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  The day I got this assignment, I went around looking for an answer. I couldn't find one myself so I asked my mother for help. She said "I'll call your grandfather and ask him." So lo and behold he had the answer. My mother went over to his house and picked up a postcard written by my grandfather while I was in school. When I got home, I looked at it.
     I saw the date August, 1952, I asked my mother "What does this date mean, and why did he write it then?" She then explained "It is when your grandfather was fighting in the Korean War." I was surprised, but it was when he was coming home from the war. It was written in Louisiana, he was explaining that he came home safe and would be home soon.
     This letter is important because it has been in my family for over fifty years and also because my grandmother had passed away a few years ago, so my grandfather holds this postcard close to his heart. So when I had asked my mother about this essay, the first thing she did was to go over my grandfather's house and ask him. This is how I had received the topic of my essay.


























The author I have chosen had written during the time of some of the greatest writers. His name is Geoffrey Chaucer. His most famous work was his collection of the Canterbury Tales. Out of the twenty-nine stories in the assortment, I decided to choose the Knight’s Tale. Theseus is a very intimidating person. He usually gets his way and if he doesn’t he tries to get it any way he can. The Knight’s Tale is about marriage and chivalry, which are the duties of a knight.    
In some of the stories, you could tell Chaucer did not like the people he traveled with, or their stories. His opinion was different towards the knight. He thought of the knight as a very extraordinary person with a lot of class. He has to be a very tough person, because he has to be confident, and also he has to be in charge of his armies.  
The knight was probably the most respected of all the other travelers. This is why I think Chaucer had decided to put the knight’s story first in his row of twenty-nine stories. Theseus also has a son, a squire, who Chaucer has put as the second story in the Canterbury Tales.
This is an epic poem, because it resembles heroic attributes.  For example, how the Knight travels to the foreign land of Scithia and conquers it and marrying the queen of the Amazons Ypolita. Then Theseus moves his army to Creon, and he there too conquers the city.  The knight is also a very holy man, and his top priority is God. He always prays to God before he goes into battle, and he always wants to succeed in everything he does. But the day he passes on, he will understand because it was his time to go. Also because he will be one with God in Heaven.
Theseus is a very brave man indeed. He knows one day he shall die, so this is why he always fights his battles like they’ll be his last. When he saw two of his friends fighting over his wife’s younger sister, knowing one of them were going to die, he knew it was going to be tough. As Palamoun prevailed over Arcite, in a way of respect Theseus had decided to cremate his good friend. Then Palamoun had won the opportunity to marry Emelye, the younger sister of Ypolita.
Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the best poets of the 15th century. He shows his diverse ways of writing in his twenty-nine poems of the Canterbury Tales. He is also a very interesting writer because of the specific way he writes. It must be really hard to write twenty-nine stories in such a way, that only Chaucer could do. He had many more stories during the travel to Canterbury but he died before finishing it. There wasn’t a printing press so he had to write and copy each story by hand. I recommend the Canterbury Tales to everyone.

































  For my proposal I have decided to do for a British textbook is titled The Age of Exalted Englanders. The people of England had brought many of their influences to America and to the rest of the world during the 20th century. The authors of the works include J.R.R Tolkien, William Butler Yeats, Jack London, The Rolling Stone, and August Strindberg. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain why these author’s works were the greatest of their time.
      The novel I have chosen is The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King which was written in 1955. This was the last and in my opinion the greatest of J.R.R (John Ronald Reuel) Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. It should be added to this book because it shows paints an epic portrait of a great adventure/fantasy novel. It blends medieval and fantasy characters. This is one of Tolkien’s most sought after of all of his novels. Selling millions upon millions of copies, you can argue that Tolkien was one of the greatest English writers of all time.
      The poem I have chosen is “The Trees” by Phillip Larkin. The poem is about a tree’s cycle of life. He also says that a person’s life is somewhat like a tree’s life too. How they both start off, a tree as a leaf and a person is like a leaf. Many trees die year after year, but many new trees come and it is just continues the cycle of life.  
      The short story I have chosen to write about is “How's That, Umpire?” by P.G (Pelham Grenville) Wodehouse. This story was written in the year 1951. It is about a baseball game and how kids get back at an umpire who was unfair to them during their baseball game. They plan to trick him throughout the whole short story, and finally by the end of it they get him and they get him good.
      The song I have chosen is “No Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. When you think of Rock n’ Roll bands, the first ones that comes to mind are The Rolling Stones. They have had hit after hit song. The greatest song of theirs is entitled “No Satisfaction." The song was written in 1965. This was the year of The Stones breakout and most illustrious chart topping years. The song has sold millions of copies alone, and during 1965 the song was on top of the charts. The Rolling Stones have and still make a huge impact in British culture.  
      The play I have chosen is called A Patriot for Me by John Osborne. The play was written in 1965. This play is about an inspiring young artist, and his most famous painting is the painting of himself. He cherishes it and he finds out that it soon is going to be put into a museum. He takes extra special care of it and makes sure to save it so it gets a chance to get to the museum. One night, as he is sleeping a fire breaks out destroying everything, including his greatest masterpiece. He later gets over it, understanding that he can just paint it again.
      I think that all of these works should get put into the textbook entitled The Age of Exalted Englanders, because to me I believe that they are the most important and greatest works of their kind. You can try and find better works, but I don’t think you can.