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  When I first asked my parents where they thought I could find the oldest piece of writing in our family, neither of them thought that they had any of their own pieces still around. After a few minutes of thinking my mother sugested a piece that she wrote in college.  After looking around the house in the many varied bookcases, we finaly found it in the basement.  I was my mother's thesis paper she wrote in April of 1988.
     In April 1988, My mother was finishing a paper she had been working on for over a month. After it would be typed by a prfessional, a week later, it would end up being over fifty pages long.  She had been working on it for so long because she needed it to pass the course and to get her masters degree in applied managment. SHe had kept it for so long because she had spend so much time writing it, it seemed like a waste not to.
     I talked to my eleven year old sister about this thesis paper. One of my questions were the following. "Why do you this this was saved?" Julia responded with, " Um... Cause it's an important document?" Another question was, "Why Do think think this was written?" Again she responded, "Because it's an important document." A third question I asked was, "If this was in a meusem in the future, what do you think the tour guide would say about it?" She replied, "This its an important doc... hahaha. No really. Um... 'This is a book'" Looking back I think I should have asked my older sister for some more serious answers.
     Now I have a good idea of the oldest piece of writing my mother wrote and I am glad to know what it was about and when it had been.



























Some movies have speeches that are thought to be ahead of their time. One of these movies is "Pulp Fiction". In one scene, one of the main characters, Jules, is in a restaurant as it begins to be robbed. Jules is a hit man and carries a gun, so when one of the robbers comes to Jules to take his wallet, Jules turns the tables on him and holds him hostage. Jules tells him to sit in a both with him and he gives a small speech about doing the right thing.  In this essay, I will talk about how this scene make the audience feel and 2 uses of grammatical "tricks" the author used.  
     First, I will talk about how this scene makes the audience feel. This scene starts off making the audience feeling calm but when these robbers begin yelling and point guns at people, It frightens and excites the audience. When Jules begins to talk to one of the robbers, it makes the audience think about doing the right thing.  
     Next I will talk about a grammatical trick used by the author. One trick is a metaphor. At the end of the speech, Jules calls himself the "tyranny of the evil man" This is a metaphor becomes Jules compares himself with the tyranny of evil men, without using like or as.  
     Last, I will talk about another grammatical trick used by the author. An other trick the author uses is swearing. by swearing he scares the listener and also makes them was to listen harder.  
     In conclusion, Jules' quote from" Pulp Fiction" is ahead of its time

































England’s literature in the twentieth century differed greatly from the previous century. This time period should be known as the Advanced Age.  With the inventions of television, radio, and the internet Britain could influence the entire world. In this proposal, I have chosen one novel, song, short story, poem, and play, explained how it changed the time, and why it should be in the literature book.
 The music of this time period was greatly influenced by one band approximately every decade beginning in the 1960’s.  The band of that decade was the Beatles. The bands of the following decades were The Rolling Stones of the 70’s, Sex Pistols of the 80’s, and Nirvana of the 90’s. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Sex Pistols all hailed from England but The Beatles were arguably the most influential. While it is hard to choose one of the over three hundred songs written by the Beatles as the most influential, “Yellow Submarine” stands out. “So we sailed up to the sun till we found the sea of green and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine” I feel that it is the most influential because it is the most commonly known and has had a movie made out of it.
 There were many great novels of the Advanced Age. One novel, in particular, that was very influential was About a Boy. Written in 1998, About a Boy is about an ordinary man living in London who is looking for a successful dating relationship. To do so, he lies about being a single parent to win the sympathy of women who usually wouldn’t look twice at him. This novel is a very humorous and was a best-seller in England. It is an excellent example of realism. An example of realism used in the novel is when Marcus’s Mother is talking to him about her dating. “’Well, yes, I know you didn’t like Andrew. But generally? You don’t mind the idea of it?’ ‘No. Course not.’”(3). This is written like people talk. It is not proper English because there are two sentence fragments in it. It was made into a movie in 2002, but it was not as big of a success as the novel.
 There are many different types of British plays. One type is the Absurdist category. Absurdist plays are made to confuse the audience and humor them at the same time. One great British Absurdist was Tom Stoppard. He wrote many plays but one that stands out was “Jumpers.” “Jumpers” is about a Philosopher and his wife who deal with everything from God to moon landings to murder. Robert Hanks for The Independent says, "It is still a marvelous display of Stoppard's verbal ingenuity, with some beautifully contrived cross-purposes and neat gags."(12) “Jumpers” is still acted on stage today and is a very popular play.
 The poems of the Advanced were many and varied. One type of poetry during this time was free verse. The best free verse poet of this time was Philip Larkin. Larkin’s best poem was “Ambulances.” “Ambulances” describes ambulances and there many purposes.
 There were many short story writers of the Advanced Age but one that sticks out is James Joyce. James Joyce’s best and most influential short story was “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” This Story is about a headless horseman that terrorizes a small town. This story has been made into countless other movies, books, and plays and it still very popular.  
 The Advanced Age’s language differed from that of past times. These five literature pieces are the best of their kind for the advanced age