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When I asked my family members for a piece of old writting from our family, we could not find anything at first. After digging around for a while, my mother found a picture with some writting on it from my Grandmother. The writting was on the back of the picture and it explained what she thought about me.
  This article was written in November of 1987, six months after I was born. The picture was taken one day that month when I went to visit my grandmother and grandfather to be introduced to them. The picture was taken that day, and in late November of 1987 my mother received some pictures of me. On the back was the writting, "Daniel is a beautiful child, give the world to him, make him feel speacial!" Since the day the picture with the writting on arrived in my house, it has been kept in a picture frame. In the picture is myself looking in a curious way, while writting of the past is on the back of the picture.
    I asked my mother, " Why did you save this". She repiled, " Because it is a great picture of you and the writting on the back reminds me of what people think of you. I then called my grandmother and asked her, " Why was this written"? She said, " I just wanted to show your mother and father how much I think of you". I then asked my dad, "If this was in a museum of the future, what would a tour guide say about it"? My father said, " It would melt people's hearts, because it has such positive and happy writting on the back of the picture."    
     Now I know why this picture, with a peice of writting has stayed in my family. I am greatly thrilled to hear, what my grandmother said, when I was an infant.



























In the movie Pearl Harbor, the president of the Unites States gives a famous speech. Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a speech to inform America that they were attacked and that they will enter World War 2. The speech is well known as “FDR’s War Message".  
   This speech is well remembered because of lines used in the speech. FDR says a famous line that we all have heard, “A date which will live in infamy". Here FDR is referring to December 7, 1941. He is saying how all Americans will remember what happened on that day.  
   The speech was given to invoke a feeling of anger in Americans. The president wanted to make a case to Americans that it was perfectly all right to enter World War 2. In the speech the line," Very many American lives have been lost" is a good example of this. The speaker here gives an example of why Americans should be angry.  
     The speech could also serve as a meaning of inspiration to the country. The speech gives the American people the feeling that they are a strong country and that they will not be taken down. The speech could inspire more people to join the military forces of the US. The line," With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounded determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph - so help us God" This line serves as an inspiration for Americans not to worry.  
   This speech could be considered ahead of its time because; it gives the Americans an idea of what is to come. Before it was given the Americans didn't know what would happen. Therefore this speech is ahead of its time.




























Many pieces of writing in the style of Romanticism were written during the 1500s. William Shakespeare’s work was no exception. His work is a good example of Romanticism. In Shakespeare’s sonnet number 33, he uses images that provoke thought, to elucidate what he thinks about his friend, whom he is no longer, a quittance too. Shakespeare’s uses images to describe his poem with the line: “With all triumphant splendor on my brow.  
  The line stated above refers to Shakespeare talking about his friend. With all the triumphant splendor seems to mean in the glorious way his friend lived. The line" on my brow" may mean, that his friend that it was always on his mind. In other words Shakespeare uses this line to say that his friend had a glorious life, and he felt jealous. Maybe other people would keep reminding him of his friend’s honor. His friends success made William feel he was not as good as him.  
   In line eight of the poem we see another image. Here the line, "Stealing unseen to west with this disgrace" points out that he was a cleaver thief. The line disgrace seems to point on that he thought what he was doing was right. The authors friend here could have been stealing anything. He could have stolen an item that belonged to William or someone he knew. Or maybe The Authors friend stole a love intrest that William was intrested in.  
  Finally an image that that stands out is line 11. Here the line says, " But out, alack, he was but one hour mine." But out alack seems to be saying but here this. The phrase, but one hour mine, seems to be saying I only knew my friend truly for an hour, or we deeply connected for one hour. Maybe the author never truly never knew the man. Maybe he  made eye contact with the man and felt a connection.  
  Sonnet number 33 is a great sonnet. It sees there is anger of the author to a person he once knew. The sonnet seems to point out that the two were close, but in the end there seem to be anger for the friend of this author. The friend of the author seems to have envoked William to have negative feelings for him. The friend here has appernetly hurt William so bad, that he had to write it out in a sonnet to described how he feels. Upon further research, Sonnet 33 is indeed a poem about a man Shakespeare once knew.  

































  During the 20th century America witnessed a surge of significant works by our neighbors overseas. In the last half of the 20th century the country of England gave the United States a lot of poems, plays, songs, short stories, and novels that have changed American culture. Today I am writing a proposal of what to call the twentieth century and what works should be added to a textbook of the mid to late 1900’s works. Over the years we have experienced many changes in America. That’s why the best name for this time era should be called “The Age of Transformation”. The last 50 years of the 1900’s changed tremendously. The works people read changed dramatically, making it easier for a person to understand what was going on in the book because the writers were writing the way people talked. The way people talked and dressed changed dramatically. Words like “dude” and “far out” became popular. Women started to wear mini skirts and men didn’t dress up in suits and ties as much as the used too. The biggest change of American Culture happened in these years. The culture of England was the main reason why all these changes occurred. The early changes started in the 1960’s when the Beatles came to America.
 On February 9,1964 America first saw four men that would truly change the way people looked at America. They were from Liverpool England and their names John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. On the night of February 9th they played their music on the Ed Sullivan show, which was broadcasted across the United States on CBS. In front of a live audience the four men who named their group “The Beatles” performed to a sold out audience. When they played, the audience when fanatical with screaming and clapping. On that night they performed five songs. The most famous song they performed that night was entitled, “ I Want to Hold Your Hand”. During the song when the group said “I can’t hide I can’t hide I can’t hide”(1), the women in the crowd started to cry with excitement because the Beatles said that like especially loud.  
 The way people dressed and they way they went about life changed after that night. People became a lot more liberal and the idea of a rebellious teenager came into existence. The infatuation with singing groups consequently became more popular. Teenage girls and guys starting to hang posters of their famous bands on the wall. Record sales also increased widely after the Beatles released their Albums. However adults were not completely happy with the Beatles. Adults were not ready for change since they grew up in a house of strict rules. They were not ready to accept all this change so fast, and that’s why they did not care for the Beatles. Parents now had to deal with children who liked rocking roll style music and who were more rebellious. The Beatles have also help create the phrase “Tenny Bopper”, which is a teenager who is infatuated with music and the people who play it. Later on in the late 1960’s the Beatles also influenced a word we use today to describe liberal people at the time named “Hippies”.  The lifestyle the Beatles lived also made drugs a more common usage in the United States. In 1969 the Beatles broke up as a group. Many people today argue that John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono broke up the group. Some people however do not think she did. It is still a debatable topic today. Through all of this the Beatles have been one of the single biggest influences on American culture. That’s why they have to be added into a textbook of the late 20th century.  
 Besides the Beatles being huge influence, many works have changed American culture. The play called Waiting for Godot has changed the way people look at plays. Prior to this many plays were of a serious nature. William Shakespeare was famous for those types of plays. However Waiting for Godot was different. It was written by Samuel Beckett a famous writer from Ireland. This play he wrote was said to be one of his most famous by many historians. It’s first World Premiere was in Paris France, at the “Bank Theatre of Babylon”. It came to the United States the following year. The main characters in the play are Vladamir and Estragon. The play seems to be about how they are trying to get rid of their boredom. However the play is very comical, since the two characters have a terrible memory and they keep forgetting what to do and say.
 According to research this play is part of the “ Theatre of the Absurd”. This means that play does not involve drama or any kind of logical language. The play also incorporates the fact of the mind being separated from the body. The character of Vladimir represents the mind of a person. The character of Estragon represents the body of a person. If these two characters are not around each other then they both cannot exist. The word Godot is known as what people are looking for in life. In other words the named of the play is called I’m waiting for what I am looking for. The end result is Vladamir and Estragon realizing that they do not have to keep looking for something to end their bordem, when all they need is each other.  
     This piece of work changed the way American’s look at plays. This play was a driving force behind “The Theatre of the Absurd”. Waiting for Godot was one of the first plays not to involve Romance or complicated Language. It used simple language to make the audience understand what was going on. The play is also a comedy, which was a first of its kind. Before it many plays were taken very seriously and were always about a tragedy. One of the funniest parts of the play is when Vladamir says, “Pull on Your Trowsers”(2). Estragon realizes that his pants are down and says, “True” (2). The character Estragon had his pants down the whole time, and did not realize it. That’s one example of why this play is so successful.  One writer said, “This is one fascinating, amazing play” (Isted).
 Besides plays, there have been many famous poems written in the mid to late 1900’s. Philip Larkin was a famous poet who wrote great works. One of his most famous poems was called “ Talking In Bed”. The poem was written in the 1964. The message of the poem is about feeling like a failure in a modern world. The poem is about a man lying in bed with his wife. He feels he can be honest with her since he is in bed. The man seems to express himself by saying time has flown by. The line “Yet more and more time passes silently”(4) expresses that. The man also seems to point out that life is unfair. The poem says, “Words at once true and kind”(11). It almost seems like the man is saying that life treated him better when he was younger.  
 This poem should definitely be written down in a modern 20th century textbook. Mainly because the author is not afraid to come about and complain about how it is not fair to be getting old. The author uses the scene of a bed because it modern times that’s the only place the couples could truly be honest. Philip Larkin is a man who wasn’t afraid to tell how people feel in a modern world.  
 Short Stories have been extremely popular in the late 20th   century. Dorris Lessing was one of the most famous British writers of that era. She wrote a short story called  
“ Through the Tunnel”, which was written in 1954. It was widely renowned as a great short story. It was published in The NewYorker magazine on August 6, 1955.  
  This short story is about a young man named Jerry who discovers a secret tunnel that is under the ocean. It goes from one side of the beach to the other. The problem is that Jerry is scared that he might drown. Also he is afraid that his parents my yell at him for even thinking of doing something like this. Jerry sees other boys his age that are doing it so he tries to do it as well. Jerry fights off his fears and gets across successfully. The young man feels like he has become a man at the end of the story. This short story should be put in a modern textbook because it goes in with the theme of rebellion, which was a huge part of the early 1950’s and 60’s. The story shows how a boy doesn’t obey his parents and go out as he pleases. That is why this short story is an absolutely perfect example of how children became more rebellion in the late 20th century.  
 British novels have had their influence on American culture. One of the most famous British novelists of the time was Margaret Drabble. In 1980 she wrote The Middle Ground. The story is about a woman named Kate Armstrong. Throughout the story we learn about how she is a journalist. In the story we find that her family and friends support her through all her decisions. We learn that she is never happy even though she has so much in her life. Her friends pray for her all the time. Kate Armstrong’s problem is that she is afraid of the future. At the end of the novel Kate finally realizes that she cannot control the future, and she tries to live a normal life.  
     This novel is great for the late 20th century textbook. Mainly because the story is mainly about a woman, written by a woman. Before this timeframe this was not a common thing to be heard of. The story is one of the first to talk about how hard a women’s life is. The story is written the way people talk so it is easy to understand. Margaret Drabble’s novels all seem to revolve around a woman. Many women say, “ Her novels are skillfully modulated”(FCW).
    Between 1950 and 2000 the English language has changed dramatically. We use a lot more slang words now a days then before. When we say a sentence we try to make it as short as possible. We do not try to use fancy words. The American English language today is short and straight to the point. Before 1950 American’s took great pride it the grammar of English. Now a day’s people use the word ain’t more then ever before. Rappers use that word all the time. Musicians are now swearing in their records, when it would have been unheard of to do that in music before the 1950’s. Over all the language today is shorter and involves a lot more swearing. Sure it is easier to understand what people are saying, but when many people talk they sound ignorant because of their low grammar vocabulary. Since works of writing have changed so much it is hard for teenagers to read older works of writing. That’s why so many young adults can’t stand works like Shakespeare because they hate the way the authors wrote the language.