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when i first asked my mom for a letter or the earliest piece of writing int the crosby blood line, she didnt know what to think. so it took about a half hour to explain it because i did not understand it fully myself. so after a couple days of searching. we finally found it, the perfect and the oldest writing of a crosby, a letter from my father to my mother
   It was a late nightabout 12:40 in the year of 1989. A lonley man named George going to vermont st. collage is writing to his lovley girl friend LaVel whos going touniversity of new hampshire. he has jut come home from a trip to store 24 only to get orange juice cookies a peach and some oreo cookies.  
   when my sister saw it she knew who had wrote it becuse my fater has the most distinctive hand writting becuse he writes so small. when i asked why did she think it was saved she said " for centimental value", she also guessed that it was 20 years old, she was off by 2 years has for his whole life. in many way my father uses a few different ways to show his efection tward my mother. he had a weird nick name for her he called her cuz.





























William Shackespeare is one of the best in England of the 1600's. He's a writer,poet,and playwriter he is absolutely fantastic at all of them. The specific work im studying is sonnet 29. In this wonderfull sonnet he uses a unique rhym scheame. it seems as though sheakspear hates the world but is looking forward to the after life by using bionary.
  one way he uses bionary in his sonnet is in one half of the sonnet he says one thing and in the other half he says another. like in sonnet 29 at the beginning he says "I alone beweep my outcast state" meaning that he brought his state of out cast on himself. out cast usually used in a bad way. then in the second half he says"happy I think on thee, and then my state like to the lark at break of day rising from sullen earth". Him seeming to be happy in this part of the sonnet.  
  another time when sheakespeare shows bionary is when he says "wishing me like to one more rich in hope ". This is another example of a time in the sonnet where he is sad and angry.since he has used bionary the sadness is shown at the beginning.
   Now here is a time in the sonnet in where he shows happieness in almost the total oppisite of the  scentence above. of course tward the end of the sonnet. He says "for thy sweet love rememb'red such wealth brings".
  We all know sheakspeare is a great writer and by using many different styles. Such  bionary as in sonnet 29. Now that I have given a few points on the subject of sonet29 ,and how sheakespeare uses binary i hope that you can at least see where im coimg from.































 This is a proposal for a new and revolutionary brit. Lit. Book. This text book has all kinds of great authors, play writes, song writers, and much more this proposal is just a tip of the iceberg. With many authors such as Charles thingyens, Richard wilburg, and the Beatles see for yourself.  
          now the beatles are a great revelutionary group who have made extroidinary songs like yellow submarine for one example. the main song to focus on is "oh darling". this song has great lyrics and vocals by the famous Paul MaCarthy. the beatles have briged the gap between brittish and american son writers and fans of music.
           one of the most popular writers of his time charles thingyens, has writen many poems, nonels, and short stories. such as "a poor man's tale of a patren.one of the frirst of his time to write about normal people and to write the way they talk wich is a revelutionary idea. for example in this short story he does both by writing about a poor working class man. and writes like people talk for example; "we have had a matter often children, six wherfor are living"
           the next writer of the text is hugh garner and the novel "cabbagetown". a revelutionary bookYet, it's also clear that the author Hugh Garner is not a naturally fluent writer. Effective, moving at times, a natural story-teller perhaps, but not facile" also a revelutionary book that is been said is a "litary master peice" by the new york times. it had a big impact on the wonder years.
  our country's good by timberlake wertenbaker a writer who has writen in thye last 50 years and is frome europe so she fits the criteria.  
      these are all revelutionary books, noves and more.