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 One sunny day the week before my mother’s birthday.  My mother’s cousins were trying to figure out what to get my mother for her thirtieth birthday.  And they decided to write a poem about all of the times that they spent together all the time.  They did this because they realized that they did not spend that much time together any more since they all had families now.  After this poem was give to my mother she was so moved by it that they all started to spend more time with each other.
   My mother did not want to really show me this poem that was written for her. Given to her for her thirtieth birthday, and stashed away in her bottom draw or her dresser because it says some stuff that she did when she was a kid and was embarrassed about.
Well I asked my brother some questions about this writing. I asked him when he thought it was written he said 20 years ago which is right but he might of so that is was for my mothers 30th birthday and did the math.  The last question that I asked my brother was why do u think out mother kept this poem? His response was the he thought she kept it because it was the best birthday present and it meant a lot to her.
Even though this piece of writing was written 30 years ago there is not much different in the way it is written and the words the use.  All that I can think of is that they did not use and slang words they just said it straight out without words that some people might not understand.


























The star of the 1986 film Hoosiers, Gene Hackman delivers a very inspirational speech to his team, the Indiana Hoosiers, before the Indiana regional finals.  The speech is said in the locker room before the game. This speech was written by Angelo Pizzo.  
This speech is presented to motivate his team so they can go out and win while advancing to the state championship.  The feelings that are put in this speech are to make people excited and to reel them into the movie, it was said in order to keep people in suspense about wether or not the Hoosiers would come out victorious. This is also a very inspiring speech to most coaches all over the country. Many coaches decide to watch this movie eith their team before a game to get them determined and to get them excited before the game.  
Gene Hackman uses parallelism by saying this quote to his team “forget about the crowds, the size of the school, their fancy uniforms and remember what got you here. Focus on the fundamentals”. With this quote he is telling his team that even though their opponents play in a bigger and better gymnasium and even though they have the crowd and the money they don't have the heart and the talent that we obtain. Gene Hackmans speech makes a great point.  
Gene Hackman uses the trick of analogy by saying “don’t talk about the next step before you climb the one in front of you” By saying this he is telling his team that they all know they can win this game but they shouldn’t get too confident and talk about their next game when they haven’t won yet.  
I think this is one of the best motivational speeches I have ever heard in a movie.  It does everything that a motivational speech should do. It pumps up the team, it convinces the team they can win, and it sets a great mood for the viewers.  This speech is pretty much a foreshadowing of the whole movie, it sets the right attitude and in a way it shows how the team will overcome their struggle and eventualyl win the stat championship.































During the “industrial age” the twentieth century there were many great poems, short stories, novels, songs, and plays written and composed.  In this essay several pieces of literature from the twentieth century will be examined for their impact upon British literature as it is today.  The different poems, short stories, novels, songs, and plays from this period of time will be discussed, relative to how they influenced the people of this era.
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire is a novel written by J.K Rowling.  It is mainly a children's novel but many adults also read it and have enjoy its mature undertones.  This is a book that kids enjoy to read and that is unusual and also it's a huge step for children's books in Britain. This novel has also been praised because it makes the reader use there imagination and that is what most people have problems with and this develops imagination with all of its readers.  In this novel She writes, “everything is in your imagination”(124) and that is why she writes the way she does were you have to use your imagination.  
The song, “The Long and Winding Road is a song by the Beatles”.  This song and this band exist as one of the best and most influential bands in England during the twentieth century. This song represents life how you have to go down a long and winding road to get to success.   In this song its says “The long and winding road that leads to your door” (lyrics.com) and that is it will lead you to were you want to go.
“Casualty” is a poem that was written by Seamus Heaney in the twentieth century.  This is a very strong poem. In this poem Heaney talks about a death of a man that he didn't really like that much but he didn't know how much he needed this man until he died and then he wished that the man never died.  This influenced Britain in many ways one is that it taught readers not take advantage of what they have because when they lose it they will want it back. By him writing, “Working you, slow mile by mile”(1) by you have to go one step at a time to get over stuff.
The Importance of Being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde.  This was a comedy that was very popular in England during the twentieth century.  This is a story of two friends that try to escape from doing stuff with their families.  This was also Wilde’s last hit piece of writing in his life.  In this play Oscar Wilde writes “What are we doing here with our families we should be elsewhere”(14) this shows how the get away from their families.
“The Idle king” is an amazing short story by a great author P.G  Wodehouse.  This is a very important piece of literature during the twentieth century because it shows how you don’t have to try and do everything at the same time.  You can go at your own pace and it isn’t bad if you go slower than normal as long as u get the stuff you want to do done like the king in this story.  P.G Wodehouse says "Don't you trouble yourself, your Majesty take your time”(2) and that shows how the king could go at his own speed.
English literature has changed dramatically over time.  Some of the ways are that the language is much different and that is why many people said they would write the way people talk but since the language keeps changing nobody has been successful at it.  Also the style of writing is much different.