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I came inside one day and I ask my father what the oldest text is in our family. He showed me alot of texts but there was one that caught my eye. It was a letter my father wrote to him self back in the fourth grade. this note was very intresting because it told what the school day was like when he went to school. He sent a picture of his class with the letter. When my dad was in school they got to go home for lunch then they would have to come back to school to finish the day. He also wrote the events that were going on at the time.  
       The text is cool because you get a picture of how it was when your parents went to school and how they liked school. We also get to learn the subjects they took in the school days and how they are different now. I found this letter to be a cool thaught because he had to deal with the bus problems and all the roiting that was going on right down the street from his school.
   I took the text to my older sister and asked her some questions about the text. The first question i asked her was if she had ever seen the texk before. She replied that she saw the text but never sat down with it to read it. The next question i asked her was how old did she think it was. She said it had to be old if my father worte it when in the 4th grade. Then I asked her what she would think if someone put this text into a museum. She said it wasn't museum material and that people wouldn't be intrested in the text.
     So I found that the text maybe the oldest thing in my family but it might not be that important to some other people. The text could be intresting to some people but it's not that great and is not that well written to explain about the problem.


























    William Shakespeare was born in England. He grew up on writing and became very good at it. He didnít write a lot until he got older. Shakespeare is very well known for his works. Heís  written a lot of sonnets and plays in his time. Shakespeare wrote a total of 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and 2 narrative poems. Shakespeare wrote all of his sonnets between the period of 1592 to 1598. Shakespeare writes about things that went on in his life and he expresses this through events that happen daily. In SONNET 73 Shakespeare talks about life and death in the sonnet. He uses metaphors to express this. In the sonnet he uses day and night to express life and death.  
      Shakespeare will talk about this events in this sonnet. He will show you how he turns the events of his life into beautiful works of art. Shakespeare is a very emotional man when it comes to his writings. Shakespeare lets the reader know what he is talking about and what he means by it.  
       In this sonnet he talks about the birds singing during the day time, but come night time it seems like everything is gone silence. He talks about life and how itís short and you should take advantage of it because once itís gone, itís gone. Shakespeare talks about death as he said in the line ďblack night doth take away Death's second self that seals up all in rest." He is referring to death in this line.  
      If you read Shakespeare you will see that he is always talking about events in his life and how he could of changed them. Shakespeare is very good for the way that he put these sonnets together and used all of the similarities to things that happen daily. Shakespeare is always talking about different emotions in his sonnets and he shows that in his works.
      In conclusion, Shakespeare talks about day and night as life and death. Iíve showed how Shakespeare expressed these thoughts in his works and how he used them to express his life. Shakespeare used writing to escape from things and to express himself to others.






























The works that I will be presenting to you in my mind are some of the great works of the 20th century. I feel that there is a connection between tthese peices of works because they try to express the text the same way. These writers are some of the greats of the 20th century.  
  Geroge Orwell was born in 1903 in India, his family moved to England in 1907 were he later began to go to school and began to write. He is famous for many works like "Animal Farm." He is also famous for 1984 which I will be talking about. 1984 was one of his better works in my eyes, but other people have there own opinions. He talks about the government in the book.
      William Bulter Yeats wrote poems. He was born in 1865 and died in 1939. He wrote a number of poems including a good one called "An Irsih Airman Foresees His Death." This was one of his best poems and was refering to a war that took place. He talks about the war in his poems and give us his point of veiw on things. I enjoyed reasding this because you wouldn't think that someone would talk about there own death in a poem.
     The Beatles were one of the greatest pop groups in the 20th century. They have many cd records out and produced many songs. They did alot of things besides music they held tv shows and did press confernces for charity groups. They were like by thousands of people. There music was played everywhere because people loved them so much.
    Doriss Lessing was born in 1919, she played a big role in feminists groups and she was looked at as a role model for girls. she wrote many short stories that had to do with the feminists groups and talked about that alot in most of her short stories she always talked about womens rights and how they deserved respect.
      These are the texts that i picked to talk about in the 20th century period because i feel they all have to do with something modern and that they use the same style of writing. they are all very well written texts and I hope that some people will have the chance to pick one of these texts up and read them. they might have the same effect of you as they did to me.