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The oldest text that i could find in my family was from twenty nine years ago.  It was a letter written by my mother to my grandmother (her mother).  
It was written in the summer of 1972.  My mother was almost 20 years old.  My mother was with friends of hers traveling Europe.  At the time when she wrote the letter she was in Spain where she actually found my father.  My mother had not seen her mother in over two months.  
  The letter was telling my grandmother all about the trip and how my mother loved it out in Europe.  She told her she was having a great time and that she really missed her and everyone at home.  My mother also had gotten pretty ill a few weeks before this and was thinking about coming home but she fought it off and got better and she told her mom about that. She was ill for five days and missed out in basically everything those days.  All she did was just lay in bed basically and bearly ate anything.  Then my mother got to telling her how she was working in Spanish bars with her friends and all the Spanish man were fascinated by them because they were American girls.  My mother and all her friends could speak some Spanish but not to much.  She told my grandma about how the men at the bars were teaching the girls what a beer was or whiskey was etc. by pointing to them and saying the words.  Then my mother got into telling my grandma about how she had met someone.  She told her that she went out dancing with the girls and she had met someone.  She had said that he was a very handsome man and she was stunned by him.  Then she just told her that she loved her and that she will keep in touch.  (That man that she met is now my father)
  I thought that this letter was really interesting to read and talk about.  I think its interesting to hear some of the stories of my mother when she was younger. The language my mother used was modern English.
  In order to conclude this essay i asked my brother a few questions about the writing with out him even reading it. I first showed him the piece of writing and then i asked him what he thought it was? He said a letter and he was right.  The second question I asked him was why did he think this letter was saved? He said cause it was most likely important to someone in the family.  The third question I asked him was who does he think wrote it? He said my mom which was right.  The final question I asked him was how old did he think it was? He took a wild guess and said 45 years old which was wrong.  After i asked him the questions i gave it to him to read and he thought it was real interesting.
























 I was asked to pick a speech from a movie and thatís what I did. There is a memorable speech from the movie "Remember the Titans". In my opinion it is a classic . It is memorable because it is such a moving speech. Denzel Washington, the actor is the one who gives the speech. He is the coach of a high school football team called the Titans. His name is Coach Boone. This takes place in pre season camp in the summer. Coach Boone takes his team on a challenging run. He stops them and says the speech. It is on the battle ground of Gettysburg. He said this speech to motivate the team and let them know that they were going to learn to respect one another.  
 The affect this speech had on me as a viewer was that it moved me to see how the team came together after the speech and to be so successful. It is a very serious, well said speech. You could use a speech along the lines of this but maybe a different topic to motivate a team.  
  The effect this speech had was that it motivated the them, brought them closer together, and it taught them to look beyond appearances. This was written in a speech format. This speech definitely inspired, and I think it scared them a little because of what grounds they were on.  
 The actual affect of the speech was a complete success. What he said had meaning and heart. This speech used an analogy on war. This speech also used a simile. He was comparing the battle of Gettysburg to there football team coming together and learning to respect each other. It said "And you take a lesson from the dead. If we donít come together, right now, on this hallowed ground, we to will be destroyed, just like they were."  
     This speech was so critical for this team. If they didnít pull together they were on the road to defeat. It was such an interesting speech from how he compared football to war. What it says about the world is that you can refer  present things to things that happened decades ago.





















One hundred years is equal to a century.  Its quite a long time.  Many things will go on, happen, and change in that amount of time.  This is a text that brings five different styles of writing into one.  This text contains a poem by T.S. Eliot called "Exploring and The Wasteland", a song by the Beatles called "All You Need Is Love", a play by John Osborne called "Look Back In Anger", a short story by Rudyard Kipling called "Rikki - Tikki - Tavi", and a novel called "The Old Man and The Sea" by Ernest Hemingway.  
      The poem by T.S Eliot is unique.  "We shall not cease from exploration/ And the end of all our exploring/ Will be to arrive where we started/ And know the place for the first time."  This poem is saying that if we stop exploring that nothing new will ever be found.  We wont advance, and everything will just be the same.  Another point this poem brings about is that if we dont explore then there will be so much usefull land never discovered.  The poem relates to the 20th century if exploration stops then the upcoming centuries will be dull, and so similar.  Exploration is a never ending process.  There is always somthing out there for any one to find.  
      The Beatles were a revolution in the Music World.  They were more then famous.  They basically introduced Rock and Roll.  They played in the "peace" period or the years were there were people called "hippees".  The song "All You Need Is Love" was a hit.  This was such a good song because it related to its time perfectly.  The Hippee age was all about love.  When it comes down to it all you do need is love.  This song can bring people together if listened to and admired by people.  The poem by T.S Eliot and this song differ completley.  The poem is saying to explore and that you need to do and find things to advance, and the song is just saying that all you have to do is love.  Love is important.  Every one should treat one another with love just like Jesus wants us to.
   Short stories are like shortened books  Some are real short, others are larger.  "Rikki - Tikki - Tavi" is relativley short.  It is a short story meant for young kids to read, yet older people can relate to it as well.  "Rikki -Tikki - Tavi" in a nutshell goes like this - There is a family that moves into a house in India, they have a garden filled with snakes, the boy finds a mongoose and takes it in as a pet and the mongoose kills the snakes in order to protect the family. This story shows the mongoose basically as being the hero.
   "Look Back In Anger" was a play written by John Osbourne.  This was a very controversial play.  Some people said that the play was influential, others hated it.  Writers say that Osbourne "opened the doors of theatres for all the succeeding generations of writers."  The play was about a man  Jimmy Porter who was a lower middle class man, and he was university educated. He was married to a women by the name of Alison.  Jimmy ran a sweet stall.  Jimmy has an angry life.  He is full of rage. His probem is peoples acceptance of the world around them.  That is a short description of the play.  This is a play that brings great controversey to some and great hope to others.
   "The Old man and the sea" is a classic novel.  It was written in 1952.  It is about a man by the name of Santiago who was a fisherman who had his greatest catch of his life.  His friend Manolin always greeted Santiago and helped him with his fish gear.  Santiago sailed for 84 days and didnt catch any thing.  He was not going to let this streak last any longer so he went out for an 85th day.  He got a hold of a big fish but he couldnt pull it in.  This battle lasted for three days until finally Santiago pulled the big marlin in.  The marlin is the largest Santiago has ever seen.  He was on his way back to land and sharks took the marlin off the boat.  There was nothing but the marlins skeleton left but a crowd of people were amazed by it.  This book shows great determination and the unwillingness to give up.
   That brings the end to these five different pieces of writing.  They are five unique pieces.  This is a diverse book.  If there is ever another text written on the same basis as this one it would most likely be different.  This is because it would be a hundred years later and times and styles change.




















It is a game of practice, skill, and heart.
To be the best you shall play everyday.
To shoot the puck is like to throw the dart.
You play the game through every month even May.
The game of hockey is always a beautiful sight.
You win or loose each game played as a team.
The players that hit you may give a fright.
The shots the players give may look like beams.
In games you should seclude everything but hockey.
Your only focused on the puck and players.
I have played on some teams that have been rocky.
A hockey captain in other words is like a mayor.
You play the sport starting at a young age.
This game is played with heart, skill, and even rage.