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I was looking around for not only an old writing the, oldest writting I could find. I started looking in my attic and then moved down to my basement  and found an old story book.  I did some research  and found out  that it was my mother's old journal. My  mother  told me that she use to  write journal enteries every night. This journal that i found is a small blue book that was starting to fade.  When i found this book i was very exited because i was looking for something good and i found something that was great.
   The book was written when she was 17  now she is  
alot older  and she had atleast three stories. They were all about the first obstacles in her life that she didn't know how to express exept she uses different characters. The first one is about a big fight with her friend. The second  story, was about a death in the family and how she felt. the third, one was a death of her friends in a year.This a little taste of the stories my mother wrote.
    This story book meant alot to the family because if without this my mother would have delt  with problems differently. The stories that my mother  wrote in that book were good but  it is the story behind the book that is important. My mother had another story that was to be added to the book, it was  the way she felt for my farther. However she didn't want to put it in the book because she was shy. The story ended by the marriage of my parents and me and my sister being born so this journal is very important to are family.
     The english my mother used was  alittle different slang wise they ddn't have the same style. There were nicknames for things that i never heard of. My mother for the most part wrote like us, there were only afew different ajustments to  are wriitng now. My mother liked writing and used writing every time she got upset or wanted to get away from being mad,sad, andembarresed. She only put her favorite three in the book but still never forgot about her fourth story that couldnt go on page in the book.
     When i saw my sister who got home from college  I wanted to ask her a few questions about this writting such as when you see this writting do you know who wrote it? She said "I dont know,  if I was to guess, I would say it is someone older.'' Then I asked her how old? she said "I would say Twenty years ago." Then this became fun i liked to hear opinions on the writting. So I asked do you like the stories.  She said ," i do." If you were to judge it 1-10 what would it be? eight she said.


































This speech tells the people of virginia what General Robert E. Lee is going to do about this action. This  speech gets at that by saying who he is and what he will do and why he will do this.
   I felt that this  speech really had a nice flow when I heard  this speech,  it made me think  about the way people were like back in that time .It  seems  this speech puts them incharge  of  the matter and made me see that they wouldn't stand and let anyone just attack there state with out a fight .
I feel that this  speech had great  motivation and also it showed anger and a little fright.  
   This speech shows  great parallelism such as"We wont send ower soldiers to tyrannize we dont expect it to happen tp us.'' The author when wrote this speech I believe  wanted  us to see how true  and strong General Robert E.Lee was and when i read it. I felt people  would see it as a good speech but not to serious because it controdicts it self.
 The  other is simile because " like many of you-- indeed, most of you -- I've always been a union man."  he  tells then how he is still a union man kind of a group man.
    It is ahead of its time because it talks  about  others going  into other states and terrorizing inoccent people.Like what is happening in the world today with Bush how Bush said he wouldn't attack but then he  ended up doing it any way. This speech pretty much says you come at us we come back harder. for ex."It is not with joy or with a light  heart that many of us have welcomed secession." this is saying he don't want to do it, but he will if he has too.






























William Blake was born in London in1757.Blake was apoet, painter, visionary mystic, and engraver. Blake illustrated and printed his own works.Blake wrote about supremacy of imagination over the rationalism and materialism of the eighteenth century .(site) In the poem “Proverbs of hell,” written by William Blake, th poem introduces new ways to reach  goals of life. The poem proves that hard work can’t be interrupted, bad things can originate from good , and lastly  if you can’t add happiness to your life you can never becomewhole..  
This poem shows that if you have something that you want, you should go after it. “ he who desires but not acts, breeds pestilence.” This means that if you don’t go after your ambitions you create failure.  
The poem also shows that something bad can happen from something good. However, forgive the wrong if it is a necessary for life “ the cut worm forgives the plow.” This is showing that the “cut worm” will forgive “the plow” because the plow is doing something to help a bigger source survive. Therefor, making the plows actions necessary for life. Without the cutting of the worm the bigger source can’t get the nutrients needed to survive. The worm will help provide the needed nutrients to help the source last.
The poem also shows that if you don’t have some type of happiness in your life you will never become anything of importance. “ He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.” You can never become anything so important as “a star” if you don’t get enjoyment from the little things that go on around you. The “Proverbs of Hell” gives the basic criteria for living life to the fullest. It goes from things so basic as forgiving something that hurts you because it will help you becoming a better person to not letting things interfere with your work


























 The twentieth century was a time when it seemed as though anything that could go
wrong went wrong.  There was much heartache caused by the 2 world wars and many
lives were ruined by drug abuse which became popular among many youths.  It was
during this dark time that a becon of light shone through bringing joy to the
lives of millions, literature.  During the twentieth century due to the
travesties that had occurred many artists had a great deal of material for
songs, books, poems, ect…  In the following pages I have written a few brief yet
informative essay’s on the selections that I have made to be put in the unit for
twentieth century British literature.  I firmly believe that these works are the
best examples of the increase of literacy in both children and adults and hope
that they will continue to have the same effect on all those who read them in
future times.  
     “Help, I need somebody.  Help, not just anybody.” (lyrics.com)  These few lines
from the hit son “Help” written by The Beatles was one of many hits that was
written during the 1960’s.  If you were to ask anybody who the Beatles were they
would probably all tell you the same thing, The Beatles were the inventors of
modern rock N’ roll. This song gives a clear reference to what people needed,
help.  Whether the problem was war or drug addiction it seemed as though
everybody needed help with something.  The Beatles saw this problem and spoke of
how these problems seemed to have happened so suddenly and spoke of how nobody
could have seen then coming when they said “When I was young I thought I’d never
need help in any way.” (lyrics.com)  Through this song The Beatles give a simple
message to their fans, that is to help one another.  Even though they are known
as rebels, revolutionaries, and druggies, it is through this song that The
Beatles show us that they care for they’re fellow man.
     “The Path”  written by  Edward Thomas is an excellent example of a British novel
at its best. This story is about a road that you take in life rather than a
physical path.  This story is perfect for a high school text book not only
because it is brilliantly written but because many high-schoolers are searching
for their own path in the world meaning that they can relate to this poem very
well. This short story is a superb example of how during the twentieth century
writers often tried to write works that were more related to peoples lives and
focused less on writing like people talk.
     The Corn is Green, by Emlyn Williams, is about a young Welshman who worked as a
miner.  During the play the boy escapes his life as a minor with the help of his
tutor and goes of to study at Oxford University.  This play gives a great
example of how the twentieth century was a time of change not only for
literature but for people as well.  For a young minor to go to Oxford would be a
rare sight to see but during the twentieth century people of lower classes
managed to procure a better education.
 The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was a novel written by the author
J.R.R Tokien.  This novel was the first book in the Lord of the Rings series.  
For years these books captivated their audience with tales of dragons, dwarfs,
wizards and orcs.  Young and old alike have been drawn to the stories because of
the rich plot and the vast messages that are found within the text.  The story
is about a young hobbit (a small humanlike creature) by the name of Frodo
Baggins which is given the task of destroying an evil ring.  If the hobbit fails
then all of their world will be consumed in darkness as the evil Lord Saroman.  
This story portrays a message that anyone no matter how small can make a
difference and save the world.
 All in all the above works are the ones selected to represent British Literature
from the twentieth century. They all have messages that are timeless that anyone
can relate to and most importantly each work is entertaining and fun to read.  
These selections should help almost anyone find joy in reading.