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This piece of writing is a birthday card from my grandmother to my father, the date on which it was written I am not sure of, but it is somewhere between the late 70s and early 80s. When i first saw this piece of writing i thought it was a page from a coloring book but it was actually one of the most important things to my dad, one of the few things which he had saved from his mother after her death.  
The card it self is very old looking, it is torn and the paper went to satges of co,lor changes from white to off white to gray to what it now is almost coffee colored brown and its edges are also very torn. This may seem like something that u wouldnt want to hold on to, but to my dad it is a keep sake never to be thrown away.























The speech in the film "Any Given Sunday," by Al Pacino, is very strong, It was said at beginning of the game in the team's locker room. This speech is said to spark emotion in the players to go in strong and come out winners.  
 The speech made in this movie was very inspiring.I believe that when Oliver Stone writes this script he wants you to feel bad for the coach, Pacino, because he is to oldc to, play in the league. This inspires the players to win for him.In this speech he uses a simile. He compares his knowledge of football to his life.    
 The speech was written to be a form of anger. The anger to the players helps them to win the game.  The team gets fired up by the speech, and it gives them the motivation to win the game, so that Pacino would keep his job as coach. The players  change their attitude because the speech had such an impact on their thoughts of the team.    
This speech is ahead of its time. This speech foreshadows the team winning the game. This speech is great and it helps the team to win their upcoming game. The speech is something that can help you get the heart to win.
The speech had a large effect on the team because not only did it inspire the players be there best, but it taught them to look beyond past bad experiences because if they didnít they would be on the road to defeat.
I choose this speech to do my essay with because I play football and I believe that any movie that Al Pacino is in especially that involves football.







































The 20th Century, the age of Modernism, in many ways can be known as a time of scientific and technological revolution. The innovations and rapid growth in many areas of technology have cast doubt upon words such as ignorance and impossibility. The term Modernism refers to a movement, which began to get under way in the closing years of the 19th century-present day. The modernist movement affected poetry, fiction, drama, music, and architecture. The true birth of modernism in poetry is often dated to the publication of T.S. Eliot, its birth is evident in music through artists such as the Beetles, the Whoo, and Bon Jovi, and finally its birth is most noticeable British Literature through authors such as, James Joyce and Victoria Wolf. Modernism came about due to the changing social climate, and the growing multi centralism of the world through global communication and technology. In many ways people believed that the quality of society was diminishing. Post modern caused a tsunami of change among popular style of the people of this world.
   James Joyce is one of the most radical innovators of the 20th century who dedicated himself to exploration of total resources of langauage. Finnegan's Wake by james Joyce is an allegory of the fall and redemption of mankind. It can be reffered to as a compunded fable, symphony, and nightmare. This novel sort of resembles a dream in which the author, Joyce, frees himself of common logic and enable him to compress all periods of hitory.
   Of all great poets, Matthew Arnold strikes me as most modern. The persistent themes of all his poems, especially "Youth and Calm", people's isolation and alienation from nature and from one another. For example, "Youth dreams a bliss on the side of death. It dreams a rest, if not more deep, more grateful than this marble sleep, its hears a voice within it tell:"(19-Arnold) His pessimistic outlook coincides with the viewof many today, that we are a generation of lost souls.
   Percy Shelley was a poet with a rare gift. he was also a self-appointed reformer who believed that human kind was capable of attaining a more perfect society, This belief of Shelley's was clearly evident because in this short story, the adjectives can be used to describe society today which he uses to describe a cloud. He fought against religion and political freedom, this is reflected in many of his earlier written short stories.
  T.S. Eliot has been one of the most daring innovators of the 20th century poetry and play writing. He follows belief that his playwrites should aim at a reepresentation of the complexities of modern civilizations in language. Eliot's work on "Wasteland"(1922) reflects the developement of a Christian writer.
   The Beatles are most important band that rock n' roll ever produced, period. They piloted rock music through its most creative and productive years, the 60s. They gave rythmn and blues an injection of pure fun and energy. The song,"Help" was actually Lennon's subconcious feeling, " I was crying out for help at the time." He made this comment years after the song came out, but no one actually knows the meaning behind the song.  
  In conclusion, contrary to the statements made in my introduction, I believe that society's quality was not diminishing but flourishing thanks to the literary and artistic innovations of these authors examined throughout my essay.