make him fall in love with the girl who loves him but he puts it on the wrong person and he believes that it was funny.  
  A few of the tricks that Robin does in this speech are to disguise himself as a spider in a girls bowl and when she goes to drink form it she screams.Another prnak that was done was he disguised himself as a footstool and when a woman tried to use it he disapeard and she fell. I believe that when an audience read this they laughed but and it was intended but it wa snot the only thing intended as I have said before.
    In conclusion I chose this speech Spoken by the character Robin but written by one of the best writters of all time, William Shakespeare. In many ways he has affected the world today for example he is an inspiration for many writters today and he is an also a major reason we use many of the words today possibly one of the words in this speech is a word in our language today because he wrote it.











































I  believe  that  Great  Britian  has  witnessed enormous change, such  as  literature   and  musical.  These  changes  have affected  Britian  in  many positive  ways.  Many  muscions  have  changed  the  way people  think  about  the  world  today  suck  as  Ozzie  Ozbourne,  The  Beatles, and  The  Rolling  Stones.  There  were  many  authors  that  emerged  that  helped bring  about  the  modern  times  of  Great  Britian  and  one  example  of  these writers  is  J.K.  Rowling  who  wrote  the  Harry  Potter   stories.
                  These stories includeing Happy Potter and The Chamber of secrets, not only influenced adults but also children, they encouraged children to read more. Before Rowling wrote these books she was an only parent with children to take care of and she was to surviveing on welfare. Rowlings idea for this book was a great one because it spread faster then any of Shakespeares plays written during the Elizabethan age. However unlike Shakespeare Rowling was able to see her books at the peek of their success. Rowling also benefitted  from tons of merchandise made from toys, to games, to holloween costumes. As she became more famous she began to write more books and gain more success and began to gain more money to support her family.
                   The Harry Potter books have brought many children and adults to like books and start reading more. I believe that Rowling has encouraged the literacy rate to dramatically increase, I think that Rowlings books are more and more interesting everytime u read them and when someone is bored and they walk by one of her books goin to watch television they will pick up one of of her books and begin to read them. J.K. Rowling has dramatically changed the future because she is one of the most inspiring writers of the modern age.
                     Along with Rowling another artist who influenced the British population along with the rest of the world is Ozzy Ozbourne. One of his most influention songs is Dreamer. This song is so influential because it encourages people to believe in their dreams and not to give up.
                      Although Ozzy is not the best model to look up to if you listen to some of his lyrics from his songs then u can learn a lot. For example in his song Dreamer he talks about having high hopes for something and sometimes they can just fade away but if you have someone with you then they can always help you remember to stick to your dreams and not give up. He also says that if all you do is dream without persuing your dream then your life just flashes before your eyes.
                       Many parents believe that Ozzy is a bad role model because of his past with the drugs, alcohol, and the bat incodent but ever since he became sober he has changed his ways and isnt a bad person to look up too. Ozzy is a successful singer who has a good family and although he doesnt make as much music as he used to he is still popular and is always in magazines and on television. Also not just Ozzy but the rest of his family is successful as well is doughter Kelly is a successful singer who is new in the industry but is already on the top, also Ozzys wife Sharon has her own talk show which has gotten her some fame although it isnt that successful. The main reason why I think that the Ozbournes are good role models is because they are a successful family and how many kids wouldnt want to have a sucessful family.
          Liam O'Flaherty is a greta influential writer that in his short story "the sniper" talks about a topic that everyone experiences war! War is a very important topic in the modern times because many counrties today are fighting in their own wars for example the United States today is in a war with Afganistan and we are fighting against terrorism. War is a horrible thing that everyone lives with although it may not be in their home country they still feel the effects with embargos and a decrease of trade.
               "About Face" by Alice Fulton is a great poem that is also about war this poem ia one of my favorite poems becuase it puts an impact on its readers and makes them feel what the author feels about war.
              "Les miserables" by Cameron Mackintosh is a great play that is very successful around the world and in the United States. This play is played on broadway and it contains a lot of fighting and action. This is a very touching play because of all of the killing and fighting in the play. this is one of my favorite plays and it should be included into the literature book because it is a touching play thats will move a lot of its readers.
   The age that we live in today should be called the age of economices because everyone is classed by the amount of money they have. The world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years because many people focus more on themselves then on their family and their culture and a lot of countries are in wars and are fighting to over power other countries.





















A persons life is but a length of time
It has its goods bads and in the middles
When your younger you love to play and rhyme
you also love to listen to riddles
as you grow older you begin to learn
you learn to loe to care control your rage
these feelings may cause you to toss and turn
you might have heard this is the thinkers stage
but as you get older you wish your youth
wrinkles and grey hair may bring you sadness
you might have thought your life will be ploundered
but your kids and kids kids will bring you gladness
   life is lived to live not to live a race
   while death brings life to a truly good place.