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When i asked my mother what the oldest piece of writeing in our family was her first response was "I don't know?" Then i asked her if she had saved any of her old papers of things like that. She said "Probably not because i usually don't save much, but i can look." So we looked in side of a drawer in her room and at first we found a paper from when she was in Junior high school, however i could not use that because it turned out to be an old latin paper and the entire thing was written in Latin and niether of us could understand a word other than the name. So we kept digging, adbn finally way at the bottom of the seemingly endlessdraw we came across the paper from her fourth grade English class.  
My mother grew up in Dedham Massachusetts, she attended the Dexter School there. She did an English assignment when she was in fourth grade, which was to write a poem.   It is dated December 12, 1964. It is a poem entitled "Falling snowflake".  
It reads:
white, sparkling
falling, fluttering, glistening
falling, on your tonge,  
There was a correction of the word tounge because she left out the letter "u". The Poem has her maiden name Leslie Roberts, and in red ink at the top the word "Wonderful!". THe paper it was written on was a half sheet of lined paper and is almost a yellow color because we found it at the bottom of a drawer in her room. This school paper was the oldest writeing i could find, it is almost 35 years old.
I asked my father a few questions about the piece of writeing and these were his responses, the first question i asked was if he had recognized it, he replied "No i've never seen it before". Then i asked if he knew who wrote when i covered up the name, he said "No i don't think it was someone from this house." The third question was if he could guess at the date of the paper, he said"It looks like its kind of old, 1964?", he was pretty close, the paper was actually written in 1969. The final questin i asked hiw was if he thought any of the words used in it are uncommon words of words not used today, he told me"No,all of the words i have heard before and are words that i would be able to use today." I also asked my brothers who are 12 and 13 years old the told me the same thing, " No i understand all of the words in this paper." The words in this paper are all words that i understand and use today as well, i think it is all actual words that are still in use today because it was a poem written for English class and u don't tend to use slang terms when you write papers for school.

























The speech was from the movie "Armageddon". It said by the president in the movie. He uses it where he tells the whole world that there is a meteor that is going to crash into the world and destroy everything on it. It shows people from all over the world listening to his speech and feeling scared.  
 The speech brings emotion out in the listeners and viewers. It shows people of all ages, races and nationalities listens to the speech and it shows them staying with their families because it could be one of their last days on earth. It brings out a feeling of inspiration to go and find a family member and hug them because it makes you realize how quickly everything could end. He uses the line "I address you tonight not as the president of the United States, not as the leader of a country, but as a citizen of humanity." He says that because it is problem that no human on earth can control.  
 In his speech, he uses an allusion, he states "the bible calls this day armageddon" telling everyone exactly what is going to happen. He tells them how the United States is sending people up to try to prevent what’s going to happen. He keeps everyone posted on the occurrences.  
 Also in the speech the author uses parallelism. He says not as the president of the United States, not as the leader of a country, but as a citizen of humanity." He says "not as" twice, and then "but as." They all have the same basic flow to them when he uses them.  
 I think that this speech relates to the events on 9/11. Only instead of the world it was pertaining to the U.S. The president came on and told everyone what was has happened.





















In the long history of English Literature, there was a period of time in which Greek and Roman ideas and styles were put back into use, this is called the Renaissance. During the Renaissance a predominant writer was William Shakespeare. He wrote both plays and sonnets in the Greek and Roman style.  In particular sonnet 1, was the first sonnet ever written by this great author. This sonnet was written by Shakespeare because he used it as a building block to write a sonnet, and that first sonnet is now the common format for writing a sonnet.  
Shakespeare is a very important figure in British literature, he is a well-known author whose sonnets are studied but students all over the globe. He wrote sonnets ands created the common rhyme schemes for all sonnets.  Sonnet 1 was the first sonnet he wrote and the rhyme for that is a common one for other sonnets written after it. In sonnet 1 the rhyme scheme is: ABACBDBDEFEFGG.
Sonnet 1 was the first sonnet written by this great British author and so it was 1 of the inspiration for authors after him to continue writing sonnets. The later authors both while he was still alive and after he died thought since he had so much success writing sonnets they could too. So after looking at his sonnets and seeing where they brought him they wrote their own sonnets so now there are a lot of sonnets from all time periods for people to enjoy.
Finally this sonnet does a nice job of portraying the thoughts Shakespeare was having of both the past and the future. “Pity the world, or else this glutton be,
To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee” fore tells the future of time way after Shakespeare had past away. It says that the world will soon become over weight and that is a problem now with the people today.  
I think this sonnet is a great sonnet by Shakespeare because it was the first 1 he wrote so because he was so great of a writer many people after him used his style and format for theirs. Also they wrote theirs because they admired him and his work so they wanted to write the same way he did for others to like their work as much as Shakespeare. And Shakespeare used this sonnet to express his predictions for the future and that lets everyone know what he was thinking.  































The 20th century was filled with many great authors and composers. The Awesome Age as it is called has many timeless and classic pieces of work that will be enjoyed for many years to come.  
A song from the awesome age that defines the 20th century, and is a great attribute to British Literature is "My Generation" by The Who. It is a song about the youth and older people disagreeing with the way they live their lives. A line from this piece is "people try to put us down (talkin 'bout my generation)". It is saying that some people don't like their lifestyles but they are proud of the generation that they come from.  
A novel published during the Awesome Age that is a truly great piece of literature is Howards End by E.M. Forster. It is a story of the family, the Schlegels who cause problems among and involving every other family they interact with throughout the novel. Especially Mrs. Wilcox who gives the community where they all live, Howards End, to Margret Schlegels when she passes away. Then Margret's husband Henry a businessman refuses to help her out so then his friend Leonard Bast loses his job. It is a complicated story of a family that causes problems amongst themselves which spreads like cancer through out associates of theirs. In this novel the line:"Tibby and I have again been wondering where we'll live next September," she said at last. (Forster, 186). Tibby is a Schlegels and it shows they may not have a home come September.
An excellent that was written by Samuel Beckett in the Awesome Age is End Game. It is the story of a wheel chair ridden man named Hamm and his servant whom he is mean to but has been his servant still since childhood Clov. Hamm bosses his parents and servant around in this comical play, and everyone accept Hamm think that all their lives are too routine and plain. This funny play is widely known play is still performed all over and is still considered a riot to the audience.
"Live and Let Die” is an action packed James Bond tale, filled with adventure. This would be a great short story to contribute to the Awesome Age. It is the story of agent James Bond, who I am sure everyone is familiar with, and his attempt to stop the villain Mr. Big from continuing to support the Soviet Spies. This story is the third volume in the six part short story series. It is a very exciting and entertaining story with some very interesting and complicated devices in Bond's attempt to help out the world. "There are moments of great luxury in the life of a secret agent."(Fleming, 275) This is the very first line of the piece and it is a suspenseful line that urges you to continue on the epic adventure.
The final piece of literature to be added to the Awesome Age is the great poet Stephen Spender's "Ice". It is a poem about a man who sees his love out side in the cold and snow and when she comes in he kisses her and thinks of how much passion and love he has for the woman. "I ran to her with my lips' fire, I kissed that warmth against her skin" this is a touching line about the amount of passion he feels for her when they kiss.
In conclusion I do believe that from the 20th century there are many great pieces that could be considered for the Awesome Age. However in my opinion the best are; Howard’s End by E.M. Forster, "Ice" by Stephen Spender, "Live and Let Die" by Ian Fleming, "My Generation" by The Who and Endgame by Samuel Beckett. These are all timeless pieces of literature enjoyed by most people who read them.