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I found a note written to my mom from my dad.  It was the early piece of writing i could find.  This letter i found in my mom's scrape book.  My mom kept her scrape book in her room under her bed.  My dad moved to calfornia and wrote my mom a letter.  
     One day John petreyko wrote a letter to Mary Petreyko from Calfornia.  John worte a letter asking if Mary would go to Calfornia.  He wanted her to come to calforina and be with him.  She went to Calfornia and lived their for a year.  They fell deeper in love in Calafornia.  Than Mary and John decided to moved back to Boston. They got married after they got back from Calofornia.  This letter lead to a marriage for twenty years and still going.  
       I interviewed my grandmother and asked her some  questions about the text.  My first question about the text to her was why do you think this text was saved.  My grandmother answered" because your parents wanted something to remember how their realationship first started".  The next question I asked her was how old do you think this text is.  My grandmother said," it is probarly twenty five years old because your parents meet each other when they were nineteen".  When i asked my grandmother the third question,why do you think this text is importin, she replied," because this letter brought your parents together and was the base to their marriage".  The last question i asked my grandmother was if u think this letter is any different than a letter that would be writen today.  My grandmother said" i don't think that this letter would be written differently now because love letters still bring people together and makes them fall in love.        































The speech from on the “Waterfront” by Bud Schulberg shows how Terry Malloy tells his brother, Charley, he used him and put bets against him.  The speech makes his brother, Charley, feel guilty of not taking care of his brother better.  Terry said, “ It was you Charley “.
This speech makes the readers go inside the feelings of Terry Malloy.  It makes the readers think about how they should treat their brothers.  It shows that family was the most important thing and it still is today.  Terry feels so hurt because he thinks his brother didn’t stand by him.  He feels like he is a bum and his brother sold him out.  Terry felt he could have proved to everyone he was somebody but instead Charley only thought about his own rewards.      
A trick used by Bud Schulberg to make this speech more entertaining is repetition.  An example in this speech of repetition being used is when Terry Malloy said, “ I coulda been some one Charley, instead of a bum, which is what I am lets face it. I’m a bum.”
The Author, Bud Schulberg, tries to show that your actions can hurt a lot of people if u don’t think about what your doing.  The author shows that sometimes self-satisfaction doesn’t always make you satisfied.  
This speech from “On the Waterfront” by Bud Schulberg speaks to the youth today that the bond between brothers or family is the strongest bonds there is.  This speech shows that family should come over anything and it shows us how important family is to our society.  It also shows that u shouldn’t look at your own desires and to think of the consequences of your actions.  
































We are living in the greatest technology century. We are experiencing some machines and objects that we only dreamed about.  The technology in the century is making people not have to work as hard.  This century makes machines do all the work instead of the people.  This century has also changed warfare we now have more powerful and deadly weapons.  We have bombs that can take out a whole country.  The technology in this century has changed the way we lived.  The technology keeps improving and we can only wonder what will happen in the future.  
1984 By George Orwell
This is the most important book of the 20th century because its  
 Major theme is the horror of totalitarianism. The whole  
novel displays a horrifying picture of what a state  
controlled society can do to an individual. This book is amazing because some people have to live in a country like that today.  This book shows us how they feel and how tough life is in their countries.  A critic said  “1984 has long been the first book to which we have turned for a vivid picture of a government that has used war to justify infringement on freedom; that has used speech codes to limit everyone's ability to understand higher concepts or concepts that favor human individuality.”
Spleen By T.S. Elliot
This poem is the most important poem in the 20th century because it tells what people in his time did on a Sunday and we can relate to it now.  Things have relatively stayed the same.   This poem tells about the usual Sunday.  It shows how people get ready and what events take place.  Critics say “his effect was both unique and compelling, and their assurance staggered his contemporaries who were privileged to read them in manuscript”. “Aiken, for example, marveled at "how sharp and complete and in genius his writings were”.
The Beatles Yellow Submarine
This is the most important song in the 20th century because this group changed the way music was before them.
These songs mean that you don’t need too much to be happy.  Everyone can make the best of things.  This song means that anyone can overcome obstacles in life.  If it seems like you can’t there is always hope.
Critics say, “That the Beatles are probably the most popular, influential and enduring rock group of all time”. “The Beatles almost single-handedly reshaped rock 'n' roll from a genre of throwaway singles by faceless stars to an artistic medium with recognizable images and idols”.  
Deep Waters by P G Wodehouse
This is the best short story in the 20th century because it proves that not one person can do everything himself.  No matter how strong or smart you are you are not indispensable.  People are sent your way to help you through life. You never no when or why people come into your life.  
Critics said “that throughout his stories he presents a view of the world which differs from his fan and the focus most people have”.  “He represents real life situations and brings them into stories”.  
Grease by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey  
   Grease is the most important play of the 20th century because it took a look at the dress, manners, morals, and music of teenagers at the beginning of the rock and roll era.  Critics say” it is peopled with characters of universal appeal - lovable, pop art renditions of identifiable kids”. It's an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of rock 'n' roll, and the music captures audiences much the same way Elvis Presley's tunes did”. "GREASE" also happens to be rather perceptive on issues of pride and self-image, but its major appeal is that it's fun.
Many changes have occurred over the past two centuries.  The writing style has changed.  Authors have tried to make their writings more coherent to the readers.  The thought behind this is that the audience they are writing for will be more interested and can related to it better.  The music now is much more revealing and vulgar.  The music in the 20th century was except able to every age group in society.  Today’s music influences the youth with drugs and sex.  It makes the youth believe these things are acceptable in everyday life.