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One night for homework in english, we needed to find the oldest piece of writing in english of our family. I asked my mom if she had an old papers and she went and got the Bible. She keeps mostly everything that is important to her in there. We sat down and started to look through it . In a couple of minutes we found a piece of paper. The piece of paper was from my grandfather to my grandmother. The paper was dated November 25, 1952.
On the piece of paper it talked about the places where my grandfather went with the navy. He was on a destroyer and was in a submarine. The naval destroyer was named U.S.S Ingraham. It also told about the places where he visited like Jamaica and Spain. When they stopped at these places my grandfather would buy my grandmother little gifts and presents. Usually the presents would express the culture of where he bought them from. While he was in Jamaica and Spain he would do fun things and experience the culture and traditions of the country.
This paper is very important. It was written by my grandfather to my grandmother and my grandmother had kept it for so long and then gave it to my mom. It is important because it was the thing that kept my grandparents together while they were apart.
 Some of the English grammar that is diffrent in the text compared to todays English is an expression he used. He wrote 1436 which meant " I love you always." I don't know anyone who talks like this today in modern English.
For the interview I questioned my father. The questions and answers are as the following:
What does this look like to you?
An old letter.
Who do you think wrote this if they were in our family?
I don't know, your grandmother?
Why was this text saved?  
Because it was important.
How old do you think this text is?
Ah, forty years old.
How old do you think this person was when they wrote it?  
Well, Because of the content, i would guess 21 years old.
Are there any phrases that you did not understand?
No, I understood everything.
Do you know anything about this person after reading this text?
Yes, they traveled all around the world.
If this was in a miseim, what would a tour guide say about this text?
Look at how the paper turns colors over the years.





























The person who said the quote was Agent Smith from the Matrix Reloaded.  This speech is said right after Neo finishes talking to with the Oracle and she leaves, then Agent Smith walks in.  He says it while  in a courtyard.  He says this speech to explain the reasons from what happened when Neo destroyed him and why.  The speech is said in a low key tone of voice, with no background music to get the point across that it is very important. This speech is ahead of ahead of our time because we don’t  really look at our lives and reflect on it.  And this speech talks about our purpose and why we are here.  Also our reason for being here.  
     This quote is meant to inspire and make people think.  For example, “there’s no escaping reason… no denying purpose because we both know, without purpose… we would not exist.” this inspires you to think why are we here on earth.  There needs to be a reason and a purpose that  we are here on earth. What would the answer be? These feelings that you get are questionable feelings. You want to figure out why you are here on earth and what your purpose is.  
    The speech gets its point across by using parallelism telling of his personal experiences and repetition.  The agent, Agent Smith used parallelism and repetition when he said “it is purpose that created us, purpose that pulls us, that drives us, that guides us, that defines us. It is purpose that defines, it is purpose that binds us.”  He kept on using "it is thepurpose that…". Also he uses a storyto talk of his personal experiences. For example, Agent Smith talks about himself when he killed Neo, but then Neo comes back to life and destroys Agent Smith.  This is all used for purpose and reason why he had to stay and disobey orders and fight with Neo and get destroyed.  
    The effect that the speech has on the viewer is that it makes a little surge in their brain and makes them think a bit. The speech makes them think why they are here and what is their purpose and what is their reason. There is an effect trying to get the point across by having Agent after Agent come out of every direction.  They said “It is purpose that created us, that connects us, that pulls us, and drives us." This is one of those special effects that pulls you out of your seat and grabs your attention.  This is why it makes the viewers think about their purpose and reason.    
    The current issues this speech relates to is the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq relates to this speech because we have a purpose and a reason to allow the Iraqi people to have freedom like we do and not feel scared to be killed if they speak the wrong way.  We the United States of America the leaders of freedom and the free world, are here for a purpose and a reason.  The reason is to spread our freedom to all of the world from sea to shining sea.








































 In the late 20th century the British bands and crazes were coming to America. The world is getting relaxed with the wealth they have. Everything is changing and many advancements are being made. The U.S. is now number one after WWII and they keep going in that direction. The twin towers were attacked by Muslim extremists and the U.S. is concentrating on fighting the war on terrorism. Many literature pieces have been biographies and people telling their stories. Drama such as Broadway is taking off again. Also younger generations have been changing the way of theater. New styles such as Stomp, Blue Man Group, and break dancing shows have become popular. Poetry has been a diverse number of topics, but much has been about the common man and his everyday struggles to live a normal life. To many this is a happy living for his kids. Prose has flourished by taking on many different forms. Comedy, tragedy, mystery, biography flourish during this time. Magazines have become a very popular way to get information and read what you like.  
   The Beatles were a smash hit when they arrived from England to the U.S.A. It was the year of 1964 when these young “studs” went to the U.S. They won all the women’s hearts and many men liked them too. They were as big as the world and had no boundaries to stop them. Many of their songs had meaning and inspired people, something that is a lost art today. Some of their songs were about love, drugs, and common problems they went through. The men in the band were John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Albert Maysles. One song that they wrote and preformed was “Yesterday.” This is about a person wanting yesterday back. " I said something wrong, Now I long for yesterday" (Bluesforpeace, 1). This line from the song describes that this person said something hurtful and wants to take it back. This leaves the person who died a negative thought and a negative feeling so the person feels guilty and sad for the rest of their life. They want that one moment back. “Oh I believe in yesterday(Bluesforpeace, 1)." This proves that he believes he can move on. This song has a big impact and transform the way people think. They start to recognize that life is so fragile and not promised forever. It shows the other side of life and brings it out. It changes peoples outlook on life and their ways.  
   The author Clive Staples Lewis, better known as C.S. Lewis, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. One novel he wrote that transformed England was Out of the Silent Planet. This is part of a science fictional trilogy. This book is about a British university professor named Elwin Ransom. He is kidnapped by this novel's two villains Weston and Devine. They take him to the planet Malacandra. Once there, he escapes from the villains and quickly wanders alone before meeting some people. He finds out that the planet is home to three intelligent races. A race of agrarian poets, the Hrossa. Another race of rationalists, the Seroni. Also a race of technologists, the Pfifltriggi. Last a mysterious class of nearly-invisible beings that do not seem to be restricted to any certain planet, the Eldila. Ransom, an expert in philology, is able to learn the language of the people, the Hrossa. Finally he learns that the planet is actually Mars and that its civilization is far older than our Earth. Also that the name of Earth in the Hross language translates as "silent planet." This book has a very big impact in England and across the world. A review by Tal Cohen says;” Out of the Silent Planet is an easy and enjoyable read.(1)" He also says; "It stands out as a sustaining work.(1)" Cohen conveys this message that it is an enjoyable and sustaining work. It is a good book in his mind. This is not the first science fictional book written, but it makes it more popular. He brings out sci-fi and now people notice it. Today it is very popular and there is even a television station for it. This book and trilogy puts science fictional writing on the map.  
   Another person who had a transformational impact on England was Seamus Heaney. He was one of nine children born to ordinary working parents. His love of poetry arose from his father and mother's habit to speak out. He wrote many poems, but one exceptional poem is " The Harvest Bow." It is about the change that Ireland went through and the rest of the world. It depicts the transformation from the old way of harvesting corn to the new way; " old beds and ploughs in hedges."(1) This shows that they started to use modern technology and advanced ways. This line;” Hands that aged round ash plants and cane sticks,"(1) explains the old way that men used to do the farming and farming. Heaney wrote about this because he was from Northern Ireland and grew up on a farm. This poem made people realize how easy life is and notice the work their ancestor did. "Into an evening of long grass and midges"(1), this was this office and to some still today. This is their life and fun, they have no time to play. To us this is no fun and we would have no life. Heaney shows us the two different worlds and it makes us more revere and humble to people. It makes us take a second to reflect on our lives and that those kinds of people. It puts life into a perspective of the old days and the struggle to make ends meet. "The Harvest Bow" also shows how hard it is to be a farmer. This in return make regular people respect the jobs that we do not think are present or deserving of respect. Seamus Heaney has made a tremendous impact on they way we write today.  
   The English author P.G. Wodehouse is one of the greatest short story writers in England. He was captured in WWII by the German Nazi's. Here he started he making comical dialogues and kept writing. One of his short stories is "Author!." In it J.S.M. Babbington faces a dilemma. He wants to go to the theater with his cousin, but needs to go to detention. The teacher said;” You had better come in tomorrow at two and work out examples three hundred to three-twenty in "Hall and Knight"."(1) The choice is obvious, he goes to the theater. He and his friends work out a plan to do the problems and be present for the detention. Mr. Seymour, the man he should serve this for isn't a real teacher, he is just covering like this line;” I am not a master. I was only a stop-gap, and my term of office ceased today at one o'clock."(1) While he is out he sees Mr. Seymour and gets scared. Seymour pretends like he doesn't know him and catches Babbington in a lie. Finally he tells the secret that he isn't a real teacher and teaches Babbington a lesson. Seymour tells Babbington; Now, if you'll take my advice, you'll reform, or another day you'll come to a bad end.(1) He better change or he will end up on this road in the future. This is the major theme of this literary piece. This piece's impact on England was big. It teaches everyone who reads it not to lie. If you tell the truth the consequences will be much less and maybe none. When this reaches children and teens it changes the perspective and makes them feel that others will listen to them. So this leads to a better society and a more moral life. If all the world followed this message we could have a perfect planet with peace. This has a giant impact to England's readers. This is all by P.G. Wodehouse and his short story.  
   The man Andrew Lloyd Webber was a brilliant Brit. He made one of the greatest plays to hit Broadway, Jesus Christ Superstar. Jesus Christ Superstar chronicles the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as seen through the eyes of his disciple, Judas Iscariot, who has become disillusioned and not believing with the movement of Jesus Christ. The conflict between Jesus and Judas grows. After watching Jesus lose control in the temple, he goes to the priests and gives them all the information they need to catch Jesus alone so that they can take him captive without risking violence by the mob. After leading the soldiers to Gethsemane, Judas watches the events that unfold. He soon realizes that he has been tricked by God into being the key ingredient of Jesus martyrdom. Furious and angered that the man from Nazareth will be remembered as a "Superstar," Judas hangs himself. The main plot of this play is that Jesus is betrayed by Judas and because of the popularity of Jesus, Judas hangs himself. This play has a tremendous influence in Britain and in other lands. Some great things come out of this play, it brings some Brits together and it divides some. The higher population takes this in and is a positive thing that unites them, they have a common ground on which to bond. It is very appealing to the younger people who see it. So this leads to a more devout population. For the Christian community it is a great plus. The up coming children are more interested in their faith and religion. As the word from Douglas Watt;" It is so stunningly effective as a theatrical experience that I am still finding it difficult to compose my thoughts about it. It is, in short, a triumph."(N.Y. Daily Times) The critic, Watt thought that this was one of the greatest plays of all time. When this play opened it took the world by storm, they were not ready for this touching peace. Another critic, Alvin Klein, had great reviews. He said;" The stunning performance and plot was unbelievable." (N.J. Weekly Desk) The impact that this play left on the world was a touching one, but it taught us something. How unselfish Jesus was for us so let us follow in his foot steps.  
   Within this time period of about forty year, the English language has changed. In the United States of America many influences have came from immigrating people. These people brought their language and lingo to this country. For example, the latin and Spanish people had a great influence in areas around the Mexican boarder and Los Angeles. Also the black community had made up their tounge mixed with English, it is called Ebonics. This was a big influence in the U.S.A more than the other English speaking countries. These people are not the only ones to have an influence on the English language. The kids who grow up speaking English had a tremendous impact. Certain groups of kids make up and invent different words that they feel comfortable to use. They used words like cool, hot, fire, dog and many more that have a total different meaning than the dictionary's. Again, these aren't the only ways that the language changed. New technology and programs have been invented that are new words and every year new words are made up and put into the new dictionaries. So over this time the language has not drastically changed, but it has a little so you can notice it. Not only the English language is changing, in time the language is always going to change just like the world. We are always Evolving and Changing!